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Poland - Bulgaria (SET1)
added 20:00 14/07/2007 in World Champs., place -/4821
Everybody in Poland talked about this match. After victory of Polish National team there was an explosion of joy in Poland. Thanks to that victory Poland was promoted to the final game against Brazil. Let's see amazing play of Mariusz Wlazły, Paweł Zagumny, Michał Winiarski and Sebastian Świderski.
Date: 02.12.2006
Place: "Yoyogi Stadium", Tokyo (JPN)
Match: Poland - Bulgaria 3:1 (semi-final)
Kind of tournament: World Championships 2006
Commentary: Polish
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@fadel you don't say? spammer
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Matey Kaziyski seems young
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Ja też pamiętam xDDD

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