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Poland in The Olympics 2012 (2nd movie)

This movie is uplift for Polish national team fans who still believe in the power of Polish team. Andrea Anastasi: "I believe in this team, We have a good and young team. We always play for Polish flag and many times you…  2800  4
Poland in World League 2012 (Katowice, Highlights)

Next movie about World League 2012 Intercontinental round in Katowice. The best actions in tournament Polish volleyball team. Poland won in Katowice with Brazil 3:2 and took 1st place in tournament. During the last day o…  644  0
'Igłą szyte' (Canada) - part 4

Olek The Killer and the rest of polish stuff watching Niagara Falls during World League 2012 matches. Who let the dogs out?  1582  2
Bartosz Kurek interview (after Poland - USA)

 2066  6
Poland - USA (World League 2012 - Final Six)

One of the best moments in Polish volleyball history: Polish NT victory against USA in World League 2012. For the first time in history, Poland was a participant of the final. This gold is the second Polish medal in Worl…  3563  1
Poland - Bulgaria (World League 2012 Final Six)

During those three sets, Bulgaria made 27 mistakes, when Poland gave their rival 20 "free" points. Andrea Anastasi made a change in the basic squad of Poland, by replacing Łukasz Żygadło by Paweł Zagumny, who played …  841  0
Bartosz Kurek interview (World League 2012 Final Six)

 3373  2
Poland in World League 2011 Final Eight (8th movie)

 215  1
Georg Grozer (8th movie)

Nice actions by Georg Grozer which is one of the best servers in the world. That serve is unofficial speed record of Plusliga (128 km/h). He is son of former player: Georg Grozer senior. His son has quite similar behavio…  3078  1
Poland is 2nd weekend of World League 2012

 4185  10
Kaziyski and Sokolov plays beach volley (2nd movie)

 867  1
Sergio funny celebration

 1499  5
World League 2011 Final Eight Highlights (5th movie)

Guys of Vladimir Alekno played great volleyball. Russia won the World League after long 9 years, its the second World league trophy for the Russian team. Let's celebrate one more time with Vladimir Alekno and his players…  3679  6
Cuba - Serbia (SET4)

 727  0
Japan - Serbia (SET5)

 621  0

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i ten tekst pana Dębowskiego: "Możdżonek niczym zawodowy libero" haha padłam
Comment in movie Grzegorz Kosok funny spike 16:52 24/07/2012 0
Nagor@: yes, I call it differently but the administrator changed the title
marta16@: OneRepublic „Marchin' On”
Post in discussion Groups at the Final Six 15:57 08/07/2012 0
@Oyeah: Why Kubiak acted stupidly?What did he do?

This isn't the fault of all Bulgarian fans. Strangely thing is this that a few stupid fans can change the image of all the good fans. We know that Bulgaria have very bad situation in the federation, and we understand this.Thank you for your apology. Don't worry my dears :)
Comment in movie 'Igłą szyte' (Canada) - part 1 12:16 04/07/2012 +2
2:52 Piter present a haircut on Zaytsev
4:20 fight,fight with windmills,he fight, lost,unfortunately lost and he hadn't been sleeping
4;55 This is Michał Winiarski,see that he woke up very rested, he woke up at 6:30 after the change of time
Michał: 6:34
9:42 It's also a skating rink, don't know if you noticed
Stars dancing on ice

great, I wait on more
Post in discussion Poland Season and Tournments 12:04 23/06/2012 +3
http://www.fivb.org - here you have everything
Thx for upload. I will seeing in the free time this match
Comment in movie "Down" (Poland 2011) 10:08 09/06/2012 0
This movie shows a big spirit of the Polish team, and their bravery
well done I greet

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javad IR 32 20:23 30/01/2012
I think that Poland is more strong than Russia.
Bartosz Kurek and Bartman are very valuable players.
javad IR 32 20:38 29/01/2012
What's your opinion about Iranian players?
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