Interesting facts from volleyball

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Interesting facts from volleyball

I need some interesting facts from volleyball or records, those that so far I have:
- 58 points in one game scored Gavin Schmitt
- 132 km/h is the record for speed ball by Matey Kaziyski
- 42 years is currently the oldest player Igor Shulepov
- The tallest volleyball player right now is Dimitry Muserskiy wiht 218 cm

anyone know's something more ?


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hosein1994 IR 4 years ago 0
hi.how can i download the full movie of volleyball matches?
EliVeziova BG 4 years ago 0
aminethewolf MA 4 years ago 0
i heard about a volleyball player can jump 404 cm hes name may be Megail Cardona he use to play in the CUBA's team in the 90s
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 4 years ago 0
Also add youngest player in professional league ever (I think it was Eugene Sivozhelez who played in the Russian Super League when he was 15)
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 4 years ago 0
Shortest player, highest vertical, lowest vertical, heaviest player, lightest player, most country with medals, most country with volleyball fans, ranking of volleyball popularity in the world, etc.
hanes233 EE 4 years ago 0
I think there was some topic about the longest sets and matches in volleyball on this page but I don't remember where exactly, mabie someone knows.
zver PL 4 years ago 0
bodajże w Tajlandii gra typ który ma 222 cm :P
przemek16 PL 4 years ago 0
@zver: this is Wuttichai Suksara :)

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