Volleyball - Feel The Love

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Ready!!! Here is the 2nd part of the film under the title "Volleyball-Something more than sport". Which part is better for you 1st or 2nd :) ?
Title of song: Rudimental - Feel The Love
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vtnklmdc PL 2 years ago 0
Movie is again available
qsek PL 4 years ago +1
vtnklmdc: maybe i said that before, but i will say that again: you are best movie maker on this site!!!
vtnklmdc PL 4 years ago 0
@qsek: Thank you very much, I appreciate it
eRKa PL 4 years ago 0
do you have this action from 1.12 min? could u upload it? it looks extremaly awesome
vtnklmdc PL 4 years ago 0
@eRKa: Unfortunately not
dyingflutsman NL 4 years ago +3
Seriously, this is f*cking AMAZING! I'm all hyped up for practice tonight! Great job!
vtnklmdc PL 4 years ago +4
song: Rudimental-Feel The Love
stasz RU 4 years ago +1
@vtnklmdc: Thx
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 4 years ago 0
@vtnklmdc: Can you provide a youtube version of the video?
vtnklmdc PL 4 years ago +5
@Wilfredo_is_Marshall: I don't want to have anything in common with Youtube
stasz RU 4 years ago +1
Nice,song ?
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 4 years ago +1
If only it could be a little longer like the first movie...also I wish it had more club clips (there was a lot of NT clips). But it has great music and you had some very creative editing. I like the first movie better, but this is great too.

Overall score: 10/10 because the first movie was an 11/10
eRKa PL 4 years ago +5
Ok, I have already watched it 20 times, I will come back here tomorrow
RenanZ BR 4 years ago +2
KamilTM PL 4 years ago +3
I think this is best volleyball movie ever done
Rachel BR 4 years ago +2
Inspired video! A gift for volleyball fans Thanks
vtnklmdc PL 4 years ago +2
Thank you guys
eRKa PL 4 years ago +5
Ouuu man, I got no words to describe how awesome it is. we r going to check how much votes it's possible to get right now
chrison PL 4 years ago +3
@eRKa: probably not a lot. Could anyone tell me what is the reason? Facebook's monopoly or new layout of vm?
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 4 years ago 0
@eRKa: I'll help by pressing refresh all day long! LOL just kidding
vtnklmdc PL 4 years ago 0
In my opinion new layout not everyone liked it, I don't know why, but we should have more and more users, movies, visits and we have quite other situation.
Sometime movies could have 50-60 thumb's up and now it is hard to get 20.
Sometime at the same time on the site was 20-30 users, now max is 10.
I don't know why is like now.
From my side, I try to do everything what I can for this page, maybe we should make a poll about the new layout ?
But if we won't do nothing with this we will be have less and less people who visit this page
chrison PL 4 years ago +2
@vtnklmdc: there will be many new features when I will finish my shitty studies.
I want to create banning system here. Every user will be able to report post breaking the rules (there will be button next to the "Reply"). Users should fill the reason of reporting. After that you will be able to tracking your report (on some subpage) - there will be status of all of your reports. I hope that system will remove rude comments and eliminate rudeness from vm.
I will also improve inbox. I want to create live scorebox. The main problem is who will take care of filling it. The next idea is creating system of typing results of matches. Probably there will be user's and fanclub's galleries. I want to separate movies in matches and higlights category by the seasons. Now you enter the "World League" category and you see matches mixed from all seasons. You will be able to find some match by date of match (not by date of creating movie on vm), by season, hall, team etc. and player by club, position, age etc.
Now instead of writing new features on vm I am writing completely useless master’s thesis.
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 4 years ago 0
@chrison: Can't wait to add pictures to my "user" gallery! It is a great idea!
zver PL 4 years ago +3
Impressive, can't be better thx for motivation to make new movies
chrison PL 4 years ago +5
Simply amazing. I'm glad that you are part of Volleyball-Movies

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London, Poland I'm 25 years old volleyball fan from Poland, right now I live in London. In my free time I always try to find some time for my hobby, to make some new movies. Hope that you enjoy my work, more info about me you can find on my facebook page, cheers.
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