Margareta Kozuch
Summary of Kozuch's play in German national team. She is of Polish origin. Margareta is a great player, she played in Asystel Novara, Zarechie Odintsovo, Trefl Sopot, Brums Busto A…
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Ricardo Garcia in The Olympics 2004 FinalThe Olympics 2004
Some higlihghts of Ricardo Garcia who was one of creators of great success of Brazilian national team in The Olympics 2004.
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Yuki Ishikawa in match Japan - EgyptWorld Cup 2015
Yuki Ishikawa was instrumental in attack as Japan needed all five sets to defeat Egypt 3:2 (25:19, 23:25, 25:18, 17:25, 157:) in the final match on day one of the World Cup 2015 in…
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Natalia Goncharova in match Dinamo Moscow - Alba-BlajWomen Champions League 2015/16
Russia's Volleyball queen and beauty Nataliia Obmochaeva left her mark on the third round of Europe's elite Volleyball competition, steering Dinamo Moscow to a compelling 3:0 victo…
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Kevin Tillie
After many appearances with the junior and youth national teams, Tillie debuted for the senior French national team at the World League 2012, where the French team finished in seve…
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Matthew Anderson in World League 2015World League 2015
Thanks to Rostislsv you can admire plays of Matthew Anderson. He is one of the leader of USA national team. He was one of the best scorer and spikers of his team during the World L…
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Jelašković Džemil in season 2015/16
Volleyball club Bosna Sarajevo came to the fifth consecutive victory, which kept the first place in the standings with 6 points ahead.
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Micah Christenson in World Championships 2014 (2nd movie)World Championships 2014
Compilation of best sets from World Championship 2014. Micah Christenson shows that he's a great setter and has all ingredients to be the best in the next years. He reminds Lloy Ba…
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Ekaterina Gamova in match Russia - BrazilWomen World Championships 2010
Russia's Ekaterina Gamova was one of the outstanding players in the Women's World Championship 2010, picking up the MVP award as well as a gold medal.
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Jenia Grebennikov in World League 2015World League 2015
Highlights of Jenia Grebennikov who is considered as the best libero in the world. Absolutely the best digger in the world with solid reception and nice setting skills. There are s…
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Maxwell Holt in World League 2015World League 2015
At 206cm, Maxwell Holt is just 10 cm shorter than legendary basketball star Shaquille O’Neal. That height means his opponents often have to find a way around those giant arms. Th…
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Zhu Ting in World Cup 2015Women World Cup 2015
Highlights of 21 years old MVP of World Cup 2015. China won whole tournament for the 4th time in the history.
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Gökhan Gökgöz in match Izmir - DupnitsaChampions League 2015/16
The 22-year old Gökhan Gökgöz delivered an impressive performance as Turkey's Arkas Izmir claimed their second straight win in Group A of the Champions League. He really deserve…
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Paul Sanderson in World League 2015World League 2015
Highlights from the group stages. For two seasons Paul played in Saimaa Volley in Finland. Paul started his career in Switzerland, playing for Schonenwerd Volley who has become a p…
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Takashi Dekita spike (Japan - Egypt)World Cup 2015
Watch an impressive jump from Takasi Dekita, one of the middle-blockers from the Japan's Men's National Team! Japan in five sets to defeat Egypt 3:2 (25:19, 23:25, 25:18, 17:25, 15…
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Natalia Goncharova (5th movie)
She is a player of Dinamo Moscow since 2006. Natalia speaks five languages: Ukrainian, Russian, German, Polish and English. She is married with Russian libero: Alexey Obmochaev. Sh…
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Marko Bojić in Champions League 2014/15Champions League 2014/15
Highlights of Montenegrin wing-spiker Marko Bojic from previous season which he spent in French Paris Volley. Look at his great technical skills especially in attack. After great s…
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Kim Yeon-Koung in match Fenerbahce - Eczacibasi
Once again Yeon-Koung Kim was the top scorer of the match with 21 points. "Yellow Angels" were better than Eczacibasi Istanbul after four sets. The first two sets were interesting …
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Aaron Russell in match USA - RussiaWorld Cup 2015
Aaron Russell scored 16 points in the win against Russia. He proved to be an efficient attacking weapon for USA with 130 points in that tournament.
