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Cristian Savani in match Valentia - Macerata (7 aces)

7 aces scored by Cristian Savani on Sunday 10th March in the last match in regular season of Italian Serie A. The Italian current champion won with Vibo Valentia in four sets. Savani scored 16 points, but in that match h…  1575  1
Ivan Zaytsev 29 points in match Macerata - Cuneo

All of Ivan's points scored in Sunday's match in Serie A against Cuneo. He scored 29 points in 4 sets match! He had 47 balls and ended 26 of them (55%). He scored also 2 points by a serve and 1 by block. Ivan get MVP awa…  3089  15
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@hanes233: hahaha that's exactly the same thing I also thought when I read it ;)

Anyway, I think that one of the stat is wrong: Giulio Sabbi scored 42 points in Molfetta vs Verona match and not 41.
Yeah, Skrimov rocks! I still remember him at EuroVolley semis and final: the poor guy covering the Whole court alone in reception/defense cause Salparov and Aleksiev were thinking of God_only_know_what!! I was so disappointed when Aleksiev was awarded as best receiver 'cause Todor would have deserved more!!
@HCLT: ehi mate, the speaker in the video is the "rookie" of the mic that you told me about?? lol
Great to hear Marcelo commenting Serie A!!
Comment in movie Denis Kaliberda amazing dig 19:34 27/01/2014 +3
Great defence btw.
Comment in movie Denis Kaliberda amazing dig 19:33 27/01/2014 +1
Ehm, I'm sure Pesazi can confirm that Kaliberda's name is Denis and not Kevin. As far as I know, the only Kevin playing in Serie A is Tillie
Comment in movie Bartosz Kurek fail 18:34 20/01/2014 0
Bah, I wanted to edit my post and I deleted it instead
Comment in movie Luciano De Cecco fantastic set 20:18 13/01/2014 +3
@Kjeldhor: Please, I never wrote "Berutto" (sic), did I? :-p
@HCLT: hahaha, this time YOU didn't get Kjeld's joke, mate
Comment in movie Luciano De Cecco fantastic set 20:16 13/01/2014 +3
Any other names you think deserve consideration from Serie A? You told me you were a bit disappointed with Steuerwald lately. What happened? I guess it means bad news for Vital Heynen and the German fans. Think about it, Steuerwald oscillating, Kampa driving Modena managers mad, and Tischer… Where’s he? In Lyon, France, right?
@HCLT: Ah, Steuerwald, Steuerwald! He drove me crazy in his last match vs Verona! Honestly, I don’t know what kind of problems these German setters have in Serie A, but they are not impressing at all. I talked about Kampa a couple of months ago with our friend pesazi, I told him that I was a bit upset about his poor game distribution to his MBs. I remember the match against Perugia in particular that Modena lost at the tie-break and the final stats revealed that Beretta scored 7 points and Sala just 5 in a five-set-match!! Patrick is doing a bit better than Lukas yet his performances shift from good to ridiculous without any other steps in between.
You asked me about some other interesting setters’ names in Serie A this year: well, the only two worth to be mentioned that came to my mind are Toniutti and Daniele Sottile, but the French guy shares Steuerwald’s lack of continuity and Sottile unfortunately this year has to face a difficult season in a team which is not the one it used to be. Anyway Sottile is too old for NT.
Comment in movie Luciano De Cecco fantastic set 20:12 13/01/2014 +3
Quote (dessitea)
Last summer Berruto called three different setters for three different competitions... I think he just wanted to test all of them, knowing that none of them could really take Travica's place. Now the situation is clearly different: Saitta and Falaschi are ok-setters (though I don't know anything about how Falaschi is doing in Montenegro), Boninfante is having a pretty good season too, but Baranowicz is proving to be at another level. He had a good chance in WGCC, and my guess is that Travica and Bara will share the grades in Berruto's hierarchies

Quote (HCLT)
@pearl: Do you think Berruto has Saitta on his list or he called Saitta to Eurovolley just because of someone else’s injury?

Intersting topic. I don’t know if you know what happened between Berruto and Baranowicz behind the scenes at the WL. Michele…how can I say… didn’t like the way Berruto treated him especially when he wasn’t called to join the NT for the F6 in Argentina. This little querelle between him and the coach was the main reason why Saitta was Travica’s sub at the ECH. BUT, as Dessitea brilliantly remarked, since neither Saitta nor Falaschi (btw, I saw him playing a couple of matches in Champions League and he looked fine imo) really had a serious chance of taking Drago’s place and considering Michele’s great performances with Lube, my impression is that Berruto had to swallow his pride and so Bara took part to the Grand Champions Cup in Japan, playing as a first string in a couple of matches and showing he’s more consistent and reliable than Travica (and younger, which is an issue of no secondary importance according to me).
Comment in movie Luciano De Cecco fantastic set 19:48 11/01/2014 +4
with Bruno and De Cecco plus some other setters playing well, such as Michele Baranowicz, the fans will have the chance to watch some really nice plays....Cacá Bizzocchi has been praising Baranowicz improvement this season

@HCLT: look, Michele started to "improve" already 2 years ago as a sub for Grbic who, I remember, didn't have his best season in Cuneo and I had been impressed by Michele's consistancy instead. Last year in Modena he defintely showed what he's made of. His current season in Macerata is only confirming what he's able of. Sure, he's not William and, as you remarked, Michele's level is (still) a bit lower than Luciano's or Bruno's, yet I like the brilliant way he plays. Another one that is surprising me is "my man" Saitta (I know You know him) ;D

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Berny SK 655 21:31 08/04/2012
Keep smiling
Kjeldhor IT 1316 23:18 30/03/2012
ciao, io cmq per la lista della WL volevo fare un discorso un po' più ampio, capisco quello che ha detto htlc, ma allora porta giani come quarto schiacciatore LOL

poi più che altro coerenza, è andato in giro 1 anno a smaronare per ringiovanire e poi prendi il più anziano di tutta l'A1 -.-
aragoTV FR 462 15:33 22/02/2012
Hi Pearl, give me 6 questions for Benjamin Toniutti please... :-)
Kjeldhor IT 1316 17:01 13/02/2012
I'm one of those
Berny SK 655 20:11 05/02/2012
"Ci sono molti pretendenti di Pearl"
Ciop IT 1 23:36 14/12/2011
Cip & Ciop sono arrivate! ;D
Berny SK 655 11:45 26/11/2011
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