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Teodor Nilsson Teodor Nilsson Player is registered on Universal from Sweden
Falkenbergs Falkenbergs Sweden
Vinicius Raguzzoni Vinicius Raguzzoni Player is registered on Universal from Brazil
Al-Shamal Al-Shamal Qatar
Al-Ahly Doha Al-Ahly Doha Qatar
Oreol Camejo Oreol Camejo Wing-spiker from Cuba
Al Rayyan Al Rayyan Qatar
Taylor Sander Taylor Sander Wing-spiker from USA
David Fiel David Fiel Middle-blocker from Cuba
El Jaish SC El Jaish SC Qatar
Facundo Conte Facundo Conte Wing-spiker from Argentina
El Jaish SC El Jaish SC Qatar
Georg Grozer Georg Grozer Spiker from Germany
Konstantin Shumov Konstantin Shumov Middle-blocker from Finland
Raydel Poey Romero Raydel Poey Romero Wing-spiker from Cuba
Al-Ahly Doha Al-Ahly Doha Qatar
Nikola Kovačević Nikola Kovačević Wing-spiker from Serbia
Benjamin Bell Benjamin Bell Setter from Australia
Niklas Seppänen Niklas Seppänen Wing-spiker from Finland
Tours VB Tours VB France
Ivan Raič Ivan Raič Spiker from Croatia
Noliko Maaseik Noliko Maaseik Belgium
Krzysztof Ignaczak Krzysztof Ignaczak Libero from Poland
Ilyas Kurkaev Ilyas Kurkaev Middle-blocker from Russia
Matteo Paris Matteo Paris Setter from Italy
Sebastian Schwarz Sebastian Schwarz Wing-spiker from Germany
Jonatas Weslei Santos Cardoso Jonatas Weslei Santos Cardoso Wing-spiker from Brazil
Renan Pereira dos Santos Renan Pereira dos Santos Spiker from Brazil
Dragan Travica Dragan Travica Setter from Italy

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» Comments (483)
KVOLLEY KR 3 months ago 0
Baptiste Geiler will transfer to Stade Poitevin Poitiers next season, and not this season. So his transfer should be deleted in the list of 2016/17 season. Please modify it.
AdamskiDzikus PL 3 months ago 0
Is there any link when I can see some rumors about transfers in upcoming season?
Kazanec RU 4 months ago 0
Ural Ufa terminated the contract with Michal Lasko
KVOLLEY KR 5 months ago 0
Sebastian Schwarz became a free agent. There is a rumor that he may sign a contract with Jastrzębski Węgiel to replace Scott Touzinsky.
KVOLLEY KR 5 months ago 0
Russell Holmes didn't played as a member of Callipo Vivo Valentia in 2016-17 season. The above information should be corrected!!

Last edited by KVOLLEY 5 months ago.

Kaziyski HR 5 months ago 0
CRO NT OH Danijel Galić signed with Mladost Zagreb 2 days ago but he already left Croatia and joined Hyundai Skywalkers (KOR)
Kaziyski HR 5 months ago 0
Ivan Komarov not Valery joined Ziraat
Kazanec RU 8 months ago 0
Jedker1992 PL 9 months ago 0
After todays match ZAKSA Kędzierzyn Koźle - PGE Skra Bełchatów, Konrad Piechocki said that Bartek Kurerk will play in Skra in this season !!!
Kondes PL 9 months ago 0
Bratoev leaves Espadon Szczecin!!!
Fransko95 IT 10 months ago +2
Javier Jimenez is training with Molfetta and he could join the team.
Poey also is training with Piacenza but only for a missing national team player seems he wont stay as a signed club player.
nyshek PL 10 months ago 0
Erik Shoji in Lokomotiv Novosibirsk Also in this article is mentioned that Murphy Troy won't play in Lokomotiv next season.

Last edited by nyshek 10 months ago.

Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 9 months ago 0
@nyshek: Where will Troy play?
nyshek PL 9 months ago 0
@Wilfredo_is_Marshall: Honestly, I don't know. In article is written that Pavlov and Tarasov will play on opposite position. But I saw few days ago rosters of teams which are playing in Russian League on worldofvolley . com and name of Troy was on the roster of Novosibirsk. But sometimes transfer news on that page are little delayed, maybe also in this case.
OG_Delija CA 10 months ago +1
Frantisek Ogurcak (SVK, OH) signs with Paris Volley, coming from Olympiacos.
phil AU 9 months ago 0
@OG_Delija: Unfortunately he will not play in Paris Volley this season because he has shoulder Surgery.
ACF_82 ES 11 months ago 0
Electrocash Caceres (SPA) signs Young Spanish Outside Hitter, Francisco Fernandez, 19 years old, coming from CV San Sadurnino, he was MVP of second division league last season
ACF_82 ES 11 months ago 0
Young spanish setter, Guillermo Loeches, moved from CV Cajasol Juvasa (SPA) to CV Textil Santanderina (SPA)
johnson123 PL 11 months ago 0
Milan Katić is from now a new player of Łucznicza Bydgoszcz,27092
Vollovsett RS 11 months ago 0
Zeljko Coric, bosnian setter - from Tourcoing Lille Metropole (France) to Stroitel Minsk (Belarus)

Last edited by Vollovsett 11 months ago.

aretias TR 11 months ago 0
Some new about Marko Bojic ?
OG_Delija CA 11 months ago 0
Nikic to Besiktas! :s
Qyss PL 11 months ago +1
Falaschi to Katowice
Qyss PL 11 months ago +2
Some news from Szczecin. Danail Milushev, Georgi Bratoev, Ivan Borovnjak and Dawid Murek will play for Espadon in upcoming season.
Prezes PL 11 months ago 0
Wrona in Warszawa
KVOLLEY KR 1 year ago 0
According to Italian media, It seems that Ivan Miljkovic will go to Callipo Vibo Valentia and Peter Michalovic who is current Valentia's opposite will move to Globo Banca Frusinate Sora.
Kondes PL 1 year ago 0
Maxwell Holt tested positive for doping!!!
Qyss PL 1 year ago 0
@Kondes: He played for Dinamo in last season, so we shouldn't be surprised. Zaytsev next ? There is information that he will be not suspended.

Last edited by Qyss 1 year ago.

johnson123 PL 1 year ago 0
@Qyss: Blame is officialy on Dinamo Moscow. They gave the meldonium to all their players.
KVOLLEY KR 1 year ago 0
Murphy Troy may go to Russia. The team is Lokomotiv Novosibirsk.
Qyss PL 1 year ago 0

Last edited by Qyss 1 year ago.

KVOLLEY KR 1 year ago 0
Anni16 DE 1 year ago 0
Hello! Some new about czech spiker Adam Bartoš (ex Tours)?
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 1 year ago +2
Yuki back in the Italian League !
Sfixterman GR 1 year ago 0
Chemie Volley signed Kostas Dalakouras no Anestis.Anestis he is the other brother
KVOLLEY KR 1 year ago 0
Paweł Adamajtis transfers to AZS Częstochowa.
Loimu FI 1 year ago 0
Middleblocker Mike Marshman (USA) from St. Francis University to Raision Loimu (FIN)
KVOLLEY KR 1 year ago 0
Marco Falaschi will play for GKS Katowice next season.
ladydkny PL 1 year ago 0
It's mistake.
Falaschi confirm - next season in Kielce
nyshek PL 1 year ago 0
@ladydkny: in this article is mentioned club called GKS Kielce. I never heard about club called like this
daszbur12 PL 1 year ago 0
Drazen Luburić in PGE Skra Bełchatów
sander_lanza CH 1 year ago 0
Also the youngster Robin Muntwyler from USC Konstanz is for one year in Amriswil
KVOLLEY KR 1 year ago 0
Jonah Seif is new setter of MKS Będzin next season.
KVOLLEY KR 1 year ago 0
Dmytro Paszycki is close to contract with Lotos Trefle Gdańsk.

Olwap PL 1 year ago 0
Jakub Kochanowski officially to Indykpol Olsztyn for 2 years - confirmed by official club Facebook.

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