TOP10 Best Spikes in World League 2017 (PART3)

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Compilation of great spikes by players like: Otávio Henrique Pinto, Srecko Lisinać, Taylor Sander, Bartłomiej Lemański, Wallace de Souza and Earvin N'Gapeth, Illia Vlasov and Lucas Saatkamp.
2017-07-09-02-05, World League 2017 Final (Group 1)
Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro
2017-07-07-18-05, World League 2017 Semi-Final (Group 1)
Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro
2017-07-06-20-40, World League 2017 Group K1
Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro
2017-07-06-18-05, World League 2017 Group J1
Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro
2017-07-05-20-40, World League 2017 Group K1
Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro
2017-06-10-13-40, World League 2017 Group E1
2017-06-03-16-10, World League 2017 Group C1
2017-06-02-17-00, World League 2017 Group B1
SPC Vojvodina, Novi Sad
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3 months ago
Adlet Maratov
Adlet Maratov Middle-blocker from Kazakstan
3 months ago
Hamza Ouafi
Hamza Ouafi Spiker from Morocco
3 months ago
Dušan Đorđević
Dušan Đorđević Setter from Serbia
3 months ago
Alireza Hassani
Alireza Hassani Setter from Iran
3 months ago
Dusan Kuzmanovic
Dusan Kuzmanovic Wing-spiker from Bosnia and Herzegovina
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