Lives in Sosnowiec, Poland  Has worked at Kamsoft  Studied at Silesian University of Science (Faculty of Materials Science and Metallurgy)  Born on 04.05.1989
My passion is programming and volleyball and that's why I created Volleyball-Movies.net with paw-e-l.
Superman!I watched some of VfB matches in season 2014/15 just to watch his plays;-)
Btw. this movie is even better than Rostislav movie about Jenia in World Champs 2014.
@casamodena: it's really sad. I still remember similar situation with my favorite Polish club. But of course we couldn't compare them with the best volleyball club in the history which Modena absolutely is.
0:45 - I saw one of the Jenia and Luc Marquet warm-up live (before France - Germany in WCh 2014, 3rd place match). Amazing thing to watch;-)
@zver: Games are visible on mobiles now. There is "Games" category in menu.
@casamodena: Yes, I know about that, but the main problem is pagination. It will be very easy if all posts would be in one page. Now it's more difficult, but not impossible. I will add it to the huge "TODO list on v-m" :-)
@casamodena: I still remember about that post What do you think about newly added "Recently commented news" section on the homepage? It will be helpful in that aspect?
@Niamek: we could add only legal streams to the website.
@casamodena: Ok, it's ready now. You could edit and remove your not accepted transfers.
To show edit and remove buttons you should tap in the area of some transfer.
@casamodena: there was some bug after adding transfer on mobile, so you added it twice. Now its fixed.
Admins will remove duplicated transfers, so you shouldn't carry about it.
@rbk17: now I'm sure that transfers on the homepage are not enought visible :-( You give me an idea about popup window after logging in with tutorial of Volleyball-movies.net 3.1.
@Niamek: Thanks
There is also option of adding transfer directly to the list.
@Wilfredo_is_Marshall: Admins have possibility to change link of movie. Probably @przemek16 changed it. Ask him about it.
@Wilfredo_is_Marshall: I wanted to finish transfers list first Now I will fix bugs.
@Wilfredo_is_Marshall: QuoteIvan Miljkovic suppose to be ranked first Thanks to your work Ivan is first now QuoteAlso, for the matches it sucks that you have to put them in yourself, I thought you can choose and it would show you right away (like application SofaScore). You should partner up with SofaScore and then you will get automatic updates fom all the vball leagues and competitions. I want to have own score system. QuoteUpdate: I tried adding teams for Champ. League, but it takes forever to scroll through the teams, need a search function (like search for the team by typing it in and the press enter to add it) You have right. That select lists are unpractical. I have changed them for autocompleters in some places. There will be more autocompleters soon. Keep waiting. QuoteUpdate 2: 3.1 looks good buts some minor stats errors in the players (Simon is suppose to be 2nd in the Highest Reach) Stats need to be updated, but if you allow public to mess with stats this will be bad. Its up to you. I can be the stats editor, I know all the stats pretty well and i can accompany the stats with official sources. Stats added by users are verified by admins. You could write here (or on pm) about some incorrect data. QuoteAdding photos does not work on computer, but works on mobile I will try to fix it for your browser (Safari) soon. QuoteUpdate 4: How do you add a player to your favorites?? I tried to add a player, but it sasy "Only can add 4 players", but I already have 9 Treat it as a gift
@rbk17: V-m is dying since September 2013. I hope Volleyball-Movies.net 3.1 will be complete revolution. V-m 3.1 will give volleyball fans features not available on other pages about volleyball. I started working on it three months ago after finishing my shitty studies (the worst decision in my life btw). It should be ready in January 2015.
World Championship 2014 4 years ago +1
Greetings to Bruno and Vissotto :)
World Championship 2014 4 years ago +3
Congrats for USA. They played just great. Polish couldn't break them in the service and only huge kills hitted the ground. I hope to see movie "Max Holt in match Poland - USA";-)
@Wilfredo_is_Marshall: good idea. I will realize it soon.
@dbonacic congrats ;)

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