Murilo Endres in World League 2010 Finals

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Player: Murilo Endres
Date: 21-25.07.2010
Place: "Orfeo Superdome", Cordoba (ARG)
Matches: 1) Brazil - Argentina 3:2 (Group E); 2) Serbia - Brazil (Group E); 3) Brazil - Cuba 3:1 (semi-final); 4) Russia - Brazil 1:3 (final)
Kind of tournament: World League 2010 Final Six

Title of song: Bon Jovi - Living on a Prayer
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fadel BH 6 years ago +2
Machine to receive
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 6 years ago +2
Murilo is a beast!!!
RenanZ BR 7 years ago +2
He already was a great player when played at Modena !!!!
Rachel BR 7 years ago 0
Yes, i Know, i'm a selfish person!!! Ha,ha,ha.. Just kidding!!!
But one of the reasons for Murilo to come back was that we wanted to spend more time with his wife, Jaqueline, who plays volleyball too. They both decided to come back to Brazil.
But can you imagine Murilo on Trento?? It would be great too!!!
And i wish i could watch some of bulgarian league as well
NightFox BG 7 years ago +1
It's good for you , I love his game and I want to watch his mathes . I can't watch the brazilian league , and I think that now when he is finished player, he can be part of somethink bigger - I mean club level not national team (somethink like Trento) . I think that has to be his purpose. But that's oppinion. Probebly he thinks somethink else
Rachel BR 7 years ago +1
Interesting comment, Nightfox, but, it's REALLY good to have Murilo playing on Brazilian League!!!
NightFox BG 7 years ago +1
Totally diserved price ! I can understand how he can mainain his form so long without having a "bad match". My dream is to see him in Seria A playing for some of the biggest clubs in the world .
jannkes PL 7 years ago 0
Zasłużona nagroda MVP...
vtnklmdc PL 8 years ago 0
pokazał na co go stać w tej edycji ligi światowej
scorpio111888 PL 8 years ago 0
szybko i na temat
Rachel BR 8 years ago 0
Very nice movie ...Murilo deserved more than anyone else to be MVP of the last WL for everything that he did since the begining of the competition...

Renan, você arrebentou no comentário... eu te daria 10 pontos se pudesse...
RenanZ BR 8 years ago 0

Yes, right now, Murilo and Dante are to be the Wing-spikers in the line-up
rafaello94 PL 8 years ago 0
przyznaje, że za krótki. myslalem jednak, ze jego akcji bedzie wystarczajaca ilość zeby filmik trwał przynajmniej 2:30, ale niestety w meczu półfinałowym i finałowym nie był tak często wykorzystywany w ataku.
szybownik89 PL 8 years ago +2
Mi się osobiście filmik bardzo podoba, główna zaleta akcje bardzo fajnie powiązane z muzyką, brakuje mi troszkę takich filmików gdyż większość ludzi składa fajne akcje ale z wkomponowaniem tego do muzyki się nie przemęcza. Może krótki, może muzyka się powtarza ale ludzie spróbujcie to tak dopasować w takt.

Sam zawodnik to skarb którego każdy może pozazdrościć Brazylii

Last edited by szybownik89 8 years ago.

camnow PL 8 years ago -2
mimo, że krótki też fajnie się ogląda rafaello94 good job.
przemek16 PL 8 years ago -3
zdecydowanie za krótki, przynajmniej 3 min powinien mieć... ale tak jest okej...
chociaż jak tak patrzę to akcje śą bardzo szybkie, więc tego
przyjmujacy PL 8 years ago 0
Great movie, great player.
Peter291 PL 8 years ago 0
What do you think guys who will create a first pair of receivers on the WC 2010? Murilo and Dante with Giba on the bench?
RenanZ BR 8 years ago +3
Definetely a great movie, and definetely he's the MVP.....

I'm proud to say that I saw he growing inside the National team as a player and, step by step, conquering his space. Nowadays, that such devotation and precision turned him into the most important player on Brazil. And do that with Dante and Giba ahead isn't that easy. I still remember, in the close past, not that away from now, few users in this comunity besides me were aware from him, and who would know where he would get.

Impressive player. As I said before:
Not the tallest, not the strongest, neither the faster, but he is ALWAYS focused in the victory, and knows very well what, how and when is necessary to archieve the victory
saku PL 8 years ago 0
fajny tylko za krótki, ale na 5

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