TOP 20 Best Volleyball Digs

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TOP 20 volleyball rescues performed by professional players in volleyball. There are a lot of actions from Korean V-League, World League 2016 Final Six and The Olympics.
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Konstantin Lesik
Kristian Mjelde Bjelland
Mateusz Siwicki
José Pedro Monteiro
Patryk Szymański
Kaushal Chaudhary
Garrett Minyard
Łukasz Koziura
Fiorenzo Colarusso
Mateusz Bogus
Sam Boehm
Taylor Gregory
Matěj Koranda
Wojciech Kwiecień
Dima Fedorenko
Maximilian Thaller
Adlet Maratov
Dušan Đorđević
Alireza Hassani
Dusan Kuzmanovic
Christoph Marks
Jérémy Audric
Miguel Angelo Brito Alves
Santiago Nicolas Arce
Bee-Jay Cordova
Jaroslav Bogdanovic
Jeffrey Schmitz
Shannon Heckman
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Samara, Russia Greetings friend. You also love volleyball as I am) For all fans and lovers of this game, I create a video of the best ball game on the planet) I'll be glad to see you on my YouTube channel.
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