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100 Volleyball Digs in 2 minutes

 7151  24
Polish League 2010/11 Highlights

 6565  49
Polish Cup 2011 Highlights

Nice highlights from Polish Cup 2011 which won team with Bełchatów. Final Four played at Torwar hall in Warsaw. Kędzierzyn didn´t have any chance in final and lost in three sets (19, 24, 18).  5550  36
Mariusz Wlazły (6th movie)

Nice actions by one of one of the best Polish players: Mariusz Wlazły. For many fans it is the best Polish volleyball player. He is a player of Skra Bełchatów since 2003. He made his debut in the senior national team …  16471  36
Miguel Angel Falasca

 13341  39
Polish League 2009/10 Highlights

 11636  69
Volleyball Fraud (Falasca - Pęcherz)

 4625  21
Champions League 2009/10 (Highlights)

 5206  18
Best players of Champions League 2009/10

 10388  52
Daniel Pliński (3rd movie)

Glory moments from the career of one of the best Polish middle-bocker players. Pliński played beach volleyball. He has won the Polish Championship in 2002, 2003 and 2004. He is a player of Skra Bełchatów since 2007. "…  7563  51
Champions League 2009/10 Final Four (Trailer)

 6552  31
Polish All-Stars Game 2009/10 Highlights

All star game in Poland was different this year. Foreigner's team didn´t fight against Polish players. The formation of both teams were selected by volleyball fans. Everybody could vote for his favorite players on the o…  14848  15
Polish All-Stars Game 2009/10 (Best moments)

A large dose of volleyball humor. Krzysztof Ignaczak showed that he can pipe very well (0:13). Rafael Redwitz ideal head set to Akhrem on 0:48. Both of liberos: Krzysztof Ignaczak and Piotr Gacek was serving, and even Ga…  26059  28
The Best Spike Competition (Polish All-Star Game 2009/10)

Pre-game spike contest, whose ball is gonna bounce off higher after hitting the floor. The contest is dominated and won by Bartosz Kurek. Where is Zibi Bartman ? ;-) He played in season 2009/10 for Russian team: Gazprom …  33871  32
Guillaume Samica (2nd movie)

French player: Guillaume Samica - only best actions from his career. Highlights from Polish League, World League, Champions League and EuroVolley 2009. Guillaume Samica before season 2013/14 has signed a one year contrac…  13813  39

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@Kjeldhor: description is made by our new moderator (@pearl)
Comment in movie Volleyball - Feel The Love 11:02 24/02/2014 +2
@vtnklmdc: there will be many new features when I will finish my shitty studies.
I want to create banning system here. Every user will be able to report post breaking the rules (there will be button next to the "Reply"). Users should fill the reason of reporting. After that you will be able to tracking your report (on some subpage) - there will be status of all of your reports. I hope that system will remove rude comments and eliminate rudeness from vm.
I will also improve inbox. I want to create live scorebox. The main problem is who will take care of filling it. The next idea is creating system of typing results of matches. Probably there will be user's and fanclub's galleries. I want to separate movies in matches and higlights category by the seasons. Now you enter the "World League" category and you see matches mixed from all seasons. You will be able to find some match by date of match (not by date of creating movie on vm), by season, hall, team etc. and player by club, position, age etc.
Now instead of writing new features on vm I am writing completely useless master’s thesis.
Comment in movie Volleyball - Feel The Love 12:54 16/02/2014 +3
@eRKa: probably not a lot. Could anyone tell me what is the reason? Facebook's monopoly or new layout of vm?
Comment in movie Volleyball - Feel The Love 12:16 16/02/2014 +5
Simply amazing. I'm glad that you are part of Volleyball-Movies
Thank you Jastrzębie!
Nice to see such movies from the strongest league in the world. Thanks.
@Wilfredo_is_Marshall: it's illegal.
@zver: Thank you. What about other movies?
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@Wilfredo_is_Marshall @vtnklmdc
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- on the homepage next to the TOP5 of [month]
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