Daniel Vanegas Daniel Vanegas Wing-spiker from Colombia
Relyea Dixon Speller Relyea Dixon Speller Spiker from USA
Järvamaa VC Järvamaa VC Estonia
Abel Bernal Abel Bernal Middle-blocker from Spain
FC Barcelona FC Barcelona Spain
Albert Graells Oficial Albert Graells Oficial Middle-blocker from Spain
FC Barcelona FC Barcelona Spain
Vasilis Demetriou Vasilis Demetriou Middle-blocker from Cyprus
Apoel Nicosia Apoel Nicosia Cyprus
Kamil Szymura Kamil Szymura Libero from Poland
Valters Ramma Valters Ramma Wing-spiker from Latvia
AEK Karava AEK Karava Cyprus
Apoel Nicosia Apoel Nicosia Cyprus
Benjamin Henno Benjamin Henno Wing-spiker from France
Tours VB Tours VB France
Nicolás Marcelo Mendez Nicolás Marcelo Mendez Wing-spiker from Argentina
Arago de Sete Arago de Sete France
Jose Luis Gonzalez Jose Luis Gonzalez Spiker from Argentina
Paris Volley Paris Volley France
Hannes Olofsson Hannes Olofsson Setter from Sweden
Vitalii Sukhinin Vitalii Sukhinin Spiker from Ukraine
Ivan Matoković Ivan Matoković Spiker from Croatia
Aleksander Maziarz Aleksander Maziarz Middle-blocker from Poland
Carlos Antonio Dos Santos Carlos Antonio Dos Santos Middle-blocker from Brazil
Hylte Hylte Sweden
Damian Gościański Damian Gościański Setter from Poland
Tomas Halanda Tomas Halanda Wing-spiker from Slovakia
Saaremaa VK Saaremaa VK Estonia
Apoel Nicosia Apoel Nicosia Cyprus
Amir Ghafour Amir Ghafour Spiker from Iran
Lucas Salles Lucas Salles Middle-blocker from Brazil
Botafogo Botafogo Brazil

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» Comments (138)
prh92 BR 2 weeks ago 0
@volleyballmovies the player Najari Carvalho will play in Club Voleibol Melilla on the next season. Accept the transfer. He won't play in Blumenau. He'd already played, now he'll play in Spain.
ShiryuXIII ES 2 weeks ago 0
Borja Ruiz continues in Unicaja Almería, not signed in Chaumont.
AlvesMiguel PT 2 weeks ago 0
The american wingspiker Matt hilling isnt ll play for portuguese club anymore.according post here made on facebook something doesnt be good so for
prh92 BR 3 weeks ago 0
@volleyballmovies the brazilian opositte Gabriel Cândido will be borrowed from Sada to Lavras. It's a new partnership between these two teams, likewise Cruzeiro and JF Vôlei until last season.
Fielcuba13 CU 1 month ago +1
Some club need a middle blocker?
AlvesMiguel PT 3 weeks ago 0
@Fielcuba13: in portugal has a clube looking middle blocker
Piter_97 PL 1 month ago +1
The transfer of Asparuh Asparuhov to Szczecin is unofficial.
KVOLLEY KR 1 month ago 0
Dmitry Muserskiy will play in Osaka club in the upcoming season. However, the club is not Sakai Blazers but Suntory Sunbirds which is also based in Osaka. Foreign player of Sakai Blazers is Nikola Gjorgiev. Please correct!!

Last edited by KVOLLEY 1 month ago.

andyz US 1 month ago 0
According to his own Instagram account Dmitry Muserskiy is leaving Belogorie. apparently, will play in Osaka

Last edited by andyz 1 month ago.

KVOLLEY KR 1 month ago 0
French middle blocker Kevin Le Roux was formally hired by SADA Cruzeiro for replacing Simon.

Last edited by KVOLLEY 1 month ago.

Kjeldhor IT 1 month ago 0
@KVOLLEY: Do u know what Sada say about Simon? Cause in Italy we heard only Simon's voice and it seems it's only Sada's fault
KVOLLEY KR 1 month ago 0
@Kjeldhor: http://sadacruzeiro.com.br/nota-sada-cruzeiro-aciona-na-justica-o-time-italiano-lube-e-o-central-simon/
This article contains Sada Cruzeiro's official opinion for Simon. Please translate it into English or your language and read it.
Kjeldhor IT 1 month ago 0
lol.. reading this i'm supposing Simon is in right even if Lube's DS here in Italy is known to be unfair
PAraujo010 PT 1 month ago 0
Felipe Hernandez from Juiz de Fora(BRA) may come to Portugal to play in Sporting Caldas.
archirj BR 1 month ago -1
The new layout without the players photo is absolutely awful.
Please, re-evaluate the design. It is horrible!
VolleyballMovies PL 1 month ago +1
@archirj: You mean team rosters?
archirj BR 1 month ago 0
@VolleyballMovies: Yes. It could keep the players picture.
marciovolley BR 1 month ago 0
It's official. Canoas Vôlei won't play upcoming Brazilian Superliga 2018/2019 anymore. Instead, Copel Telecom/Maringá Vôlei will take part in the main Brazilian tournament. In addition, São Bernardo Vôlei will also play this tournament. Notice that Corinthians has been accepted twice on the page. Only 12 teams will play this league. Please, correct it.

