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Mateusz Mika in Plusliga 2016/17Plusliga 2016/17
Highlights video of Mateusz Mika in Plusliga 2016/17. Mika who has played in Trefl Gdańsk since 2014 is team's ace and leading scorer.
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Lukas Kampa & Salvador Hidalgo Oliva in Plusliga 2016/17Plusliga 2016/17
Before season 2016/17, Lukas Kampa (Germany) & Salvador Hidalgo Oliva (Cuba) transferred to Jastrzębski Węgiel. They made speedy and splendid combination plays such as side quick…
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Marko Podraščanin in season 2016/17Italian Serie A1 2016/17
'Golden Shield' Marko Podraščanin tranferred to Perugia before the 2016/17 season. He won the most blocks among middle blockers in the first half of the Superlega and also showed…
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Bryan Fraser in Champions League 2016/17Champions League 2016/17
Highlights of Bryan Fraser (number 3 on t-shirt) in Champions League 2016-2017. There are shots from matches of Groningen/Lycurgus against Dobrudja Dobrich (won 3-0, lost 2-3) and …
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Sesi Sao Paulo - Sada Cruzeiro Volei (Highlights)Brazilian Superliga 2016/17
A battle between two top brasilian teams. Even fantastic game of Douglas Souza didn't help Sesi to win the game. Sada Cruzeiro leaders showed their class in the hardest moments.
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Legend of Volleyball: Sergey Tetyukhin (2nd movie)
Sergey Tetyukhin is a real Volleyball legend, and not only in his native Russia. The 40-year-old outside spiker has marched from triumph to triumph.
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Joandry Leal 2nd meter spike (Sesi - Cruzeiro)Brazilian Superliga 2016/17
Sada Cruzeiro player does not stop to impress us with his spikes. This one ended up somewhere between the 1st and the 2nd meter line!
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Fabio Balaso nice dig (Sora - Padova)Italian Serie A1 2016/17
Nice dig by libero Fabio Balaso during the match Biosì Indexa Sora - Kioene Padova. His team lost that game in tie-break.
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Lucas Saatkamp pipe attack (Sesi Sao Paulo - Sada Cruzeiro)Brazilian Superliga 2016/17
Bruno Rezende organized a pipe attack for his middle blocker Lucas Saatkamp, while the big guy nailed the ball down into the rival's side of the court.
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Funny and lucky volleyball points
Normally you score a point with a hard spike a big kill block or an awesome ace, but the point in this movie are also pretty amazing. Smart balls on position 5, nobody expects that…
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Sesi SP - Sada Cruzeiro - Brazilian Superliga (full match)Brazilian Superliga 2016/17
Sesi SP vs Sada Cruzeiro, a classic of Brazil's volleyball, full of world class players, in a thrilling match of Brazilian Superliga 2016-2017 (9th round). As commentators, two of …
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Egor Kliuka (2nd movie)
Egor Kliuka was born 15 of June 1995 in Kobrin in a family of athletes. During childhood he practised fencing, successfully participating in various youth competitions. From the si…
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Leonardo Leyva Martinez 49 points in match Sichuan - ShandonChinese Volleyball League 2016/17
Leonardo Leyva Martinez scored 49 points against Shandong in Chinese Volleyball League. Despite his great game, team from Chengdu lost that game in tie-break.
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Aaron Russell in World Cup 2015 (2nd movie)World Cup 2015
Aaron Russell was born in 1993 and grew up in Ellicott City, Md. His parents are Stewart and Marian Russell. Aaron is the second-oldest of five brothers. The other brothers are Pet…
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Sada Cruzeiro Vôlei - Funvic/Taubaté (Highlights)Brazilian Superliga 2016/17
Battle between two top Brazilian teams. Simon and Leal showed their class and Taubaté leaders couldn't do anything against them.
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From 24:20 to 25:27 (Sora - Padova)Italian Serie A1 2016/17
Here are condensed into one minute the fantastic final third sets in the battle between Sora and Padova in Serie A. Sora going to 24:20, closing is mere formality. But Padova does …
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Scott Sterling MVF - The Anime Edition
Stumbled upon this anime version of Scott Sterling's famous game-winning saves. All credit goes to maboroshistudio and Studio C.
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Dmitriy Muserskiy (4th movie)
In 2011 Dmitry Muserskiy in the Russian national team won the World League, also won the prize for the Best on the Pitch, and the World Cup. Olympic champion XXX Games in London, w…
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Long rally (Padova - Verona)Italian Serie A1 2016/17
Long action during Kioene Padova - Calzedonia Verona in Serie A. Both teams showed determination in defense.
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Bruno Rezende & Lucas Saatkamp great action (Sesi - Taubate)Brazilian Superliga 2016/17
Great play between Bruno Rezende and Lucas Saatkamp.They have performed one of the best 1st tempo plays in that season.
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Osmany Juantorena "spike" without running startItalian Serie A1 2016/17
It 'hard to tell what does Osmany Juantorena in the field. eclectic player with enormous technical quality (in this Cuban school was very important), great character, especially at…
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Earvin Ngapeth 2nd meter Spike (Sora - Modena)Italian Serie A1 2016/17
Earvin Ngapeth made a fantastic spike at the match between Sora and Modena in 14th round Serie A1 2016-2017.
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Stefano Giannotti nice actionItalian Cup 2016/17
Nice spike by Stefano Giannotti during Tonno Callipo Calabria Vibo Valentia - Kioene Padova played on 14/12/2016.
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Brasil Kirin/Campinas - Sesi Sao Paulo (Highlights)Brazilian Superliga 2016/17
A game between teams in leader group of Brasilian Superliga. Great game of Lucas and Douglas Souza didn't help Sesi to win the game.
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Kędzierzyn Koźle - Resovia Rzeszów (Highlights)Plusliga 2016/17
Resovia Rzeszów played the best game of the season to win the big derby of Polish league against hosts Kędzierzyn-Koźle 3:2 (25:23, 18:25, 18:25, 25:18, 15:13). Canadian duo Gav…
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Stephen Maar technical spike (Padova - Perugia)Italian Serie A1 2016/17
Canadian Stephen Maar showed his possibilities in game against Sir Safety Perugia. His team lost that game 1:3. He scored 17 points for Padova.
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Jenia Grebennikov (5th movie)
Jenia Grebennikov is a really talented player and really important for the French national team. The great successes in the World League would not have been reached without this in…
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Dynamo Moscow - Belogorie Belgorod (Highlights)Russian Cup 2016/17
Another game of two top Russian teams. Dmitry Muserskiy showed that all his problems in game are gone. Sergey Grankin played some wonderful "pipes" with Yury Berezhko and Alexander…
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Brasil Kirin/Campinas - Sada Cruzeiro Vôlei (Highlights)Brazilian Superliga 2016/17
Simon scored 14 points in 3 sets and became the best player of the game. Sada Cruzeiro won without problems.
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Berlin Volleys - VfB Friedrichshafen (Highlights)Deutsche Volleyball-Bundesliga 2016/17
VfB and Berlin showed full commitment. Michal Finger turned out to be a hero one more time, he was MVP of that match. He played really good in all first 10 rounds of German Bundesl…
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