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Sada Cruzeiro Volei - Sesi Sao Paulo
added 12:57 27/04/2011 in Brazilian League, place 3206/5089
Date: 24.04.2011
Place: "Mineirinho", Belo Horizonte (BRA)
Match: Sada Cruzeiro Volei - Sesi Sao Paulo 1:3 (Play-off's, final)
Kind of tournament: Brazilian League 2010/11 (SuperLiga)
Commentary: Portuguese
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kuba9426 PL 543 2 years ago 0
great match
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 7545 2 years ago +1
Go Murilo!
Zoelni ID 30 2 years ago +1
C'Mon Sesi" number One
volleymaster BE 427 2 years ago 0
with what balls do they play in Brazil?
JRios CL 313 3 years ago 0
In fact it was 16,000 people that paid for the thickets. More 2,000 people were invited by the sponsors. So, 18,000 people were in the place to support the teams. Mineirinho gym capacity is 27,000 people, as occured in 1995 when Italy won Brazil in WL (3x2).
Zyta PL 1543 3 years ago 0
saku both players named Wallace [there is Wallace in SESI and one in Cruzeiro] was called by Rezende.
RenanZ BR 2537 3 years ago 0
I told you guys that SESI would be the champion......
And yes, there was 16.000 on the crowd, but I really don't know how many was the ticket price.....
Roninho PL 1176 3 years ago 0
Zyta - I know that in Brazil, volleyball is popular as in Poland. But that number is impressive. In Poland, does not even have a hall for 16,000 people. I am curious at what price the tickets for the final match. Anyone know?

A Brazilian league is great. The Brazilian league game many great players who are not in the NT. Few of them are missing the best league in the world.
saku PL 1181 3 years ago 0
man with 4 in Sada - he's flying, he remember me Gołaś

is wallace in NT?
saku PL 1181 3 years ago 0
one big diference beetwn european and brazilian - in Brazil much better system and individual skills of defence
Nagor PL 1911 3 years ago 0
This is final match, in Europe final matches are the same and better. I cant see difference.
eRKa PL 1561 3 years ago +1
shit, this is level of playing ;o
Zyta PL 1543 3 years ago 0
Vball is big in Brazil, not only in Poland It's true about 16 thousands people or even more, for example for last semi-final Sada Cruzeiro - Volei Futuro tickets were sold in half an hour.
Nagor PL 1911 3 years ago 0
No 11 in Sada - Wizard
Roninho PL 1176 3 years ago 0
I read that this match was 16 thousand people. If this is true, I'm impressed. Sesi was a favorite from the beginning of the league. They did not disappoint.
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