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Felipe Lourenço da Silva Felipe Lourenço da Silva Libero from Brazil
Corinthians Corinthians Brazil
Enrico Zappoli Enrico Zappoli Wing-spiker from Brazil
Bruno Bello Ruivo Bruno Bello Ruivo Libero from Brazil
Clube Jaó Clube Jaó Brazil
Pierre Pujol Pierre Pujol Setter from France
AS Cannes AS Cannes France
Berlin Volleys Berlin Volleys Germany
Sérgio Luiz Felix Júnior Sérgio Luiz Felix Júnior Wing-spiker from Brazil
Alan Komel Alan Komel Wing-spiker from Slovenia
Club Al Anwar Club Al Anwar Lebanon
Maximiliano Scarpin Maximiliano Scarpin Middle-blocker from Argentina
Lomas Vóley Lomas Vóley Argentina
Ateneo Voley Ateneo Voley Argentina
Roosewelt de Oliveira Vasconcelos Filho Roosewelt de Oliveira Vasconcelos Filho Middle-blocker from Brazil
VK Prievdzia VK Prievdzia Slovakia
Kevin Tillie Kevin Tillie Wing-spiker from France
Artur Udrys Artur Udrys Spiker from Belarus
KB Insurance Stars KB Insurance Stars South Korea
Dimitri Huchot Dimitri Huchot Libero from France
Tours VB Tours VB France
Benjamin Henno Benjamin Henno Wing-spiker from France
Paris Volley Paris Volley France
Tours VB Tours VB France
Paweł Łęgowski Paweł Łęgowski Wing-spiker from Poland
Rouslan Khanipov Rouslan Khanipov Middle-blocker from Russia
Ural Ufa Ural Ufa Russia
Peter Ondrovič Peter Ondrovič Middle-blocker from Slovakia
TSV Herrsching TSV Herrsching Germany
České Budějovice České Budějovice Czech Republic
Michael Marshman Michael Marshman Middle-blocker from USA
Raision Loimu Raision Loimu Finland
Stefano Patriarca Stefano Patriarca Middle-blocker from Italy
Riccardo Pinelli Riccardo Pinelli Setter from Italy
Mario Mercorio Mario Mercorio Wing-spiker from Italy
VBC Mondovi VBC Mondovi Italy
Omar Biglino Omar Biglino Middle-blocker from Italy
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Rime84 BA 1 month ago -1
KVLLEY: Mustedanovic is on a higher level than Perin and’s just a matter of being from Bosnia...that I would not write like that from Frace,USA or Brasil.
KVOLLEY KR 1 month ago 0
@Rime84: Mustedanovic has never been outstanding in the club level before. Although Hungarian Peter Veres & Colombian Liberman Agamez etc. belonged to weak national team, they showed good performances in European club Competitions and were recognized for their ability. But how about Mustedanovic? In other words, it is wrong to say that Mustedanovic is underrated due to nationality. I'm sure that Mustedanovic is much lower-class player than Perrin & Tille.

Last edited by KVOLLEY 1 month ago.

KVOLLEY KR 2 months ago 0
Marcus Bohme who is the German represetative middle blocker may trasfer to Olimpiakos in Greece.
nyshek PL 2 months ago +1
Mika stays in Trefl, so you can remove him from the list
setter6 BE 2 months ago 0
Due to financial reasons, Topvolley Callant Antwerpen won't play in the Belgian Volleyball Liga A during the season 2017-18.
KVOLLEY KR 2 months ago 0
I can't believe the fact that Mateusz Mika will transfer to Belogorie Belgorod in Russia. As far as I know, only 2 foreign players can be registered on the entry of one team in Russian Super League. There are Bulgarian Nikolay Nikolov and Ukrainian Ian Iereshchenko in Belogorie Belgorod. Therefore, I think Mika's transfer information is just a rumor, and need to wait for official news.

Last edited by KVOLLEY 2 months ago.

nyshek PL 2 months ago 0
@KVOLLEY: Mika isn't player of Belogorie yet. He said that he don't say anything about his future until he'll know, what about Trefl
Qyss PL 2 months ago 0
@KVOLLEY: I think Ukrainians are not a foreign players in Super League, so there is no problem

Last edited by Qyss 2 months ago.

Kacper PL 2 months ago +1
Lewiński dont play Olsztyn
Kondes PL 2 months ago +1
@Kacper: true!!!!
KVOLLEY KR 2 months ago +1
Bruno Canuto is registered for the Bcc Castellana Grotte's 2017-18 season roster.
Therefore, Bruno Canuto belongs to Bcc Castellana Grotte in Italy, and not Corinthians in Brazil during 2017-18 season.
marciovolley BR 2 months ago +1
Bruno Canuto played two tournaments in Brazil with Corinthians in 2017-2018 season. He became champion at "Taça Ouro" (aka Brazilian Superliga Qualification Tournament) and also won the silver medal at "Copa São Paulo". However, Canuto has already come back to his Italian Serie A2 club Grotte:

Last edited by marciovolley 2 months ago.

KVOLLEY KR 2 months ago +1
@marciovolley: Thanks for explaining detailed situation about Bruno Canuto

Last edited by KVOLLEY 2 months ago.

marciovolley BR 2 months ago 0
@KVOLLEY: You're welcome!
nyshek PL 2 months ago 0
What about Tillie and Perrin? Will they be suspended by FIVB?
marciovolley BR 3 months ago 0
Corinthians, the new team of Brazil's legendary libero Serginho, won "Taça Ouro" (aka Brazilian Superliga Qualification Tournament) and will take part in next Brazilian Superliga, season 2017/2018. Serginho retired from Brazil NT in 2016, but will extend his glorious career one more year at least playing at club level.