Last edited by marciovolley 1 month ago.

Pl4nti PL 2 months ago +2
Could anyone tell me anything about Fakel Novy Urengoy's financial status? We've received some rumours about the club's financial problems. They got rid of Ilya Vlasov (Dinamo Moscow) and Vadym Likhosherstov (Zenit Kazan) already. Are there any informations about Kliuka & Volkov leaving or staying in the club?

Last edited by Pl4nti 2 months ago.

IWTBAS RU 2 months ago +2
@Pl4nti: Don't worry about Fakel. They keep all the leaders of club, except Vlasov and Likhosherstov. Fakel is the club with big support of Russian volleyball federation. In the next 2-3 years the club won't have any financial problems.))) But also to spend money on everybody or everything, they won't be too))) Generally, they will be a usual club of Russian Superleague))))
Pl4nti PL 1 month ago 0
@IWTBAS: Thank you for information! On one hand, that's good volleyball clubs can handle financial issues but on the other hand, Kliuka & Volkov deserve playing in Champions League, since 2017 Men's European Volleyball Championship they've been dominant force on national level (they proved it during VNL 2018 finals).
miisiek12 PL 2 months ago 0
Can somebody known what with rodrigo quiroga ?
marciovolley BR 2 months ago 0
Brazilian setter Ricardo Garcia (Ricardinho) retires at 42. So, the Brazilian star, Olympic champion in Athens 2004, won't play this season for Maringá anymore. After Ricardinho's announcement, libero Serginho is now the only Athens 2004 gold medallist still playing volleyball. Also silver Olympic medallist in London 2008, 6 times gold medallist in World League and World Champion in 2002 and 2006 with Brazil NT, Ricardinho was one of the greatest Brazilian players ever. https://globoesporte.globo.com/volei/noticia/campeao-olimpico-e-um-dos-maiores-da-historia-ricardinho-da-adeus-as-quadras.ghtml

Last edited by marciovolley 2 months ago.

Olwap PL 2 months ago -1
Robertlandy Simon officially in Lube. https://twitter.com/VolleyLube/status/1019585161271406592
nyshek PL 2 months ago +1
@Olwap: Did Lube pay this cash which Sada wanted? How did it happen? EDIT: It looks like this case didn't come to and end. Simon and his agent said that Brazilian club didn't pay to Cuban all the money he had guaranteed in contract, so it means that contract is broken. But Sada wrote, that Simon is still their player and they called him to come on trainings, which club started on 4th July. Also they reported it to FIVB.

Last edited by nyshek 2 months ago.

Auxlict TR 2 months ago 0
Alberto Giuliani is new Head Coach of Halkbankspor ! Ex Winner of Italian league with Lube and Cuneo (3 titles in Italy), he will try to keep the title home in Ankara.
jabberwock FR 2 months ago 0
it's not official for Nicolas Le Goff in Berlin
v…8 2 months ago 0
Any news on Slovenia league this year? With the transfer of Jori Mantha, I think Höce is bringing in a new outside from the states.. We will see!
johanneslei DE 2 months ago +1
@kulwojtek1 what's the source for Transfer of Ben Patch? Can't find any info on his instagram
kulwojtek1 PL 2 months ago +1
@johanneslei: He added the instagram story yesterday and removed after a few hours
johanneslei DE 2 months ago 0
@kulwojtek1: Ahh dope. Probably Berlin did not want him to announce it yet then
Auxlict TR 2 months ago 0
Michal Lasko ( ITA ) may play for Roma. https://www.volleyball.it/roma-lasko-primo-acquisto/
EspinhoTheBest PT 2 months ago 0
The club Sporting Clube das Caldas da Rainha and the club Sporting das Caldas are the same. Put the tranfers of one of them on other and delete one. The correct name of the club is Sporting Clubes das Caldas. Fix it
VolleyballMovies PL 2 months ago 0
@EspinhoTheBest: Thank you for reporting it.
There will be "It's duplicate" button in teams and players profile (for reporting a duplicates).
EspinhoTheBest PT 2 months ago 0
@VolleyballMovies: That is a good idea.
VolleyballMovies PL 1 week ago 0
@EspinhoTheBest: It's ready.
KVOLLEY KR 2 months ago -1
Wow!! Living legend Matey Kaziyski will play in Plusliga next season. His team is Stocznia Szczecin.
Piter_97 PL 2 months ago 0
And there are two profiles of the same Belarussian middle-blocker Maxim Morozov. Second profile is called Maksim Marozau, but literally the same person
marciovolley BR 2 months ago 0
There are two profiles of Brazilian newcomer OH Victor Cardoso (Victor Birigui), who is playing for Brazil in VNL I suggest you merge them.
Victor will play upcoming Brazilian Superliga for Vôlei Itapetininga
DR23 IT 2 months ago +1
The two iranian transfers(Mousavi and Sharifi) are not official, and Sharifi is closer to Verona than Latina, so why they have included in the list?
KVOLLEY KR 2 months ago 0
Japanese star Yanagida will play for Cuprum Lubin next season. I think it is very interesting transfer.

