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Funny RefereePlusliga 2003/04
Which team should serve? Maybe they... no... they should serve! Or... No, they, I'm absolutely sure! Andrzej Lemek is the most recognized Polish referee. He ended his career in Dec…
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Acting like referee game in Cracow Arena (USA - Italy)World Championships 2014
Movie shows Polish fans acting like referee in Cracow Arena during match between USA and Italy. There was over 14100 fans in that match. What is interesting the best attendance on …
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Hristo Zlatanov showed red card to refereeItalian Serie A1 2014/15
That unforgettable moment, when the player shows a red card to the referee! The captain of Copra Piacenza: Hristo Zlatanov demonstrates us how to do it! Actually Zlatanov is kiddin…
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Funny Referee (Noliko Maaseik - Knack Roeselare)Belgian Volleybal Liga A 2012/13
During the play-off game between Knack Roeselare (blue) and Noliko Maaseik (red), the setter hits the referee chair. While the referee's about to fall, he holds on to the post and …
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Earvin N'Gapeth hugs the referee (Piacenza - Modena)Italian Serie A1 2015/16
Touching scene from the Italian grounds. Referee made the ball impossible to defence by Earvin N'Gapeth, but he showed great class and was forgiving for her ;-)
Polish referees danceWorld Tour Mazury Grand Slam 2012
Polish referees before tournament in Stare Jabłonki dance to the great Polish summer hit: Weekend - "Ona tańczy dla mnie". Movie made by TVworldtour.
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Joandry Leal angry to refereeBrazilian Cup 2016/17
Attack of fury presented by Cuban Joandry Leal. Sada Cruziero Volei had two match points in the tie-break (14:13) and (15:14), however they lost the game (15:17). Leal made a mist…
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Linesman attacked by Stijn DejonckheereThe Olympics Qualifications 2012
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Besiktas Istanbul - Galatasaray Istanbul (last points)Erkekler Turkiye 1.Voleybol Ligi 2014/15
The last points of the big Istanbul derby between Besiktas and Galatasaray. Volleyball fans in Turkey will talk a lot about the last derby between Besiktas and Galatasaray. Two tea…
Funny situation (Italy - Argentina)World Cup 2015
Nicolas Uriarte showed how to fight till the end. The Japanese referee dropped her flag and rolled over all the way to commercial banners, while Argentine setter got hit in the hea…
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Funny situation in Korean All-Star GameKorean All-Star Game 2015/16
After dancing with Robertlandy Simon Aties, Korean setter went even further ;-) Her next "victims" were game referees! :-D Look at that smile of Cuban star. It says everything.
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Long rally (Padova - Modena)Italian Serie A1 2016/17
Great rally between Padova and Modena in Serie A. You can see huge mistake of referee. Action with the participation of players like: Earvin N'Gapeth, Salvatore Rossini (two amazin…
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Funny situation (France - Italy)World League 2016
On your head! ;-) Referee Jiang Liu couldn't react in time as he was hit by a stray ball during France's World League match against Italy.
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Volleyball fraud (Sesi - Campinas)Paulista Championship 2016/17
Huge (another) mistake of referees during exciting semi-final game between Sesi Sao Paulo and Brasil Kirin/Campinas.
Milan Katic get red card (Bydgoszcz - Olsztyn)Plusliga 2016/17
New Serbian player of Łuczniczka get red card for his behaviour in the 3rd round of Plusliga 2016/17.

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Player attacks referee
Player who attacked the referee during a match has been suspended for only 2 matches and must pay a fine of USD$ 4,000. Ahsanolah Shirkavand (libero) during the 4th set of match …
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