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Unfortunately, for the first time, Greece will have no team in CEV's top competition.. This year's champions Iraklis couldn't afford the participation fee, while second placed Finikas (based in Syros, an island with a population of 20,000) didn't meet CEV's ground standards.

Financial crisis has hit greek volleyball hard, but CEV doesn't help at all, since playing in Champions League is quite costly, with minimum confirmed revenue (compared with the respective tournaments in football and basketball) for the participating clubs...
Giba in Polish League? 6 years ago +7
Being a star has nothing to do with the player's age, or his present skills. It has to do with his ability to draw the fans' attention and upgrade a league's prestige with his presence. Giba is definitely such a player. A possible transfer would increase international interest for the Polish League and more important, it will attract other world class players to PLS.

There are many great players who came to Greek League relatively old (Marcelinho at 30 - Gerić at 31 - Ball, Grbić, Zagumny at 32 - Milinković, Herpe at 33 - Bernardi at 37), but helped impressively to fill the halls and to increase the interest of greek fans for volleyball...

The financial part is an issue, but as long as there is proper management, I believe it isn't a problem (usually sponsors have major contributions in such transfers)...
31/10/07: AEK Athens - PAOK Thessaloniki 3-1 (25-22, 52-54, 25-19, 25-19)

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