Last edited by KVOLLEY 2 months ago.

kokikvolley PL 2 months ago +1
I agree with KVOLLEY, this isn't the first time. How is the problem about what is the transfer link you need to translate yourself through translate google.
nyshek PL 2 months ago 0
@kokikvolley: I see, that on that list is still Michał Kubiak, who played in China in the finals, but he returned to Japan. I wrote about it two times and he's not removed from the list. It looks like admin doesn't pay attention to details of some links connected with players transfers
KVOLLEY KR 2 months ago 0
Simon to Lube and Mosavi to Stocznia are not official yet. Why was that accepted?

Last edited by KVOLLEY 2 months ago.

sanjavolleyball NL 2 months ago 0
Dennis van der veen is retired. That is the wrong player.
Kjeldhor IT 2 months ago +1
Simon left Brasil and left the contract to his lawyer…. I think he'll not play for Lube this year cause it won't get transfert from FIVB but ihmo he'll get a year pause, for sure he doesn't intended to play for Sada and probably with the Birth of her daughter he'll take a rest
Kjeldhor IT 2 months ago 0
please, it's name is Manuel Coscione, not Manuelle
Kacper PL 2 months ago 0
Stabrawa don't play in Suwałki. He is play Norwid Częstochowa
Pl4nti PL 3 months ago -1
Well, that's a hell of a news, if it's true.
Bruno, Sokolov, Juantorena, Leal, Stankovic, Simon, Balaso.
Game might be over for other teams.
nyshek PL 3 months ago 0
@Pl4nti: There's one problem. Money. Sada expects much more than Lube offers for Simon. It may be hard to reach an agreement, but who knows what wil happen.
Kjeldhor IT 3 months ago 0
@nyshek: well Sada is asking a whole year salary, and Lube atm is offering 1/4. But Lube can w8 a year and grab someone for a season, Sada must choose if loosing even the 1/4 for having a player who said want leave
nyshek PL 3 months ago 0
@Kjeldhor: Sada knows, how much Simon is worth, especially that top players on this position already found clubs, so it could be hard for them to replace Cuban. So I think, that if Lube wants to sign Simon this year, they have to give Brazilian club much more money.
Kjeldhor IT 2 months ago 0
@nyshek: I don't know how much the sponsor can give them, if they care a bit about money they can't w8 a year to gain 0$, they must let him go this year to grab something (and for gameplay too, Simon already said he want to play in Italy, even if he's correct you can't give 100% if u're playing when u're mind is somewhere else).
Probalby 400K$ is too much and 100K is too low, but i'm pretty sure they will find togheter ... somethinkg like 250k
nyshek PL 2 months ago 0
@Kjeldhor: Right now difference is too big. Maybe Simon will pay some part of 400k, especially he wants to leave. But few days ago I read statement of Sada, where club wrote, that there's no topic of leaving club by Simon before season 18/19
Kjeldhor IT 2 months ago 0
@nyshek: of course they said…..Sada's manager can't say something different, but he know next year he'll gain 0$ and it's really hard to motivate a player who don't wont to stay in the court (well, an unmotivated Simon is still better then mostly of middle blocker…. but)
kokikvolley PL 3 months ago 0
Lincoln Williams transfer shouldn't be accepted because there is a bad link. It's only likely to be a new player, but it's a matter of time. Let it be so.
Sfixterman GR 3 months ago +3
Mitar Djuric maybe go to PAOK Thessaloniki
KVOLLEY KR 3 months ago +2
Luigi Randazzo is apparently player of Kioene Padova in 2018/19 season because Padova renewed loan contract for Randazzo from Lube. Thus, information of Radazzo's transfer in the list must be deleted.
Misteryo IT 3 months ago 0
Matey Kaziyski join to Resovia , broken negotiations with Buszek
ollo0 PL 3 months ago 0
@Misteryo: what?
Jedker1992 PL 3 months ago 0
@Misteryo: Source ?
olos22 PL 3 months ago 0
@Misteryo: Imposible about Kaziyski. Resovia needs two Polish wing-spikers or if Mika has injured, Smith and Perry can't play, because Szerszeń plays as French. If Buszek will not play in Sovia, they must looking for Polish receiver.
KVOLLEY KR 3 months ago 0
Perugia is negotiating with Trentino to trade Aaron Russell for Filippo Lanza.

Last edited by KVOLLEY 3 months ago.

Zdradek PL 3 months ago +1
Ruben Schott negotiates with Trefl Gdańsk
siela21 PL 3 months ago 0
Serhiy Kapelus oraz Radosław Gil will be playing in Indykpol AZS olsztyn in incoming season!
Info: official AZS Olsztyn radio broadcast, soon on webpage
Kacper PL 3 months ago 0
Łukasz Wiese and Kamil Semeniuk will not play in these clubs in the 2018/19 season. It was only a medical transfer, that is only for a few matches. Please remove their transfers from current clubs.
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