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Michal Masny fantastic set (Lubin - Będzin)Plusliga 2017/18
Michał Masny (Cuprum Lubin/Slovakia) fantastic set to Piotr Hain (Cuprum Lubin/Poland) in match against MKS Będzin in PlusLiga 2017/2018.
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Taichiro Koga amazing setPlusliga 2017/18
Amazing skills!!! He signed a contract with Warta Zawiecie before this season.
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Rafał Buszek set like N'GapethPlusliga 2017/18
Rafał Buszek from Kędzierzyn-Koźle showed great set like Earvin N'Gapeth in match against Resovia Rzeszów. His team won it 3:1. He scored 11 points.
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Edgardo Goas funny pointPlusliga 2017/18
In May 2017 he moved to Polish club: Łuczniczka Bydgoszcz and signed contract with this team to end of season 2017/2018. He replaced Patryk Szczurek in the starting line-up as a s…
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Srecko Lisinać aggressive block (Jastrzębie - Bełchatów)Plusliga 2017/18
Srecko Lisinać showed single block in match against Jastrzębski Węgiel. He is a player of Skra Bełchatów since 2014.
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Benjamin Toniutti single block (Kędzierzyn - Jastrzębie)Plusliga 2017/18
Benjamin Toniutti (183cm) show his jump ;-) With 2950 fans in Kędzierzyn-Koźle at the "Azoty" Hall, his team won it in three sets.
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Jay Blankenau in German League 2016/17Deutsche Volleyball-Bundesliga 2016/17
Jay began his post-school volleyball career training at the Team Canada Full Time Training Center in Gatineau. He would spend the 2012/13 and 2014/15 season there, spending a seaso…
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Milad Ebadipour huge servePolish SuperCup 2017/18
Milad Ebadipour (Skra Bełchatów/Iran) huge ace serve in match against Kędzierzyn-Koźle in Polish SuperCup 2017.
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Maciej Olenderek fantastic set (Gdańsk - Warsaw)Plusliga 2017/18
Next amazing set by libero from Plusliga 2017/18. This action shows of Maciej Olenderek posibilities. He is very well defender and receiver.
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Salvador Hidalgo Oliva 4 aces in a rowPlusliga 2017/18
MVP of that game! He how to score points in the service. The Cuban player started at 17:19 and ended on 21:19. His team won that game 3:1.
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Filippo Lanza in EuroVolley 2017European Championships 2017
Thanks for Polish scout: Michał Mieszko Gogol in collecting the shares to the movie. Filippo Lanza is a player of Trentino Volley since 2011. The Italian NT took 5th place in Pola…
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AZS Olsztyn - Espadon Szczecin (Highlights)Plusliga 2017/18
AZS Olsztyn TV showed a lot of interesting replays. Stars such as Jan Hadrava and Tomas Rousseaux joined Olsztyn before season. Home team won it 3:1.
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Best Volleyball Opposites in the world
This time I created for you movie about best opposites in volleyball. In the main role only best players like: Grozer, Sokolov, Mikhaylov, Wallace and Zaytsev. Hope you like it :)
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Double dig by Fabio BalasoItalian Cup 2017/18
Nice double dig by libero Fabio Balaso during the match Kioene Padova - BCC Castellana Grotte. His team won it in three sets.
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Kioene Padova - BCC Castellana Grotte (Highlights)Italian Cup 2017/18
Kioene Padova faced with BCC Castellana Grotte in the Italian Cup. This game decided who will advance to the 1/8 round. Luigi Randazzo was the man in the match. He had 14 points. H…
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Sada Cruzeiro - Minas Tênis Clube (full match)Mineiro Championship 2017/18
Sada Cruzeiro against Minas Tênis Clube in final match of the traditional Mineiro Championship 2017/18. Mineiro Championship is one of the main state tournaments of volleyball in …
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Liberman Agamez in Korean V-League 2013-2015
Colombian Liberman Agamez actions in 2013-2015 years. He played for Hyundai Capital Skywalkers. With his team took 2nd and 5th place in the Korean V-League.
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100 Huge Spikes in World League 2017World League 2017
Amazing compilation of great 100 spikes by players like: Lucas Saatkamp, Walace De Souza, Earvin N'Gapeth. It was great tournament. France wins gold. Brazil settles for silver at h…
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Taylor Sander in World League 2017 (2nd movie)World League 2017
2nd movie of the best actions of Taylor Sander in World League 2017. Especially his quicks spikes and pipes are incredible. His team took 4th place in the overall final standings o…
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Matias Sanchez in World Championships U23 2017World Championships U23 2017
He is the setter of this group of players since 2012 when Argentina was runner-up in the Junior South American Championship in Chile. He then repeated that position in the Youth an…
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Matteo Sperandio funny pointItalian Cup 2017/18
Funny point by Matteo Sperandio during the match Kioene Padova - BCC Castellana Grotte. This game decided who will advance to the 1/8 round.
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Best tips in World Grand Champions Cup 2017Grand Champions Cup 2017
Best set fakes in Men's World Grand Champions Cup 2017 played in Japan. See the best setters in the action.
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Klemen Čebulj
The career of Klemen Čebulj begins in 2007 in the squad of Volleyball club Fužinar, while in the season 2008/09 he transfers to club Gokop Fram where he remains for two years. De…
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Sada Cruzeiro Volei - Funvic/Taubaté (full match)Brazilian Supercup 2017/18
Two giants of Brazilian volleyball, Sada Cruzeiro and EMS Funvic/Taubaté fighting for the gold medal at the Brazilian Supercup 2017/18. Duel of two worldclass Argentinian coaches,…
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Mory Sidibé huge spikeChampions League 2017/18
Mory Sidibé played great game and tallied 11 points to lead Omonia Nicosia. His reach in attack is 367cm. Team from Cyprus won the first game without problems. Rematch will be pla…
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Yugra-Samotlor - Kuzbass Kemerovo (Highlights)Russian Superleague 2017/18
Fantastic come back of Yugra-Samotlor. Playing in Niznevartovsk, they defeated Kuzbass Kemerovo in the 4th round of Russian Superliga. Yugra-Samotlor is in the 13rd position with 3…
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Enisey Krasnoyarsk - Yaroslavl Yaroslavich (Highlights)Russian Superleague 2017/18
Battle between two Russian teams. Antonin Rouzier (17 points) showed their class and Taubaté leaders couldn't do anything against them. His team won the first game in Russian Supe…
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Lokomotiv Novosibirsk - Yaroslavl Yaroslavich (Highlights)Russian Superleague 2017/18
A very hard game for Lokomotiv Novosibirsk. Sergey Savin scored 22 points and he was named as the best player of the game. Thanks to him Novosibirsk is on the 7th place in the tab…
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Belogorie Belgorod - Dynamo Moscow (Highlights)Russian Superleague 2017/18
In a big derby, Belogorie had a surprisingly easy job against Dynamo Moscow (3:0) to get themselves a fourth Superliga win in five matches. At "Sports Palace Cosmos" (around 5,000 …
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Ruben Schott in EuroVolley 2017European Championships 2017
The 22 year-old player of Revivre Milano passed through all National Teams (Germany) in the young area and prepares to play also with the men now. He played a big role in his club …
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