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Fabio Balaso in match Padova - LubeItalian Serie A1 2015/16
Fabio Balaso (1995) , elected by the press as MVP of the match Tonazzo Padova - Cucine Lube Banca Marche Civitanova 1-3. Despite the defeat of the home team, Balaso has received th…
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Matthew Anderson in match USA - RussiaWorld Cup 2015
Some shots of Matthew Anderson in match against Russia. He finished that game with 12 points and he had 55% success rate in attack. Eventually the trio Russell - Anderson - Sander …
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Evgeny Sivozhelez in World Cup 2015World Cup 2015
Evgeny Sivozhelez, receiver of Zenit Kazan. In 2009 he made his debut in the Russian national team that was conducted in Tokorozawa in the match of the World League against the te…
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Best of 2015: Michał Kubiak
Kubiak was the best player in Polish national team. The 27-year-old player was rewarded with the second best outside spiker award at the World League Finals 2015 in Rio de Janeiro.…
Maxim Mikhaylov  in match USA - RussiaWorld Cup 2015
Maxim Mikhaylov show like in his best years. He was the best scorer of that 3-set game with 19 points. He had 68% in attack.
Dmitriy Muserskiy in match USA - RussiaWorld Cup 2015
Dmitriy had 12 points in match against USA. His team finished on the 4th place in that tournament. That's their worst finish in any World Cup they've ever taken part in. Russia wil…
Taylor Sander in match USA - RussiaWorld Cup 2015
Taylor Sander scored 10 points against Russia in Japan. He was delighted that his side claimed victory against Russia after the disappointing loss to Poland on the previous day.
Akihiro Yamauchi in match Japan - CanadaWorld Cup 2015
Huge spikes by a Akihiro Yamauchi after a great sets by Hideomi Fukatsu. Japan national team won without loosing sets! His team were well prepared for the match against Canada. He …
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Taylor Averill in match Padova - MacerataItalian Serie A1 2015/16
Taylor Averill, new middle-blocker of Tonazzo Padua during the match against Cucine Lube Banca Marche Civitanova. He scored 14 points, he hade 4 blocks and 91% efficiency in attack…
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Lucas Saatkamp (2nd movie)
Compilation of Lucas Saatkamp actions. He is a Brazilian player and Italian club Modena Volley, a participant and silver medalist of the Olympic Games London 2012, World Champion 2…
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Melissa Vargas in match Agel Prostejov - Eczacibasi IstanbulWomen Champions League 2015/16
Melissa Vargas had a magnificent display in this match! She was unstoppable. In her ‪‎Champions League debut with her club team Agel Prostejov against the reigning champs Eczac…
Yuki Ishikawa in match Japan - CanadaWorld Cup 2015
A former Modena's player played great game against Canada. He had several recognizable spikes. Yuki scored 10 points in the winning team. Japan in three sets (25:17, 25:15, 25:21)…
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Dmitriy Muserskiy in match Italy - RussiaWorld Cup 2015
The best player of Russia vs Italy. Muserskiy plays most as a spiker in that tournament. Dmitriy had 11 spikes and 1 block in match against Italy. Italy gained revenge for their lo…
Logan Tom in The Olympics 2012Women The Olympics 2012
She is a four-time Olympian. At age 19, Logan became the youngest woman ever to be selected for an American Olympic volleyball team when she made the 2000 Games in Sydney. She is a…
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Jaqueline Carvalho in The Olympics 2012 (3rd movie)Women The Olympics 2012
Thanks to her in the end the NT Brazil was champion in the tournament. Jaqueline received the MVP award of the olympic final and Brazil's national team won the gold medal at the 20…
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Ivan Zaytsev in match Italy - RussiaWorld Cup 2015
Ivan Zaytsev scored 20 points in the win and Italy also scored seven aces in total. Italian star said putting pressure on Russia meant they caused mistakes as they sealed their ei…
Simone Giannelli in match Italy - RussiaWorld Cup 2015
19 years old setter of Italian national team showed his skills in Japan. Simone scored 4 points in that game. He had 1 spike, 1 block and 2 aces.
Nicolas Uriarte vs. Fabian Drzyzga (Bełchatów - Rzeszów)Plusliga 2015/16
Great duel on the net between Nicolas Uriarte and Fabian Drzyzga. Two best setters in Plusliga 2015/16. Eventually the trio Kurek - Drzyzga - Jaeschke led their team to the victory…
Gabriela Guimaraes (3rd movie)
Gabriela Braga Guimarães (born in Belo Horizonte, May 19, 1994) is a Brazilian volleyball player. Play as spiker in Rio de Janeiro Vôlei Clube. In the summer of 2010 she made her…
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Tijana Boskovic (2nd movie)
She is one of the rising stars of the World women's volleyball. The career of Tijana Boskovic begins in 2010 in clubs Zenski Odbojkaski Klub Hercegovac. In 2011/12 season she made …
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Bruno Rezende (4th movie)
Bruno Rezende is a Brazilian volleyball player who plays as setter for Italian club Pallavolo Modena and Brazil national team. He is a son of Bernardinho, famous Brazilian volleyba…

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