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USA - Argentina
added 20:53 25/12/2011 in The Olympics, place 952/5108
Date: 22.09.1988
Place: Seoul (KOR)
Match: USA - Argnetina 3:2 (Group B)
Kind of tournament: The Olympics 1988
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coolrunninglml GD 20 2 years ago +1
This is a classic... I was only 2 then...
pearl IT 1098 2 years ago +1
Kuba9426: as HCLT already wrote, Raul Quiroga is Rodrigro's uncle he's not his father
kuba9426 PL 543 2 years ago 0
Nice to see Facundo Conte's father play, nice to see Daniel Castellani (our old national team trainer) play, nice to see Rodrigo Quiroga father's play
kennyr5 US 24 2 years ago +1
Great video, nice to see Facundo Conte's father play
HCLT BR 530 2 years ago +3
@Kristoff: Rodrigo is Raul's nephew.
kristoff PL 142 2 years ago +1
now we have the same names in argentinan NT conte, quiroga, castellani, uriarte. i think that they all are sons of these players, but i'm not sure about raul and rodrigo quiroga...
Jassasfa SA 148 2 years ago 0
old rules wooow i wonder when this game will finish?
Schneider64 IL 36 2 years ago 0
It's funny that every player has a towel in his shorts

Last edited by Schneider64 on 12:50 26/12/2011.

pearl IT 1098 2 years ago 0
proud: it's beyond me too girl Evidently crowds of people have nothing better to do
proud BG 1064 2 years ago 0
@Zyta - Thanks
@pearl - How so many people have the time to go to jail is beyond me...haha
pearl IT 1098 2 years ago +3
hahaha you caught me definetly might be right man...i really could keep everything for me hahaha
pearl IT 1098 2 years ago +4
Well if we're not breaking any laws (you know i'm too busy...i have no time to go to jail ), problem for me.

Jeff...a whale Bontà divina...still can't believe what i've read
HCLT BR 530 2 years ago +2
Pearl is selfish, she’ll keep those matches just for her. :-p

raylight BG 6988 2 years ago -1
Pearl, please say yes
HCLT BR 530 2 years ago +1
Pearl, fat is not the proper word... He’s like a whale now. lol

Regarding Ctvrtlik, here in Brazil we called him “letter soup”. :-p

All those teams you mentioned are here in my collection. You can start drooling. [evil laughs]

Raylight, nobody will be punished for that. I can send some DVDs to Pearl and she’ll be the supplier, if she wants.
Zyta PL 1543 2 years ago +3
@ proud
I just complained that I've seen very little of Kiraly,like an hour ago

that's why I put this here

@ raylight nope, i didn't, but Henrique showed me this a while ago
pearl IT 1098 2 years ago +3
HCLT: NOOOO, please don't tell me that Jeff...FAT??? Can't believe it!! Anyway, of course I do remember of Dvorak ... if my recollections aren't wrong (and they aren't, even if i was pretty young at that time ) Dusty was the first setter in Mediolanum Milano with Ctvrtlik ('s impossible for me to write this surname ) while Jeff was in Parma; later, when Dvorak left Milan, Jeff took his place as first setter there
raylight BG 6988 2 years ago -2
Henrique, what will happen if you send us via mail some DVD's and we make highlights or videos for such players, you can't get fined or something, right, we will be responsible?
HCLT BR 530 2 years ago +1
I know they played in Italy, Pearl. Among those old matches I mentioned to you there is lots of A1 footage from late 80s and early 90s. Jeff Stork was injured that day. Do you remember Dusty Dvorak? Stork was his sub. Dvorak left the NT in 1986. I saw Stork last year, he was so fat that I almost didn’t recognize him. He works as Alan Knipe’s assistant.
raylight BG 6988 2 years ago -2
Great! Zyta, did you upload it?

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