Lives in Quang Tri, Vietnam  Born on 19.05.1992
I'm 26 years old volleyball fan from Vietnam who joined Volleyball-Movies.net 5 years ago.
Hey @brenobuzin159 you are vtnklmdc of women volleyball
Matey and Juantorena was best servers in Italian league
Really great movie! I'm looking forward to see it!
Good player! Nice movie!
@Call911: That's just my own opinion when watching the matches he played. I do not really understand much about him and maybe you helped me to reveal a few things. Anyway, he's still a great talent and bring more color to this wonderful sport
@Wilfredo_is_Marshall: sometimes he seemed arrogant and some people do not like it!
I like music!
Good player but I do not like his style. His talent no need to debate but a big player needs a good personality!
The legend!
Good match! I like it!
Zaytsev 3 aces and 1 point. Giannelli 1 point and nice set!
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Good setter from italy!

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