Last edited by marciovolley 3 months ago.

taduch CZ 3 months ago +1
please just would like to ask about "foreign players rules" in Italy: heard that only 3 foreigners might be playing in new season-is it right? :-) THANKS in advance
under PL 3 months ago 0
@taduch: In Poland: 3 foreign players at the same time on the court
Jedker1992 PL 3 months ago 0
In Plusliga is some rumor about two transfers to replace John Gordon Perrin and Kevin Tille. Asseco Resovia is talking with Konstantin Cupković and JSW is talking with Armin Mustenderović. FIVB has to say what with contracts of Canadian and French player should be.
KVOLLEY KR 3 months ago 0
@Jedker1992: I hope Perrin & Tillie to stay in Plus Liga this season. Cupković & Mustedanović is too low-class to replace Perrin & Tillie .
nyshek PL 3 months ago 0
@KVOLLEY: Sure but right now there aren't available players, who are on similar level, when we compare them to French and Canadian players. Both should be suspended for their behavior or club, which wants them, should pay to club full salary of their contract, if they want to sign these players.
tommylerex CA 1 month ago 0
@nyshek: what happened with Tillie and Perrin?
nyshek PL 1 month ago 0
@tommylerex: Honestly, I don't know. They wanted to play in China, despite contracts which they signed with JW and Resovia. They probably signed in China, but I think that's illegal and FIVB should suspend them. But, from some time, there are no news in their cases.
Kacper PL 3 months ago 0
Domagała don't play Lechia Tomaszow Mazowiecki
Kacper PL 4 months ago 0
@Kondes If you do not care about it then skip, I know many people who are interested in the very second league Poland. There will not be any interesting transfers, but in pluslidze and not in the world. Now it's time for the lower league champion!
Kondes PL 4 months ago -1
Thanks to @Kacper for adding nobody interested in transfers of 2 Polish league teams, always when I come to the site I see at least 2 pages of meaningless transfers..
KVOLLEY KR 4 months ago 0
It is Hypo Tirol Alpen Volleys' sqaud for Bundesliga 2017/18 season.

Last edited by KVOLLEY 4 months ago.

danieljvd CA 4 months ago 0
I didn't sign in Spoleto, please disregard this info
Zdradek PL 4 months ago 0
Zdradek PL 4 months ago 0
Marcin Wika stays in Espadon Szczecin
Kacper PL 4 months ago +1
David Smith don't play Ziraat Bankasi Ankara
marciovolley BR 4 months ago 0
"Taça Ouro" is exactly the same tournament as "Brazilian Superliga Qualification Tournament", which is organized by th Brazilian Volleyball Confederation (CBV). Please, correct the names and information about the the 2017/2018 edition. This editon will take place in Rio de Janeiro, from 11-13 in August, 2017, with 4 teams: Corinthians, Botafogo, Caramuru and Rádio Clube.
The winner will take part in next Brazilian Superliga 2017/2018 (first division). Big stars will play this tournament: Brazilian legend, the libero Serginho, Sidão and Riad will play it wearing newcomer Corinthians-Guarulhos and Marcelinho Elgarten will play this tournament with Botafogo jersey.

Last edited by marciovolley 4 months ago.

Kacper PL 4 months ago +1
Rafal Szymura has not played in Jastrzebski Wegiel yet
Zdradek PL 4 months ago +1
marciovolley BR 4 months ago 0
Rafinha (Rafael Martins de Almeida), setter, is under contract with Corinthians/Guarulhos (season 2017/2018). Indeed, the new reiforcement of Ribeirão Preto Vôlei is another "Rafinha" (Rafael Koettker), libero who comes from São Bernardo.

Last edited by marciovolley 4 months ago.

Olwap PL 5 months ago 0
Zdradek PL 5 months ago 0
Maciej Fijałek (setter) stays in GKS Katowice
KVOLLEY KR 5 months ago 0
Mitar Djuric will not go to Zenit Saint Petersburg. This team's opposite will be Marcus Nilsson.
Thus, I ask you to delete the information of Djuric's transfer.
KVOLLEY KR 5 months ago 0
Macedonia representative Nikola Gjorgiev became officially member of ONICO Warszawa.
sander_lanza CH 5 months ago 0
Georg Klein will play in Berlin next season
The_slavi BG 5 months ago 0
Krasimir Georgiev middle blocer from Bulgaria from CSKA Sofia to Bunge Ravenna, informetion from Bunge Ravenna.
Kaziyski HR 5 months ago +1
MB's Andrey Ashchev and Alexander Volkov, setter Pavel Pankov, OH Evgeny Sivozhelez and libero Artem Zelenkov signed contracts with Zenit St.Petersburg
Zdradek PL 5 months ago +2
Roberto Piazza becomes the new head coach of SKRA Bełchatów.
johnson123 PL 5 months ago 0
michal93007 PL 5 months ago 0
Dmytro Patshystkyy from Lotos Trefl Gdańsk to Kuzbass Kemerowo.
marek788 PL 6 months ago 0
21-years old slovenian player Matej Kok in MKS Będzin
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