Great hit of Serie A 2012/13. Best actions from match between Bre Banca Cuneo and Copra Piacenza. Finally! Piacenza can show new player: Robertlandy Simon. See his amazing spike on 0:33 and 4:32 ;) He scored 8 points. Simon is one of the best middle-blocker in the world, but his team lose on Sunday with Cuneo 0:3 (-26, -20, -20). Nice movie and great song "Black Diamond - Stratovarius" in the background.
Date: 11.11.2012
Place: "Pala Bre Banca", Cuneo (ITA)
Match: Bre Banca Cuneo - Copra Piacenza 3:0 (regular season - 6th round)
Kind of tournament: Italian League 2012/13 (Serie A)

Title of Song: Black Diamond - Stratovarius
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Kjeldhor IT 6 years ago
@Wilfredo: i got a USB TV decoder, so i can tape from my channel
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 6 years ago
I love the music because it perfectly fits the music. I am so happy Simon can play now. He will prove the world theat he is the greatest middle!


How do you record the matches?
RevanExtasis PT 6 years ago
the king is back, he will continuing improve, and soon, he will be the best once and for all( for me he already is the best) i know him as a person, a very decent guy, cometelos Simon ehhehe
hanes233 EE 6 years ago
Simon is a sick middle!
zver PL 6 years ago
in Poland we call it "Ruska"
Kjeldhor IT 6 years ago
stop and jump... is a long time i didn't see that
Someone PL 6 years ago
SIMON: approach? wut is it? i can score every ball


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