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Progress Września - SMS Piła (nice set)

Amazing one-hand set of young setter (blue t-shirt - number 13) from SMS Piła. He is a member of the Piła junior team. Match between Progress Września and SMS Piła. Take a look at this video! SMS Piła won 3:0 (25:15…  912  2
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Felipe Fonteles fantastic action (Brazil - Cuba)

That's why we love him. Strong serve, two defences and big kill. He was real star of Pan American Games in Mexican Guadalajara. It's one of his great actions in that tournament. We hope that Chupita will play in Brazilia…  3296  8
Samuel Tuia

 1389  3
Rosir Calderon big hit (Cuba - Netherlands)

 896  2
Tatsuya Fukuzawa dynamic pipe

 2823  11
Hugo Conte (Facundo's dad) plays volleyball

 2085  5
Mariusz Wlazły leg dig and Ignaczak fail

 2392  4
Phil Dalhausser great hit on two.

 3383  13
Robertlandy Simon Aties 4th meter spike

 2467  2
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Comment in movie Andrea Anastasi 00:10 18/07/2013 +2
eRKa.. Do You expect from title "Andrea Anastasi" his spikes, blocks and playing elements? Great idea to make a video about coach
We can see how important for player is playing in "the first six"... Lok at Tsvetan in last season in Trentino ( where Jan Stokr always played as a opposite ) and compare him to Tsvetan who plays in "the first six" in Cuneo.. extreme progress. Keep going Tsvetan!!!
Comment in movie Leandro Vissotto (3rd movie) 01:30 10/08/2012 0
I would like to have such range in the attack ... ;d
Post in discussion Best servers in Olympics 01:23 10/08/2012 0
POL - RUS 0:3 (BARTMAN Zbigniew 121km/h - GRANKIN Sergey 118km/h)
=============agree===========MIKHAYLOV Maxim=====
Why scared? We belive in our representation and we know that this representation surly can beat Russia... Poland can beat everyone, but we must play on our normal level.
Should be named " Facundo Conte and De Cecco show"
Comment in movie Yosleyder Cala (2nd movie) 17:40 15/07/2012 0
@Someone. Hanes233 have right. What you want from him? that's true. Cala is very powerful like Kurek, and Cala have more experience too.
Post in discussion Volleyball shoes 22:13 14/07/2012 +1
Now I play with Nike Zoom hyperdunk 2010 ( http://www.probuty.pl/zdjecia/X641.jpg ) and they're great!
Comment in movie Romain Vadeleux 4th meter spike 19:52 27/06/2012 0
I love Romain attack style He is different than the other middle-blockers. My favourite middle blocker !
Comment in movie Yosleyder Cala 16:19 19/06/2012 +2
It will be great to see him in Skra Bełchatów! I cant wait for the next club season :-)

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