Bunge Ravenna are playing in the final stage of a European competition after 21 years. Back in 1997, the same club (at that time known as Porto Area) won in Geneva the CEV Cup beating the Turkish club of Netas Istanbul. On the other hand, Olympiacos PIRAEUS have had the opportunity to perform in the final stage of a European competition in more recent times - in 2005 they won in Pireaus the Top Teams Cup, playing against the Dutch side of Ortec Rotterdam Nesselande. Again in Piraeus, but in 1992, Ravenna and Olympiacos fought in the Champions Cup final and Messaggero Ravenna won the title by 3-0. added 20:27 05/04/2018 in Actions, place 12151/13215
2018-04-04-18-00, Challenge Cup 2017/18 final - 1st match
Pala De Andrč, Ravenna

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