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Polish League 2007/08 HighlightsPlusliga 2007/08
Skra Bełchatów is the winner of Polish League 2007/08. Skra Bełchatów had tought finals, AZS Częstochowa (they won with Iskra Iskra Odintsovo of CEV Cup 2007/08) was a strong …
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World Championships 2010 HighlightsWorld Championships 2010
@przemek16  9888  41
Polish Cup 2012 Final Four Highlights (2nd movie)Polish Cup 2011/12
Skra Bełchatów is celebrating victory in Polish Cup 2012. Jastrzębie didn´t have any chance in final and lost in three sets. Semi-finals were just awesome, full of emotions and…
@jacek_torres  2077  7
World League 2010 Finals HighlightsWorld League 2010
@rafaello94  6968  17
World League 2011 Final Eight Highlights (4th movie)World League 2011
Guys of Vladimir Alekno played great volleyball. Russia won the World League after long 9 years, its the second World league trophy for the Russian team. Let's celebrate one more t…
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Russian All-Stars Game 2008/09 HighlightsRussian All-Stars Game 2008/09
@eRKa  8194  13
World League 2008 HighlightsWorld League 2008
Excellent movie! It has everything. Dynamism, passion and emotion. This is a video that promotes the whole volleyball. This movie shows the whole essence of this sport.
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Polish League 2008/09 HighlightsPlusliga 2008/09
For the fifth time a team from Belchatow reached the championship title. The public in the Rzeszow hall saw the match after two meetings in Belchatow. In spite of great effort of h…
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Polish League 2009/10 Highlights (2nd movie)Plusliga 2009/10
Polish League 2009/10 Highlights (2nd movie). Only best actions and best players in action.
@przemek16  1878  9
European League 2011 Final Four (Highlights)European League 2011
Perfect video! Some nice actions of European League 2011. Slovakia national team won that tournament, in the final match in the tie-break won against Spain. See best spikes by Iba…
@Berny  2817  14
World League 2005 Final Four HighlightsWorld League 2005
@betovoley100  2201  19
Plusliga 2012/2013 regular season (Highlights)Plusliga 2012/13
Amazing movie! Next great production made by GMCnetwork. Best actions of Plusliga 2012/13 regular season with great Polsat's Sport camera shots and with a lot of special effects. O…
@GMCnetwork  1963  5
Kędzierzyn-Koźle - Resovia Rzeszów (Highlights)Polish SuperCup 2013/14
Polish SuperCup 2013: Highlights from game between Resovia Rzeszów and Kędzierzyn-Koźle. The game was on a very high level even though it is the beginning of the season and the …
@rafaello94  2711  2
Copra Piacenza - Lube Banca Macerata (Highlights)Italian Serie A1 2013/14
Kjeldhor presents only best spikes, serves and blocks in battle between Copra Piacenza and Lube Banca Macerata. Great battle with the happy end for Piacenza. The game in the "PalaB…
@Kjeldhor  4368  12
Hubert Wagner Memorial 2012 HighlightsHubert Wagner Memorial 2012
Great Polsat's TV shots during Hubert Wagner Memorial 2012 tournament collected by our Ukrainian friend: Sebastian13Sw. Everything with dynamic The Parlotones and David Garrett mus…
@Sebastian13Sw  1419  3
World League 2008 Highlights (3rd movie)World League 2008
@przemek16  4273  21
World League 2011 Final Eight Highlights (Slow motion)World League 2011
Great sensation in World League 2011! Nice movie presents shots in slow motion by Polish TV: Polsat Sport. Guys of Vladimir Alekno played great volleyball. Russia won the World Le…
@przemek16  3172  12
The Olympics 2008 Highlights (4th movie)The Olympics 2008
Excellent production by eRKa on Volleyball-Movies! Great battle between USA and Brazil in the final match of tournament. Russia have won three medals (in that tournament 3rd place)…
@eRKa  2422  15
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