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Libero funny point!Italian Serie A1 2017/18
Libero Nicolò Bassanello scored a point with shoulder thanks to his reflex! His team lost that game 2:3. Kieone Padova will play for the 5-8th place in season 2017/18.
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Nikolay Penchev in Plusliga 2017/18Plusliga 2017/18
Best plays from Nikolay Penchev in season 2017/18. He is a player of Skra Bełchatów since 2 seasons. After five years in Poland he is very fluent in Polish, which helps him a lot…
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Tomasz Fornal show - 8 points in a rowPlusliga 2017/18
Tomasz Fornal from Czarni Radom scored 8 points in a row in the last game (regular season) of Plusliga 2017/18 against Onico Warsaw.
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Dmitriy Muserskiy quick spike (Belogorie - Ankara)CEV Cup 2017/18
Volleyball seems so easy when you have giant Dmitriy Muserskiy on your side! Belogorie setter Roman Poroshin passed the ball to Dmitry Muserskiy on every possible occasion and as a…
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Srecko Lisinać in Club World Championship 2017 (2nd movie)Club World Championship 2017/18
Lisinać quickly become one of the fans' favourite players, not only due to his skills but his character and smile, which is always present on his face.
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Fabio Balaso 4 digs in match Padova - RavennaItalian Serie A1 2017/18
Four great defences by Italian libero Fabio Balaso the during game between Kioene Padova - Bunge Ravenna. He probably to replace Jenia Grebennikov in Lube Banca Macerata.
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Michał Filip in Plusliga 2016/17Plusliga 2016/17
There are some of his great actions Plusliga 2016/17.
Jay Blankenau in Champions League 2017/18Champions League 2017/18
Noliko Maaseik led by Jay Blankenau took 8th place in that tournament. You can see some setting magic in Champions League 2017/18.
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Bartosz Kwolek in Plusliga 2017/18Plusliga 2017/18
The talented Polish young superstar in his second season in Plusliga. Leader of ONICO Warsaw. He was awarded Best Outside Spiker in U20 European Championships.
The best liberos in the world
Compilation of fantastic digs of five of the best liberos in the world: Paweł Zatorski, Jenia Grebennikov, Sérgio 'Serginho' Dutra, Alexey Verbov and Erik Sohji.
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Saeid Marouf (4th movie)
Awesome actions of Saeid Marouf, one of the best setters in the world, playing for Iran national team and Paykan Tehran.He was named Best Setter in World League 2014 and MVP in the…
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Nathan Roberts in World League 2017World League 2017
Highlights of Nathan Roberts for Australia NT the during World League 2017. Australia took 15th place in this competition. He finished the second group as the first spiker (114/206…
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Australia in World League 2017World League 2017
Highlights of Australia's team in World League 2017 campaign where they finished 3rd after the regular round before taking the Bronze Medal at the finals held in Australia.
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Belogorie Belgorod - NOVA Novokuybyshevsk (Highlights)Russian Superleague 2017/18
Belogorie Belgorod lost to NOVA Novokuybyshevsk in the first match of the tournament for the 5-8th place of the Russian Superliga. Now, to continue the struggle, Belgorod needs to …
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Dynamo Moscow - Zenit St. Petersburg (Highlights)Russian Superleague 2017/18
Zenit St. Petersburg showed they might be a revelation of this season’s playoffs. Luburić (21 points) and Camejo (19 points) duo gave victory to St. Petersburg. The second game …
@megaman1986  526  0
Belogorie Belgorod - NOVA Novokuybyshevsk (full match)Russian Superleague 2017/18
First battle for the 5-8th place of the Russian Superliga. Home team is Belogorie Belgorod. They are still fighting to be promoted to play in European competition next season. Dmit…
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Zenit Kazan - Kuzbass Kemerovo (Highlights)Russian Superleague 2017/18
Only in secod set Kuzbass Kemerovo tried to fight. Zenit played with sharp service and strong block. Top scorers in teams: Leon Wilfredo (Zenit) 19 pts and Karpukhov Anton (Kuzbass…
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Belogorie Belgorod - NOVA Novokuybyshevsk (Highlights)Russian Superleague 2017/18
Another sensation in Belgorod. Home team lost to NOVA Novokuybyshevsk in the first match of the tournament for the 5-8th place of the Russian Superliga. Now, to continue the strugg…
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Lokomotiv Novosibirsk - Fakel Novy Urengoy (Highlights)Russian Superleague 2017/18
It was the first battle for the 5-8th place after beating them in quarter-finals of Russian Superliga 2017/18. Maxim Zhigalov scored 13 points and Dmitry Volkov scored 16 points in…
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Łuczniczka Bydgoszcz - AZS Olsztyn (short cut)Plusliga 2017/18
AZS Olsztyn took 6th place in the Plusliga standings as they beat Łuczniczka Bydgoszcz in three sets. In this season will play only six team in the play-offs. Team from Bydgoszcz…
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Onico Warsaw - Resovia Rzeszów (short cut)Plusliga 2017/18
Onico Warsaw won that game in three sets. Wojciech Włodarczyk for home team scored 14 points. His team to remain third-placed in the standings. Resovia Rzeszów is out of the top …
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Jan Kozamernik huge block (Macerata - Trentino)Champions League 2017/18
Great blocking power by Jan Kozamernik of Trentino Volley. Wonderful defence by Jenia Grebennikov, but no point for Lube Banca Macerata. It was the fifth match featuring these two…
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Ivan Zaystev leg dig (Perugia - Novosibirsk)Champions League 2017/18
Ivan Zaytsev is not just excellent with his hands, he also has some great football skills! He keeps the rally going and together with Simone Anzani he kills in the block!
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Long rally (Kędzierzyn - Friedrichshafen)Champions League 2017/18
Kędzierzyn-Koźle and VfB Friedrichshafen just keep on going! Finally it's Bartłomiej Bołądź with the score for the German team.
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Bunge Ravenna - Olympiacos Piraeus (last point)Challenge Cup 2017/18
Bunge Ravenna are playing in the final stage of a European competition after 21 years. Back in 1997, the same club (at that time known as Porto Area) won in Geneva the CEV Cup beat…
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Marcus Böhme 3rd meter spikeChallenge Cup 2017/18
In the frist game his team lost 1:3. However, a re-match will define who the winners of the Challenge Cup will be, as the away game will take place on April 11. In this first matc…
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Lube Banca Macerata - Trentino Volley (Highlights)Champions League 2017/18
For Lube Banca Macerata this is the second win out of five Champions League matches against Trentino Volley this far. Juantorena was the best scorer of the match with 19 points (16…
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Best net actions in Champions League (1/6, 1st match)Champions League 2017/18
Being almost able to touch the Final Four has brought out the best in these players! Some great individual and team performances from last night!
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Kajetan Kulik 34 points in 4 sets against AugustówPolish Third League 2017/18
Kajetan Kulik in match UMKS Mos Wola Warszawa - UKS Centrum Augustów 3:1 (25:19, 18:25, 25:18, 30:28) in the Polish Third League season 2017/18. He scored 34 points in 4 sets (27 …
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Marcin Gałązka in season 2017/18
I have played in season 2017/2018 in MOS Wola Warsaw in 2 categories: U-19 and 2nd Divison. Now I'm looking for club, where I ould improve my skills and help the team to make next …
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