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The talented Willian started playing in Report Suzano (SP) and since the beginning of his career has played with national teams. As a junior athlete, he won the South American Championship in 1998, when he was elected the best setter in the competition. In the next season, Willian won the bronze medal in the World Championship. After being called for the adult national team for the first time in 2003, he played four years in Bolivar (ARG), where he conquered the national championship four times and was chosen as the best player in the country. Back in Brazil in 2010 to play for Sada Cruzeiro (MG), Willian won the Superliga 11/12 as the best setter in the competition. In 2013, he was called and took part in Brazil’s World League silver medal campaign and won the gold medal in the South American Championship. William was part of the team that played the World League in 2015.
William Peixoto Arjona
William Peixoto Arjona
Height: 185cm
Weight: 78kg
Spike: 300cm
Block: 295cm
Current club: Sesi São Paulo (Brazil)
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