Great final of The Olympics 1984 played in Long Beach. Hosts won their first Olympic Champion title and they defended it four years later. added 19:04 29/06/2011 in Matches, place 1373/13199
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1984-08-10-22-00, The Olympics 1984 final
Sports Arena, Long Beach
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Rachel BR 7 years ago
Yes, Bernardinho hasn't forgot it and learned a lot with all that happened.
RenanZ BR 7 years ago
Yeah....This particularilly match is very important to us and our Volleyball History. Basically was when we got so close to the highest spot (Olympics gold medal), but didn't won because lack of prepartion and focus. The coach Bernardinho was in that team, and every time he talk about this match, you can clearly see that he hasn't forgot it.
JRios CL 7 years ago
This match transformed Brazil in the volleyball power house it is nowadays. It was a national sadness and after that they decided to invest in this sport, juniors and boys were selected and exaustivelly trained to win. Result: winner OG1992, OG2004, WC2002 to 2010, WCup2003 & 2007, 9 WL... several time world champions with the boys and the juniors, and lots of people around the world envying the brazilian way to play this sport. And that includes me!

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raylight BG 7 years ago
I love this game
Rachel BR 7 years ago
I like to watch old matches, so this video is really nice. In my opinion if we are among the best today, one of the reasons is this amazing "silver generation" of Willian, Montanaro, Renan, Xandó, Amauri, Fernandão and...Bernardinho. I wish I could have seen these guys on court.
Someone PL 7 years ago
Exactly. Old rules
samueleke BE 7 years ago
what's that about the points ?? they can only make a point on their own serve isn't it ??
Someone PL 7 years ago
I think game was more exciting when there wasn't a libero. It'll be better when FIVB would change this rule back. I think it would be more exciting if everyone can defend the ball including middle-blockers. And of course they would can attack from the back row like Muserskiy. Also quick ball would be more interesting ("double" quick ball, more combinations).
hanes233 EE 7 years ago
Old school volleyball is cool!
HeeelMooi NL 7 years ago
Yeah amazing to watch! never saw this either! Level of play is REALLY good.
NXT PL 7 years ago
Hehe I really love watching old matches I was born in 1990 and didn't have opportunity to see any of them before so I'm watching them all with pure pleasure :]


RenanZ São Paulo, Brazil

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