Bulgarian team lead by Bratoev brothers and Todor Aleksiev was better than Poland, but the winner was not known until the end of the tie-break. Jani Jeliazkov led his team to the match for the gold medal. After five sets he scored 21 points followed by Todor Aleksiev who scored 19 points. Bulgaria was better in the block and attack while Poland had stronger service. Artur Szalpuk was best scorer in the Polish team with 23 points while Szymon Romać scored 18 points and Aleksander Śliwka 15 points. In the final Bulgaria will play against Germany. added 2015-06-26 22:06 in Matches
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2015-06-25-22-00, European Games 2015 semi-final
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soidensir3 VN 3 years ago
Poland team is a collective good but inexperienced
raylight BG 3 years ago
Poland made quite an impression with this match, very well prepared players on all elements, no weak sides
piotrekk PL 3 years ago
Artur Szalpuk (20 year old) and Alek Śliwka (20 year old)- they are future of Polish volleyball.
Śliwka probably will be primary OH in Resovia in next season
Sokolov_74 PE 3 years ago
Nice match!


raylight Sofia, Bulgaria

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