Against MVP Six Pack in the Semi Finals of the 68th NACIVT held in Toronto. added 12:00 22/09/2012 in Me playing volleyball, place 8088/13075
The major rule differences from indoor volleyball and NACIVT 9man rules include (Those rules in italics only apply within NACIVT rules): A lower net (235 cm rather than 243). Players don't rotate--front players stay in front (and thus never serve), and back players in back. If the ball touches the net between two contacts by the same team, those two contacts only count as one of the three allowed before the ball must be sent over the net. The same player may legally make both contacts. It is permitted to briefly carry the ball during a spiking motion. Players may not penetrate the plane of the net while blocking. If a player touches the ball while blocking, it counts as one of the three allowed contacts. Jump serving is illegal. It is illegal to touch the ball with any body part besides the hands and arms. A served ball which hits the top of the net and falls inside the boundaries of the opponents' court entitles the server to a second chance (like tennis). There is no "ten foot line": any player may attack the ball from anywhere on the court. 9man rules used in Asia are slightly different: Players do not rotate, however every player on the court must serve at some point. Carrying or lifts are not legal. Players may penetrate the plane of the net when blocking. Jump-serving is legal.
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Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 6 years ago
Looks really fun. I would want to give it a try!

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