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Giba pipe attack (3rd movie)The Olympics 2004
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Giba pipe attack (Brazil - USA)World League 2011
Just Brazil. So many players in the air and nobody knows who will hit the ball. After that match Brazil qualified to the semi-final and USA lost chance to advance. "It doesn't matt…
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Tatsuya Fukuzawa dynamic pipeWorld Championships 2010
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Georg Grozer pipe attackRussian Superleague 2014/15
It was an incredible view ;-) German spiker - Georg Grozer has attacked from 6th zone in match between Belogorie Belgorod and Kuzbass Kemerovo. Belogorie won that game 3:0 and adva…
@arek  5183  4
Dick Kooy dynamic pipe (Resovia - Kędzierzyn-Koźle)Plusliga 2013/14
So many players in the air and nobody knows who will hit the ball. Amazing action by Dutch player Dick Kooy in semi-final match between Resovia and Kędzierzyn-Koźle. He scored in…
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Joandry Leal dynamic pipeBrazilian Superliga 2013/14
That was look like spike from 1st line, powerful pipe by Cuban player in final match of Brazilian Superliga with Sesi Sao Paulo. Leal scored in this match 9 points. Sada Cruzeiro i…
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Bartosz Kurek pipe (Lube Banca Macerata - Paris Volley)Champions League 2014/15
Strong spike like during warm-up by Bartosz Kurek. He on the clean net could do what he want. Lube Banca Macerata won with team from France in three sets. That was match from 2nd e…
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Joandry Leal dynamic pipeClub World Championship 2013/14
Amazing action between Joandry Leal and William Arjona during the final match of the Club World Championship 2013. Cuban player finished game with 13 points, including four aces an…
@vtnklmdc  2641  2
Osmany Juantorena pipe attackChampions League 2014/15
Osmany Juantorena is regarded as one of the best "piper" in the volleyball history. He finished game against Sir Safety Perugia with 21 points, including two aces and one block. Os…
@vtnklmdc  2760  3
Taylor Sander pipe (Australia - USA)World Championships 2014
Sample of the posibilities of rising star: Taylor Sander. He has just 22 years old. Taylor has really flexible arm what he proved in that tournament. USA won that game in three set…
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Lucas Loh pipe (Brazil - Australia)World League 2015
Dynamic spike from 2nd line by Brazilian wing-spiker in match against Australia the during 3rd week of World League 2015. For the first time Brazil and Australia met on court for a…
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Wilfredo Leon pipe (Krasnodar - Kazan)Russian Superleague 2015/16
Strong spike from 2nd line. Wilfredo lead Zenit Kazan team to win with 17 points. His team won against Dynamo Krasnodar 3:0 (25:18, 25:13, 25:21).
Taylor Sander pipe (USA - Russia)World Cup 2015
Huge shot of Taylor Sander. He scored 10 points against Russia in Japan. He was delighted that his side claimed victory against Russia after the disappointing loss to Poland on the…
@hamza-volley  1179  0
Bartosz Kurek pipe (China - Poland)The Olympics 1st World Qualifications 2016
Bartosz Kurek spiked from 6th zone in game China - Poland. He notched 22 points, including 19 spikes, one block and two service aces to lead all scorers.
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John Perrin pipe (Canada - Cuba)World League 2016
Strong spike like during warm-up by John Perrin. In a five set thriller, Perrin was the difference as his haul of 28 points allowed Canada to come out on top, though Abrahan Gavila…
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Wilfredo Leon amazing pipe (Roeselare - Kazan)Champions League 2016/17
Leon receives and spikes a pipe into the centre of the court! Battle between David and Goliath. This time, however, Goliath was too strong and David did not stand a chance of causi…
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Lucas Diviš pipe attackChampions League 2014/15
Dynamic spike from 2nd line by Slovakian wing-spiker in match against Jastrzębski Węgiel the during 3rd week of Champions League 2014/15. Lukas Diviš plays there for the four y…
@vtnklmdc  1943  1
Dmitriy Muserskiy pipe (Russia - Tunisia)World Cup 2015
When we saw that Vladimir Alekno was playing with Dmitriy Muserskiy as opposite, we were kind of hoping to see this action. He has attacked from 6th zone. Dmitriy almost reached th…
Wilfredo Leon pipe (Kazan - Ufa)Russian Superleague 2015/16
Impressive shot of Wilfredo Leon in Russian Superliga. Check out this video from game between Zanit Kazan and Ural Ufa. This season Zenit is playing effective volleyball, in which …
Taylor Sander pipe (Trentino - Verona)Italian Serie A1 2015/16
We can enjoy attacks like this all day long! Taylor Sander fired this merciless cannonball against Trentino !
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