USA - Bulgaria (SET3)

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Date: 21.06.2008
Place: "Sears Centre", Hoffman Estates (USA)
Match: USA - Bulgaria 2:3 (2nd match)
Kind of tournament: World League 2008, elimination round
Commentary: Bulgarian
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fadel BH 6 years ago -1
I like team Bulgaria
guest WO 9 years ago 0
haha theres no americans in the american stadium

Originally posted by 4ombo from Bulgaria
guest WO 10 years ago 0
You're right, elpela! Problem is they have been advancing Zhekov for so many years (don't know why) so at the moment he is the most experienced BUL setter and nobody else from the current ones is even close. His underperformace cost us dearly at the last WC, may be even the WC title (I have in mind the semifinal vs POL). I wish N. Zheliazkov was still around....btw he us still playing (as far as I know) but BUL fed doesn't want to hear about him.

Originally posted by foreignball from Bulgaria
guest WO 10 years ago 0
with matey,plamen,evgeni,and boyan , but please change the setter

Originally posted by elpela77 from Argentina
guest WO 10 years ago 0
The team is without Matey Kaziyski, Plamen Konstantinov, Evgeni Ivanov and Vlado Nikolov, who are considered to be the "big names". Maybe then it is not ordinary hah

Originally posted by Gabriella from Bulgaria
guest WO 10 years ago 0
is it the ordinary bulgarian team here?

Originally posted by hans from Germany
guest WO 10 years ago 0
cold_fusion, you are right. It's great to have 3 so good opposits because when one doesn't feel confident, another one can immediately substitude him and give his best and even change the result. I'm glad to see that these young Bulgarian players managed to win in the tie-break and showed they have iron nerves

Originally posted by Gabriella from Bulgaria
guest WO 10 years ago 0
Boyan Yordanov was the best player for Bulgaria in this mach.

Originally posted by cold_fusion from Bulgaria

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