Poland in matches Poland - Argentina (World League 2013)

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Amazing movie with some best actions of Polish national team in matches against Argentina in the World League 2013. The defending champion beat Argentina in two matches and got closer to Bulgaria, Brazil, USA, and France in the ranking. Group A is decisively the most interesting of all in this year's edition. As many as five teams still retains a chance to advance to the Final Six. Movie creator, rafaello94 said: "By making this movie I wanted to show that the promotion of Polish team for the Final Six is still possible".
Poland men national team
Tournament: World League 2013
Place: 11
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Andrut PL 4 years ago -2
Although the editing of the movie is really really good, imo the song completly does not fit. It's just like there is a song and there is a movie, both separated from themselves. But still, great work Rafaello.
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 4 years ago 0
Nothing impossible! You must believe eRKa! Even though I am not polish, the huge polish community has influenced me the love to Polish team. I wish the best for them

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eRKa PL 4 years ago +1
im really sorry for my team, but I think that even if we win twice with United States, we will loose onematch against Bulgaria. I can't see team spirit this year.

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