The best pipes in volleyball

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Effect of vtnklmdc work in last few months. Dynamic movie with just best pipes performed by top stars: Kaziyski, Kurek, Leon, Giba, Dante Amaral, Juantorena, Conte.
Title of Song Mohombi - Say Jambo
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kania PL 5 years ago +1
really best pipes!fantastic movie
Asia6 PL 5 years ago +1
amazing movie.
the best pipes!
Great job!
jacek_torres PL 5 years ago +1
great film jak konwertujesz mecz z ipla to konwertuj do formatu 16:9 a nie 4:3 w 16:9 są pasy tylko u dołu i u góry a dookoła nie ma to taka moja myśle że dla oglądającego istotna uwaga p.s polecam format factory lub media coder do konwertu tam 16:9 się ustawia
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 5 years ago +1
WOW, I am really amazed by the power of these attacks! Intresting Music Great movie over all!!!
MasterOPuppets MK 5 years ago +3
For me, Dante is the best pipe hitter of all time.
NightFox BG 5 years ago +2
Amazing movie man, thanks a lot !
vtnklmdc PL 5 years ago +2
thanks a lot for kind words, I made this movie for 5 months
Berny SK 5 years ago +2
vtnklmdc how long do you make this movie? It had to be so hard work I thing. I admire you really, because this is very high level movie. thanks a lot for this really
Kjeldhor IT 5 years ago +1
Dennis *-*
i love him.. he's very beautiful to see
hanes233 EE 5 years ago +1
In my opinion, there isn't anyone who is as good as Dante was in pipes, but I doubt if he is the best right now, I think that now the best are Conte, Kurek, Kaziyski, Savani, Juantorena or Leon
Awesome movie!
oioi PL 5 years ago +2
My favourite pipers are Dante, Kurek, Savani and Conte
belgiumvolley BE 5 years ago +1
Hardest thing in the sport of volleyball to play correctly, made look easy by the best in the world!

Looks like a good summary of this movie!

(correctly being backrow player jumping from behind 1tempo so the block is way gone!)
nyshek PL 5 years ago 0
@maskys- I remember one pipe with Kurek when he hit ball into 4th meter, I think that 3rd meter is impossible , but who knows
nyshek PL 5 years ago +2
I liked always pipe with Giba But now- Kurek and Dante, like a lot of you
Voxito AR 5 years ago +3
Dante is a monster
MaskYs BE 5 years ago +2
Question when I see these pipes :
Does a "piper" can hit into 3 meters on the other side ?
RenanZ BR 5 years ago +3
Dante. the master!
Malboro PL 5 years ago +2
Kurek and Dante the beast Very good video
kania PL 5 years ago +2
Giba (POL) didnt know ;D
Renegat PL 5 years ago +2
As for me, Dante and Świderski are masters of pipes!

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