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Best scenario: ITA beats POL 3-0/3-1 and POL beats BRA. Then one round before the end everything will be clear. Top 3 will be RUS,POL,ITA
still, almost impossible brazil out of top 3
Remember my word :)
link for ITA-USA match?
The battle for the 3rd place will be between Italy and Poland
why you stopped uploading matches in this website?
Post in discussion World Cup 2011 - first round 18:14 22/11/2011 +2
And why not 3 :) Italy is showing teeth as well :) It's not impossible but in the other hand - Brazil without a medal is a very difficult task :) My guess is 1.RUS 2.BRA 3.POL
Post in discussion World Cup 2011 - first round 17:56 22/11/2011 +1
Congrats to Poland and Russia. They play the strongest volleyball at this point. I think both teams will finish in top 3 on this tournament.
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