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Andrey Kutsmus Andrey Kutsmus Wing-spiker from Ukraine
Al-Nasr Dubai Al-Nasr Dubai United Arab Emirates
Brecht Campforts Brecht Campforts Spiker from Belgium
KVCR-Wara Genk KVCR-Wara Genk Belgium
Avoc Achel Avoc Achel Belgium
Rune Fasteland Rune Fasteland Middle-blocker from Norway
Knack Roeselare Knack Roeselare Belgium
Kay van Dijk Kay van Dijk Spiker from Netherlands
Jakub Hukel Jakub Hukel Wing-spiker from Slovakia
VK CEZ Karlovarsko VK CEZ Karlovarsko Czech Republic
Matthew Hilling Matthew Hilling Wing-spiker from USA
Botafogo Botafogo Brazil
Barthélémy Chinenyeze Barthélémy Chinenyeze Middle-blocker from France
Marcus Nilsson Marcus Nilsson Spiker from Sweden
Alexander Petrov Alexander Petrov Wing-spiker from Russia
Mihajlo Mitić Mihajlo Mitić Setter from Serbia
Apoel Nicosia Apoel Nicosia Cyprus
Andrey Maximov Andrey Maximov Spiker from Russia
VC Tyumen VC Tyumen Russia
Pablo Kukartsev Pablo Kukartsev Spiker from Argentina
AS Cannes AS Cannes France
Tevin Ferrel Tevin Ferrel Middle-blocker from Saint Lucia
Francesco De Marchi Francesco De Marchi Wing-spiker from Italy
Renan Levandovski Renan Levandovski Middle-blocker from Brazil
Lucas Lemanski Salim Lucas Lemanski Salim Setter from Brazil
Bruno Dente Zanquin Bruno Dente Zanquin Wing-spiker from Brazil
Alberto Pedra Mendes Alberto Pedra Mendes Middle-blocker from Brazil
Botafogo Botafogo Brazil
Mark Plotyczer Mark Plotyczer Wing-spiker from United Kingdom
Botafogo Botafogo Brazil
Georg Grozer Georg Grozer Spiker from Germany

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Zdradek PL 1 year ago 0
Grzegorz Łomacz leaves Cuprum Lubin.

Last edited by Zdradek 1 year ago .

Olwap PL 1 year ago 0
Eemi Tervaportti officially to Espadon Szczecin

Last edited by Olwap 1 year ago .

Zdradek PL 1 year ago 0
Dmytro Paszycki leaves Trefl Gdańsk and changes his possition
le_bullit FR 1 year ago 0
Olwap PL 1 year ago 0
KVOLLEY KR 1 year ago +2
Big-name players such as Antonin Rouzier, Thomas Edgar, John Perrin, Zbigniew Bartman and Kevin Le Roux will participate in Korean V-League 2017/18 tryout.

Last edited by KVOLLEY 1 year ago .

KVOLLEY KR 1 year ago +1
SESC Rio de Janeiro will get great players to compete in Brazil Superliga next season. Their target is setter Thiaguinho, opposite Renan Buiatti, outside hitter Joao Rafael & Mauricio Borges, middle blocker Mauricio Souza and libero Tiago Brendle.

Last edited by KVOLLEY 1 year ago .

johnson123 PL 1 year ago +1
Grzegorz Łomacz may replace Nicolas Uriarte in Skra, Eemi Tervaportti may join Espadon Szczecin and Robert Andriga may join Indykpol AZS Olsztyn

Last edited by johnson123 1 year ago .

johnson123 PL 1 year ago 0
Wojciech Włodarczyk may join ONICO AZS Politechnika Warszawska, Hidde Boswinkel will leave the club
nyshek PL 1 year ago 0
leszek17 PL 1 year ago 0
Did anyone heard something about Zaksa transfers?
johnson123 PL 1 year ago 0
@leszek17: Only the information that Gardini will replace De Giorgi and maybe Krzysztof Rejno may come back, nothing else.
Kondes PL 1 year ago 0
Aleksander Śliwka comes back to Asseco Resovia Rzeszów
nyshek PL 1 year ago 0
@Kondes: Source?
Kondes PL 1 year ago 0
@nyshek: Yesterday this information appeared in Olsztyn
nyshek PL 1 year ago 0
@Kondes: OK, but is this information on any website?
Kondes PL 1 year ago 0
@nyshek: no u must wait
johnson123 PL 1 year ago +1
@Kondes: I heard that Olek is leaving Olsztyn, but he will not come back to Resovia but he will join other club, I don't know maybe I misheard something
Kondes PL 1 year ago 0
@nyshek: now its official, Olek in Asseco. I told
KVOLLEY KR 1 year ago 0
Kondes PL 1 year ago 0
Karol Kłos for 2 more seasons in Skra
KVOLLEY KR 1 year ago 0
Gavin Schmitt will play in Japan next season. His team is Toray Arrows.,gavin-schmitt-odchodzi-z-asseco-resovii-do-ligi-japonskiej,artykul,775607,1,899.html

Last edited by KVOLLEY 1 year ago .

robj3 PL 1 year ago 0
Boogeyman PL 1 year ago 0
MICHAŁ KĘDZIERSKI COMES BACK TO ASSECO RESOVIA,jochen-schops-zostaje-w-asseco-resovii-na-kolejne-dwa-lata,artykul,774351,1,899.html
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