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yasser EG 6 years ago
hahahahaha that is great
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 7 years ago
he never gives up!
fadel BH 7 years ago
ambitious player
fadel BH 7 years ago
Fighter of the first degree
Sllaveq BG 7 years ago
fiore BG 7 years ago
Awesome football skills from Facundo!
elpela77 AR 7 years ago
Grosooooooooo!!! he make a similar play agaist brasil, before block giba!!!
Oli4 BE 7 years ago
Voxito AR 7 years ago
He is like Diego Maradona
Posteiro PT 7 years ago
He's my favourite football player now xp
Zyta PL 7 years ago
Kk15 he did this before but with left leg during WL 2009, we have even here somewhere this video as well.
NightFox BG 7 years ago
Possible injure ... but that is the game to play with heart !
Kk15 IT 7 years ago
and it wasn't neither the first or the last time he did smth similar*_*
hanes233 EE 7 years ago
Oh my god!
zver PL 7 years ago
xD nice


Kk15 Rome, Italy

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