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Vlado Petković nice set
added 14:37 06/01/2012 in Actions, place 1083/5778
Player: Vlado Petković
Date: 18.09.2011
Place: "Wiener Stadthalle", Vienna (AUT)
Match: Serbia - Italy 3:1 (final)
Kind of tournament: European Championships 2011
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Zyta PL 1553 07:08 09/01/2012 +2
Petko count on Ivan a lot, but when he has perfect reception he uses his middles, as it would be a crime on this sport - not using Marko. Berruto knows that and told Zaytsev to play option, like our commentators use to say. Petko did what he has to do and ta-da: compulsory set in this situation became "incredible"
NightFox BG 2921 19:24 08/01/2012 0
Yes, I have been witness to a play where the other team was so sure the setter will not set to the opposite, that the side blocker become a middle blocker and the left side hitter had to play on nice double block and they blocked him.
HCLT BR 530 19:07 08/01/2012 +3
NightFox, noticing the holes on the opponent’s block is one of the roles of a setter – they get paid to do that. Zaytsev took a risk and things went wrong – sometimes the coaches tell their players to do it and assume full responsibility. Once Petkovic noticed Zaytsev was blocking the middle, doing the rest was easy, not impressive at all.
NightFox BG 2921 18:10 08/01/2012 +1
True Henrique, but it's more mistake from Zaytsev I think
HCLT BR 530 16:22 08/01/2012 +2
Okay, Petkovic is a good setter, but there’s nothing special on this play. Pay attention, kids! Let’s suppose you’re a setter. The opponent has served, your team received it so well... Now it’s your turn, the ball is coming to your hands... You noticed the left side of the other team is too close to the middle, he surely expects you to set your middle player. So, their position four is an open road. The obvious choice is... Set someone where there’s no block. So did Petkovic. Very simple! Again, he’s a good setter, but even a mediocre one could have done this.

Keep watching volleyball, kids. ;-)
fadel BH 1915 12:28 08/01/2012 -5
smart guy

Last edited by fadel on 09:08 28/02/2012.

fabi3 AT 134 16:57 07/01/2012 -4
austrian commentary !!! beautiful set
raylight BG 7422 13:11 07/01/2012 -1
Excellent set! I know one setter who can do this too, I upload his action now
Jassasfa SA 148 12:18 07/01/2012 +1
No block shooooooot

Any way
I don’t like this way of playing depending on one player
like what deathvader666 said
eRKa PL 1561 01:09 07/01/2012 0
it was after a big out on single block by Nikić, and Italians don't even think that next ball will go to him. but anyway, nothing changes that it was nice set
Nagor PL 1892 15:43 06/01/2012 -4
Vlado Petkovic nevet sets nice balls... There Italians players were to lazy to go block
camnow PL 405 15:02 06/01/2012 0
yeah ))) Ivan The Greatest
deathvader666 PL 120 14:53 06/01/2012 +3
Why? Because everbody knows that he plays 75% balls to Ivan
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