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Nikola Zivanovic in Czech Extraliga 2017/18Czech Extraliga 2017/18
These actions are from Czech Extraleague season 2017/2018. .
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Tine Urnaut set like Ngapeth (Modena - Trentino)Italian Serie A1 2017/18
Tine Urnaut showed set like Earvin N'Gapeth in match against Trentino Volley. You can see this video!
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Lukas Kampa 3rd meter spikePlusliga 2017/18
Lukas Kampa is the leader of the team since 2016. He is physically strong, experienced, and led his team to victory against Czarni Radom in three sets.
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Uroš Kovačević technical spike (Maaseik - Trentino)Champions League 2017/18
Classic Uroš Kovačević action in yesterday's match between Noliko Maaseik and Trentino Volley, the match that went the way of the Italian team. After three seasons in Modena and…
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Stephen Boyer amazing spike (Bełchatów - Chaumont)Champions League 2017/18
Stephen Boyer was the true leader of the French champions, killing 8 out of 12 attacks in the second set, 6/8 in the third plus 10/12 in the last. The 21-year old opposite scored 3…
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Saeid Marouf (2nd movie)
Saeid Marouf, comes from Urmia; the volley-lover town of Iran. The 32-year-old player of Iran is considered one of the best setters throughout the world – winning best setter awa…
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Lube Banca Macerata - Kioene Padova (Highlights)Italian Serie A1 2017/18
Lube Banca Macerata will travel to Poland for the Club World Championship in a good mood. Tsvetan Sokolov was spiking well and had 54%, he scored 26 points (3rd position among best…
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Sharone Vernon-Evans funny spikePlusliga 2017/18
ONICO Warsaw won with Resovia Rzeszów 3:0 and they still have chances to 3rd place in regular season. There is some funny action from that game ;-)
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Kevin Saar in Baltic League 2016/17Baltic League 2016/17
Kevin Saar is an Estonian player, who played for Rakvere VK. He plays as Outside hitter and he is well-known for his confidence and powerful playing style. 2016/17 season was a bre…
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Maxim Mikhaylov - Volleyball Player of the Year
A multiple gold medallist and three-time in a row winner of the Champions League, Mikhaylov is also an Olympic champion from London 2012 and a double European champion in 2013 and …
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Long rally (Sastamala - Thessaloniki)Champions League 2017/18
Heated battle in Finland. Sastamala are not giving up. Look at great pipe of Olli Kunnari. It was the first ever match for a team from Finland in the group stage of the Champions …
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Grzegorz Łomacz nice set (Bełchatów - Chaumont)Champions League 2017/18
Now that's the way you deal with a pass that has gone astray! Wonderful quick thinking by Grzegorz Łomacz. He is player of Skra Bełchatów since 2017.
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Joe Norman in MEVZA 2017/18MEVZA 2017/18
Joseph Norman is 23 years old beach and indoor player from USA who currently plays in OK Mladost Kaštela (Croatia). There are actions from MEVZA 2017/18 in matches against ACH Vol…
Sesi São Paulo - Funvic/Taubaté (full match)Brazilian Superliga 2017/18
Brazilian giants Sesi SP and Funvic/Taubaté in a thrilling classic match at Brazilian Superliga 2017/18 (9 th round). Full of worldclass stars, the teams are two of the best bets …
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Rakvere VC - Pärnu VC (full match)Baltic League 2016/17
Baltic League - formerly known as Schenker Volleyball League and The League of Hundred - which brings together teams from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Estonia’s Rakvere VC cele…
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Río Duero - L'illa Grau (full match)Spanish Superliga 2017/18
From the beggining the match was balanced but in the end Río Duero Soria proved to be in an inspired night and defeated L'illa Grau in three sets. Soria is on the 5th place of Sup…
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Unicaja Almeria - CV Teruel (full match)Spanish Superliga 2017/18
The most traditional clubs from Spain: Unicaja Almeria and CV Teruel. In home team, Javier Monfort scored 16 points and Pablo Bugallo from CV Teruel finished game with 17 points.
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Zenit Kazan - Lokomotiv Novosibirsk (Highlights)Russian Cup 2017/18
Match played in packed "Sports Palace Cosmos" Hall in Belgorod. Zenit again won against Lokomotiv Novosibirsk in this season. This time in semi-final of Russian Cup 2017/18. Maxim …
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Kuzbass Kemerovo - Zenit Kazan (Highlights)Russian Cup 2017/18
That game was a real final and both teams fought until the end, for the trophy. Zenit Kazan won the fourth consecutive trophy of the Russian Cup. Top scorers in teams: Poletaev Vic…
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CEV Event of the Year - EuroVolley 2017European Championships 2017
The Opening Ceremony and Opening Match featuring the national teams of Poland and Serbia set an all-time record of attendance in European Volleyball history with 65,407 fans watchi…
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Vladimir Alekno - Men’s Team Coach of the Year
Alekno has helped Zenit Kazan win their third straight Champions League title as the Russians dominated the competition from start to end losing only two sets – as much as they d…
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Belogorie Belgorod - Kuzbass Kemerovo (Highlights)Russian Cup 2017/18
This the first victory of Kuzbass over Belogorie since April 2016. In the final of the Russian Cup, the team from Kemerevo played with Zenit Kazan. Top scorers in teams: Zhigalov M…
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Barthélémy Chinenyeze huge blockChampions League 2017/18
Spacer’s Toulouse VB caused a real sensation by taking the first set of their matchup with Zenit Kazan (31:29) on a block of their rising star, 19-year-old middle blocker Barthé…
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Micah Christenson one-hand set (Perugia - Macerata)Champions League 2017/18
Micah Christenson setting Taylor Sander up perfectly. The Italian derby featuring Lube Banca Macerata and Sir Safety Perugia lived up to the expectations with the ‘Match of the W…
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Sir Safety Perugia - Lube Banca Macerata (Highlights)Champions League 2017/18
‘Match of the Week’ of Champions League 2017/18. MVP of that game: Atanasijević scored 34 points, with a 67% rate of successful attacks. In the third set, he scored three con…
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Giulio Sabbi in match Trentino - ModenaItalian Serie A1 2017/18
Giulio Sabbi scores 21 points with a handful of blocks (10) and digs. In front of 4048 fans in the 10th round of the Italian Serie A1, Trento defeated Modena Volley 3:2. After this…
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Aleksandar Atanasijević in match Perugia - MacerataChampions League 2017/18
Aleksander Atanasijević scored 34 points. He led Perugia to a breathtaking come-from-behind victory over Lube Banca Macerata in the Champions League group stage.
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Phillip Collin quick spikeChampions League 2017/18
Huge power of middle-blocker from Fredrichshafen! His team won their first opening match in the group phase of the Champions League since 2013 when they won in five sets against Hy…
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Best net actions in Champions League 2017/18 (1st week)Champions League 2017/18
These actions will get your blood flowing! Amazing feats of Volleyball skills from the first matches of Champions League Round 4.
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Ben Patch in Grand Champions Cup 2017Grand Champions Cup 2017
At the beginning of 2017, he played his junior season for BYU. There is also one very interesting thing about Benjamin Patch. He is a professional photographer, having almost 100 0…
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