Video presents best moments from the career of one of the best Argentinian wing-spiker in the last years. See his powerful spikes and serves. Son of former player Hugo Conte, he is part of an Argentine volleyball generation, many members of which are related to the 1988 Olympic bronze medalists. In September of 2010 year, Conte was selected by coach Javier Weber to participate in the World Championship. He was vice-captained the team (he was only 21 years old). He plays now in Russian club: Dynamo Krasnodar. Facundo Conte finished his secondary studies in Centro Cultural Italiano from Olivos. He is currently associated with Helena Havelková (she is a female of Czech Republic). added 17:31 24/06/2011 in Players, place 3/13225
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Title of song: PH Electro - Englishman In New York
Facundo Conte

Facundo Conte

Height: 198cm
Weight: 85kg
Spike: 350cm
Block: 326cm
Current club: Funvic/Taubaté (Brazil)

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stifler93 BG 5 years ago
Ben Affleck!!
bartmannnnn PL 5 years ago
Revan, oh my godness, you wild Cubans should be locked in cages, always complaining, always too complexed. As well as Kurek and Conte had bad season in Russia. In Russia nobody cares about injuries like in Italy or Poland. I heard Kurek had depression and felt awful in Russia, Conte shoulder injury. In Russia when you have pain or injury player must come back to his country to treat injury (Kurek's coach of national team cure him for free, he must train totally alone to come back to form.They're young, future is ahead of them. Russians treat badly foreigners. They're too young for russian awful terms. In Russia survive players experienced, strong mentally and physically like Stokr, Ngapeth, Grozer, Kaziyski - volleyball bulls. I wish both good luck in new clubs, love them both, trolls like you who comes from country like Cuba where there is no developed volleyball or no league shouldn't be allowed to criticize. You're so narrow-minded, maybe one day you'll understand how you behaves by looking who you really are, pathetic. O.o
RevanExtasis PT 5 years ago
" he will lead skra to the championship" what is this "NEO the choseen one? or some matrix shit?, please give me a break, skra have to buy efficients player not players based on his name, conte have a bad season in krasnodar like kurek in moscow, the history will decide, look chupita the best transfer of the entire Plus liga and he dont play in brazil first NT a big injustice
bona PL 3 years ago
@RevanExtasis: and how wrong was he? Had a bad season in Russia, turned out that he had an amazing one in Poland. Chill out next time before coming to any conclusions.
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 5 years ago
He will lead skra to the championship
zver PL 5 years ago
@KamilTM hahahaha, they don't need him, cuz they have cupkovic
KamilTM PL 5 years ago
Skra should buy him
liza IL 5 years ago
what a great spiker
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 6 years ago
@jb702 he is one of the best but the video is the highest rated because it has great music and footage, a true master piece!
jb702 US 6 years ago
is Facundo Conte the best player in the world? Is that why this video is the highest rated out of any player? He is good
zver PL 6 years ago
2:45 Omrcen
flea22 PL 6 years ago
totally love this movie!
GavottoVisotto PL 6 years ago
My favourite movie!! Music + action. So incredible!
EdoKaglie IT 6 years ago
I like his style!

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Joel2718 CA 6 years ago
if anybody wants to know how to properly swing your arm at a volleyball, you just need to watch this video.
Milka PL 6 years ago
so dynamic player. but... Spike: 340cm really...?
jarekpsikuta PL 6 years ago
1:29 - perfect spike !
My favorite video
almfs PT 6 years ago
5* top wing-spiker
juantorena95 RO 6 years ago

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