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The Bulgarian part of Trentino
added 21:45 26/12/2011 in Other, place 319/5778
Players: Matey Kaziyski , Tsvetan Sokolov
Coach: Radostin Stoychev
Club: Trentino Volley
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alexander IT 7 18:18 08/09/2013 0
Trentino is the best.Where the best players are members. Including osmany juantorena
Sllaveq BG 1056 20:33 22/03/2012 -3
nickelback BG 14 20:23 22/03/2012 +3
The music is great! Can you upload it somewhere?
fadel BH 1915 21:41 07/01/2012 +1
Job well done
I like everything in the video
fabi3 AT 134 22:00 04/01/2012 +1
i like this music
raylight BG 7422 13:52 30/12/2011 -4
I need to make it from other PC or to change my IP and to be careful never to log into gmail or youtube from the new IP with old account
hanes233 EE 1429 13:45 30/12/2011 0
But why wont you make another account?
raylight BG 7422 11:35 30/12/2011 -3
The next uploader should know that only Russian TV is safe now
proud BG 1094 11:15 30/12/2011 0
@raylight - Same with me,because of Sky
raylight BG 7422 08:48 30/12/2011 -4
Nightfox, I uploaded Bulgaria - Poland ECH 2011 from BNT tv rip and the Milano based company that owns the rights filled formal complain to youtube.

Last edited by raylight on 09:24 30/12/2011.

NightFox BG 2921 03:22 30/12/2011 +1
True he's huge ... OK I'm calling my friend Mariusz Pudzianowski from Poland once again. I think he can protect you from Simon
HCLT BR 530 03:17 30/12/2011 +1
And if Simon decides to go there with his Italian wife to watch the matches? Have you ever been close to him? That guy is huge. I bet he could kick Chuck Norris’ ass easily.
NightFox BG 2921 02:57 30/12/2011 +1
Yeah, but in Europe the Matey freaks are more and they will protect you. DON"T WORRY !
HCLT BR 530 02:31 30/12/2011 +1
NightFox, I’ll hire four or five guys to walk around with that shirt. I’m afraid Simon freaks can get really angry, or Simon himself. You don’t wanna mess with Simon, do you?
NightFox BG 2921 00:21 30/12/2011 +1
Henrique, I hope you will fulfill your promise or the Matey freaks would declare a price for your head and you'll not be able to see how Brazil are taking the Olympic title (hope not xD)...
ray - why you can't upload anymore matches in the tube ?
raylight BG 7422 22:24 29/12/2011 -2
Henrique, I can upload up to 500 MB per week in Vimeo, I can't upload full matches in Youtube anymore. I was considering to make video for Cameroon, but I need more than one game, with USA for example will be good start
HCLT BR 530 21:52 29/12/2011 +3
Pearl, it’s serious. Cameroon rules! They’re gonna dominate vball like not even Brazil or Italy have done.

Raylight, please, upload this match ASAP. I promise when in London for the Olympics I’ll wear a shirt saying: “Sorry Simon, but Matey is the best”.
pearl IT 1090 21:46 29/12/2011 +2
HCLT: I'm afraid i missed some of your previuos comments, mate But I noticed that you name Cameroon very often! Can you explain me (in short) the reason why? And, most important, are you serious or are you joking??
raylight BG 7422 21:45 29/12/2011 -2
I was considering that actually, but there is only Russia - Cameroon available
HCLT BR 530 20:45 29/12/2011 +1
Hey movie makers, could you make a video about Cameroon?

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