Highlights movie presenting dynamic and strong style of playing one of the biggest Brazilian stars: Dante Amaral. There are shots from the World Championships 2006 and World League 2007. He is regarded as the best "piper" in the volleyball history. Enjoy his play! Title of song: Bellini - Samba De Janeiro added 2007-07-14 20:00 in Players
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Dante Guimaraes Santos do Amaral

Dante Guimaraes Santos do Amaral (Dante)

Height: 201cm
Weight: 86kg
Spike: 345cm
Block: 327cm
Current club: Funvic/Taubaté (Brazil)

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Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 6 years ago
Wonderful song!!
samueleke BE 7 years ago
Amazing pipe
fadel BH 7 years ago
Struck a very strong
danny90162 CO 7 years ago
anyone knows dante's nickname on dinamo moscow?
Question ...
As I said to DANTE AMARAL for love their fellow Dynamo Moscow?
Thanks appreciate the collaboration

Last edited by chrison 7 years ago.

mutaz PS 7 years ago
dante!...the bist
Gregor PL 7 years ago
that movie should be caled: 'Dante attacks after great sets of Ricardo Garcia'
hanes233 EE 7 years ago
He is defenetly one of the best players in the world ,but he is not my favourite. My favourite is Matey Kaziyski becouse he does amazing superpowerfull spikes and he is also smart and uses his head
jannkes PL 8 years ago
Najlepszy atakujący z 6 strefy...
sergeev RU 8 years ago
One of the best players! My favourite volleyball player
vtnklmdc PL 8 years ago
0:34 wygląda jak by tańczył do rytmu
hanus AU 8 years ago
I'd say the player that most looks like they're flying is wlazly , or matey k
Smacky BG 8 years ago
Great player.. When he is in the air, it looks like he is flying
Kevinpsb PL 9 years ago
to aktualnie gracz MOSKIEWSKIEGO DYNAMA....

Last edited by Kevinpsb 9 years ago.

guest WO 9 years ago
Verovatno najbolji procenat realizacije u napadu trenutno u svetu. RESPECT!!!!

Originally posted by mare from Serbia
guest WO 9 years ago
wena compadre Title of song: Bellini - Samba De Janeiro abajo, en la info del video sale

Originally posted by vasilik from Chile
guest WO 9 years ago
como se llama la cancion ?

Originally posted by viñachile from Chile
guest WO 9 years ago
wow! what a nasty blow spike right there men, every piece of spike might want or need... your wonderful men, your wonderful...

Originally posted by jr from Philippines
guest WO 9 years ago
Pee is sterile is absolute 100percent right

Originally posted by Mike Hunt is sour from USA
guest WO 9 years ago
terrible passing

Originally posted by pee is sterile from El Salvador
guest WO 9 years ago
Very good player

Originally posted by simi from Poland

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