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Dynamo Sports Palace

ulitsa Lavochkina, 32, Moscow, Russia

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Capacity 5000
Build year 1980
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Semi final of Russian giants: Dynamo from Moscow and Belogorie from Belgorod. Real superstars of world volleyball on the…
added 7 years ago by raylight 14 3502
The game in Kazan was a true thriller, mainly because of the fantastic third set. The overall result was 1:1 in sets, wh…
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Saturday's match between Dynamo Moscow and Zenit Kazan. As expected, Zenit Kazan will play in the final of the Russian L…
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After three years Dynamo Moscow is the new winner of the CEV Cup 2015. Last time they won title 2011/12. In yesterday's …
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Full match between Russian Dynamo Moscow (winner of that edition) and French Spacer's de Toulouse. Dynamo won it easly i…
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Dynamo Moscow was leading 14:11 in tie-break but Wilfredo Leon totally crashed the hosts. He is the best player of Russi…
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Small final of the Russian Superleague 2014/15. Ivan Zaytsev and his team was totally disappointed of their result. They…
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Fakel Novy Urengoy made a huge upset by beating Dinamo Moscow after a tie-break. Especially the fivth set was exciting. …
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Dynamo Moscow continued with a great season, but achieved 8th win in the Russian championship only after exhausting figh…
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The first battle for the bronze medal of Russian Superliga. "One man show" presented by Pavel Kruglov (37 points). He fi…
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