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Libero's good action

Another video of high school championship in Stalowa Wola.  529  0
Nice block

My friends playin' volley in high school tournament in Stalowa Wola.  696  12
Me and my sister playin' volley on backyard

Me and my sister playin' volley on backyard, Me and my sister playin' volley on backyard  1050  7
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Everybody says: the best fans are from Poland. I have to admit, that Brazilians are equally or more devoted.
It was rather fixed by both players. The ball was quick and short. I think they just arranget it before the action.
Yeah. Same like creating movies from Polsat's materials :) I hope we can fix it. I think that livestreams was fantastic idea.
Luv such actions
Comment in movie Fabio Vullo fantastic set 15:04 19/11/2013 0
OMG That is way better
Takich analiz to Gmoch by się nie powstydził
Post in discussion old or new rules 22:05 14/10/2013 0
I think that should be something between 25 and 15 points, but NOT FOR NOW. If we are going to make volleyball more interesting we should think about longer rallys (and then can be less points in set). We should find the answer in OLD RULES. Players now are too specialised.
Post in discussion Transfers - season 2013/14 13:25 10/10/2013 0
Who's the first setter of Cuneo now?
My top funny moments and grat blocks: http://www.youtub.../watch?v=GEPZdiEaLmc :)
Comment in movie Arago de Sete 2013/14 promo 15:58 20/09/2013 +1
I was very surprised that your team didn't qualified to semi-final last season. You were great. Unfortunately a lot of players left the team to play in clubs thich can start in european cups. Wish You best.

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