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Gavin Schmitt 57 points in match Skywalkers - BluefangsKorean V-League 2010/11
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Mariusz Wlazły serve vs Trefl GdańskPlusliga 2012/13
Mariusz Wlazły show like in his best years. He started at 9:9 and ended on 18:9 for Skra. See 120km/h serve on 03:24. Matti Hietanen, Paweł Rusek, Mateusz Mika and Bartosz Kaczma…
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Thomas Edgar 50 points in match Australia - EgyptWorld Cup 2015
"Giant Kangaroo" Thomas Edgar put on astonishing performance of scoring 50 points, including 47 spikes. It is the highest points record ever for one match in National team competit…
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Highest volleyball serveBeach AVP 2010
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Hristo Zlatanov 9000th point in Italian LeagueItalian Serie A1 2013/14
Hristo Zlatanov is the first man who scored 9000 point in the Italian League (including Play-off and Italian Cup). He was born in Bulgaria, but he spent all of his career in Italy.…
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Małgorzata Glinka 40 points in match Poland - GermanyThe Olympics Qualifications 2008
Małgorzata Glinka-Modentale scored 40 points in match between Poland and Germany. Thanks to his great play Poland national team won it 3:2. After season 2012/13 she had few offers…
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Ivan Castellani 43 points in match Bahia Blanca - San MartinArgentinian Liga A1 2012/13
Ivan Castellani, son of coach Daniel Castellani scored 43 points in match between Bahia Blanca and San Martin. Argentinian spiker of Puerto San Martin Voley ended 41 of 66 balls in…
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Osaka Blazers Sakai - Samsung Bluefangs (full match)Korean V-League 2011/12
In match played in last Sunday Cuban Leonardo Leyva Martinez broke the world record scoring 59 points. The previous record belonged to Gavin Schmitt (he scored 58 points in Korean …
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Georg Grozer serve 131 km/hWorld Championships 2014
Legendary 131 km/h shot by Georg Grozer on the serve during semi-final match in World Championships 2014. Probably record of that tournament. Polish libero Paweł Zatorski received…
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Marechal serves 440 km/h (Skra - Gdańsk)Plusliga 2015/16
New unofficial world record? After loosing one decisive set Skra is playing just for 3rd place in Plusliga 2015/16.
 World set-score record (45:43)World League 2017
On 11 June 2017, the new one-set-score world record for national teams was established in the Group 3 intercontinental round match between Qatar and Venezuela. They spent 49 minute…
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Earvin N'Gapeth 12 aces in one matchItalian Serie A1 2017/18
Earvin N'Gapeth continues to impress in Serie A, as he just broke a serving record in Modena's match against Biosi Indexa Sora. In the match, he was a huge threat behind the servic…
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Ivan Zaytsev 134km/h serve (Italy - Serbia)Volleyball Nations League 2018
During the opening weekend of the Volleyball National League, during a match against Serbia. Ivan Zaytsev served a ball with registered for an amazing 134 km/h! His team won that g…
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Huge serves in VNL 2018Volleyball Nations League 2018
Ivan Zaytsev is certainly one of the world’s best servers. He currently holds the Olympic serving speed record, alongside Christian Savani and Georg Grozer (127 km/h). Now, he ca…
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Volleyball records NewsNews
i need some information to my project and i don't know better place than this to ask :P do you know any volleyball records like for example: - fastest serve (Kaziyski 132 Km/h i…
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Interesting facts from volleyballNewsNews
I need some interesting facts from volleyball or records, those that so far I have: - 58 points in one game scored Gavin Schmitt - 132 km/h is the record for speed ball by Matey Ka…
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 Top 10 Men's - Best Scorers in one MatchNewsNews
1. 59 points - Leonardo Leyva Martinez - Cuba - 2013 KOVO vs. V-League Top Match - Daejeon Samsung Bluefangs - Sakai Blazers April 21, 2013 2. 58 points - Gavin Schmitt - Canada…
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Poland will play at the national stadium in the World League 2013 against Brazil?NewsNews
The Polish Volleyball Federation has unveiled an ambitious plan to stage its June FIVB World League matches against Brazil at the National Stadium in Warsaw. The idea is stil…
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Matey & Santos’ Lightning SpikesNewsNews
Bulgarian outside hitter and one of the world’s best players, Matey Kaziyski, currently owns the world record with the fastest spike ever recorded by a male volleyball player acc…
Fastest Volleyball Serve in the History of VolleyballNewsNews
Does anybody know what the fastest recorded serve is?
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Gavin Schmitt Makes History!NewsNews
Canadian opposite hitter, Gavin Schmitt, made history last February 2nd as he scored 58 POINTS for his Korean club team, Daejeon Samsung Bluefangs, in an epic 5 set match (22-25 36…
@fadel  3738  3
Highest spiking efficiency in the history of volleyballNewsNews
Which player had the highest spiking percentage in all of volleyball history? This is like is trivia, but i don't know the answer. :) I bet some of you know, Please tell! (I am…
@Wilfredo_is_Marshall  6341  21
The longest set in the history of volleyballNewsNews
Volleymaster inspired me to this topic :) Loong time ago I was looking for the information what was the longest set in the history of volleyball. I have found this: 1. 87:85, Czech…
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Wing-spiker's dataNewsNews
Hey all, During past months, I worked a little bit to get players data and to compare them. I used the player data on the FIVB-site, so there are probably somme mistakes in it, bu…
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The highest national triple block ? :)NewsNews
In my opinion: Germany: Robert Kromm, Marcus Bohme, Georg Grozer :)
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[PDF Report] Ranking of the best volleyball players in the historyNewsNews
There is the current version (updated after The Olympics) of summary of the most titled volleyball players in the history. I counted number of individual awards in international vo…
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