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NightFox 21 years old

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Matey Kaziyski, Clayton Stanley
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Itas Diatec Trentino
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Univercity of Economics
volleyball, cars, computers, girls :D
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2007 1st place Bulgarian Republucan Tournament

2007 Individual award "MVP" of the the tournament

2007 Individual award "Best spiker" of the tournament

2007 Debut in Bulgarian young NT

2009 2nd place - Beach volleyball (18years)

2010 1st place - Beach volleyball (18 years)
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The best opposites in the world (2nd movie)

The second movie of the trilogy: "The best opposites in the world". In the video you can see such players like: Wallace de Souza, Ivan Zaytsev, Tsvetan Sokolov, Zbigniew Bartman, Marcus Nilsson, Gavin Schmitt and Georg G…  7197  19
Dmitriy Muserskiy nice spike (Belgorod - Novosibirsk)

Look at genuine Russian "spiker" who showed his capabilities in attack from the wing in the Olympic final against Brazil. He ended second set in the fourth quarter-final against Novosibirsk. Belogorie with great names li…  4188  6
Alexander Butko fantastic  set

Excellent set without block by Alexander Butko to Denis Biryukov (tie-break, 14:14) in the final of Champions League 2012/13. Both players played nice game. Both teams created a marvelous spectacle on the highest level a…  3085  8
Georgi Bratoev

This movie is absolutely great! Just his great sets to single block or without block, his tips, blocks and other amazing actions collected in one movie. Georgi Bratoev is the new bulgarian setter after the leaving of And…  5670  32
Teodor Salparov scored the point (Bulgaria - Poland)

Funny point by the Bulgarian libero against Poland NT in the World League 2012. Great reflex in the defence by Jakub Jarosz ;-P There is a lot of situations like that but not in that level. It was easy game for Polish na…  1687  4
Tsvetan Sokolov (3rd movie)

Tsvetan Sokolov made an amazing performance in 2012 and 2013. The young bulgarian player is already one of the biggest volleyball stars in the world. He joined Trentino in season 2008/09. At first he was reserve player o…  5006  16
Thank you Giba !!!

Summary of Giba's play in Brazilian NT. Match against Russia in London was his last match in Brazilian NT. He said about his retiring for the first time in November 2011. He suffered from leukemia as a child. He started…  14069  19
Wallace de Souza (4th movie)

Highlights movie made by NightFox with the best actions of Brazilian spiker and player of Sada Cruzeiro Volei: Wallace de Souza. Only the best Wallace's spikes, digs, blocks and serves from The Olympics, World Cup and Wo…  7184  28
Brazil - Russia (The Olympics 2012 Final Highlights)

Both of the teams were motivated to win this match as never. Just the best actions of Olympic final in London. Enjoy technique and skills of the best players in the world.  10189  24
The best opposites in the world

 8917  51
Ekaterina Gamova

One of the best volleyball players in the world... His height: 202cm. She's representative of Russia, playing now in Dinamo Kazan. MVP and best scorer of World Championship 2010. Complete volleyball player, who is 32 yea…  2049  6
Zbigniew Zieliński 3rd meter spike

 4383  13
Giba (5th movie)

Giba suffered from leukemia as a child. He started playing volleyball when he was 12. His first official tournament on the national team was South American Championships 1995. In 2002, at the height of his fame, in his o…  15037  28
Vlado Petkovic and Marlon nice sets (Brazil - Serbia)

 2771  36
Cristian Savani 4th meter spike

 3863  12

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@HCLT: Yes it's true about Mikhaylov, but in the moment I don't see better opposite than Tsvetan - I said that's my opinion and I don't want you to dispute about that with me ... I was never a "Matey freak" ... I was his fan and watching him playing for my country was such a pleasure.

P.S: It gets easier with the time
I think he passed Mikhaylov, but it's my opinion. Mikhaylov was my first choice before that too.
The best opposite in that moment.
Post in discussion old or new rules 21:11 14/10/2013 +1
25 p !
Post in discussion EuroVolley 2013 10:16 29/09/2013 0
@danteamaral: nice :]
Monster spike ... I was thinking of uploading it too, but you are faster man . That's typical example how to play with confidence against triple block. What did the commentators said ?
top 10 aces - http://www.volley...mh-and-126-kmh-m7669 (the second one 126 km/h)

and http://www.youtub.../watch?v=Jg6fVywMhPU - one of my favourite spikes
Comment in movie USA in The Olympics 2012 01:09 25/09/2013 0
Really creative work again man, great job as always
Post in discussion EuroVolley 2013 13:39 24/09/2013 +2
The final will not be Italy - Russia
Comment in movie New Zealand Volleyball Haka 22:23 11/09/2013 0
I agree with pearl 100% Rugby New Zealand haka is amazing but now as I watch this, I don't see it that way

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plz doweload some clips from bulgaria vs pakistan match.
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Can you make a "Best Wing Spikers (Left-side spikers) in the World" ?
Wilfredo_is_M… RS 6261 01:48 25/03/2012
They took ur video
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