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Artur Szalpuk in match Poland - ChinaVolleyball Nations League 2018
Artur Szalpuk played all the match against China in Volleyball Nations League 2018 and scored 14 points. He was the best scorer of polish national team in that match and he helped …
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Artur Szalpuk in match Italy - PolandVolleyball Nations League 2018
Amazing game from Artur Szalpuk. New player of Skra Bełchatów scored 24 points in match against Italy in third week of Volleyball Nations League 2018. He was well supported by mi…
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Haku Ri in match Australia - JapanVolleyball Nations League 2018
One of the shortest middles in volleyball, Haku Ri (194cm) of Japan, scores an efficient 19 points on 11/14 hitting with 4 aces and 4 blocks. Amazing how creatively they use him.
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Thibault Rossard in Plusliga 2017/18Plusliga 2017/18
Thibault Rossard is a player for Resovia Rzeszów for 2 seasons. During this one they didn't get a high place in the league - 6th, but Thibault was able to show a little bit of his…
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Dražen Luburić in match Russia - SerbiaVolleyball Nations League 2018
Dražen Luburić scored 30 points in match against Russia in Volleyball Nations League. He made a huge help with winning 3:2. Amazing skills by Serbian player!
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Mattew Anderson in match Brazil - USAVolleyball Nations League 2018
His team unfortunately lost 2:3 after amazing game at Goiânia Arena. Matthew Anderson scored 23 points (22 spikes and 1 ace serve).
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Dmitriy Muserskiy in match Russia - SerbiaVolleyball Nations League 2018
Russia have now lost to both Poland and Serbia in the Volleyball Nations League, despite the best efforts of Dmitriy Muserskiy who scored 23 points from the position of middle bloc…
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Maciej Muzaj in Plusliga 2017/18Plusliga 2017/18
Maciej Muzaj scored 630 points in his last season in Jastrzębski Węgiel after 3 years of playing for them. It was not as good season for Jastrzębie because they finished season …
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Poland 9 points in a row (Poland - France)Volleyball Nations League 2018
Amazing nine-point rally, which changed the course of the set and the match. Great play of Dawid Konarski, Mateusz Bieniek and Jakub Kochanowski. The world champions are on the fir…
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Michał Kubiak in match Poland - GermanyVolleyball Nations League 2018
Michał Kubiak showed his power in the first 2 weeks of Volleyball Nations League 2018. In fact Poland lost 1:3 with Germany but he played so good and scored 21 points for his team…
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Amir Ghafour in match Iran - CanadaVolleyball Nations League 2018
Amir Ghafour scored 19 points in match against Canada in the second week of Volleyball Nations League 2018. He was the best player but his team lost game against Canada 1:3.
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Gavin Schmitt in match Canada - BrazilVolleyball Nations League 2018
Gavin Schmitt played very well against Brazil and helped Canada win this game 3:0. He is back with his good disposition and fans are waiting to see gim playing that well again!
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Uroš Kovačević huge block (Serbia - Poland)Volleyball Nations League 2018
Monster block! Look what Serbian receiver - Uroš Kovačević - did during match between Poland and Serbia in the group stage of Volleyball Nations League 2018.
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Earvin N'Gapeth nice point (France - Iran)Volleyball Nations League 2018
Next amazing action by Eravin N'Gapeth. Battle between France and Iran in group stage of Volleyball Nations League 2018. He scored 18 points.
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Earvin N'Gapeth in season 2017/18
French superstar Earvin N'Gapeth in last season. He officially announced that he is leaving his Italian club team Modena to join Zenit Kazan in Russia next season.
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Luigi Randazzo in Serie A1 2017/18 (2nd movie)Italian Serie A1 2017/18
Player of Kioene Padova during season 2017/18. He made debut in Challenge Cup 2009/10 game at 16 years of age which made him the youngest ever to register a first team appearance i…
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Hello everyone from Earvin Ngapeth!
One of the most spectaculars players in the world, new member of Zenit Kazan: Earvin N'Gapeth sends greetings to all the fans of the best team in the world, and also tells when he …
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Renee Teppan in EuroVolley 2018European League 2018
New player of Skra Bełchatów. Renee Teppan, opposite of Estonia and MVP of that tournament said: "They wanted to win this match as much as we did. They were playing at home, but…
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Ali Shafiei in match Russia - IranVolleyball Nations League 2018
Top scoring for Iran was Ali Shafiei through the middle (18 points) with coach Igor Kolakovic heard to be encouraging him to hit an ultra quick tempo to beat the big Russian blocke…
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Poland - Iran (short cut)Volleyball Nations League 2018
Just hours after Iran’s soccer players grabbed an emotional and dramatic win over Morocco at the World Cup in Russia, their volleyball stars then won against Poland in the VNL. I…
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Bartosz Bednorz in Plusliga 2017/18Plusliga 2017/18
Bartosz Bednorz was the huge power of Skra Bełchatów in season 2017/2018 and scored the gold medal with them. He was the 3rd best scorer of Skra - 397 points next to Mariusz Wlaz…
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Ivan Zaytsev 134km/h serve (Italy - Serbia)Volleyball Nations League 2018
During the opening weekend of the Volleyball National League, during a match against Serbia. Ivan Zaytsev served a ball with registered for an amazing 134 km/h! His team won that g…
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Australia - Russia (Highlights)Volleyball Nations League 2018
Russia won against Australia. Coach Sergei Shliapnikov said: “It was not easy but I’m happy with this victory. The first match in every tournament is hard because we have to ad…
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Russia - Serbia (Highlights)Volleyball Nations League 2018
Serbia beat Serbia 3:2. Drazen Luburic starred again with 29 points, 28 of which were attack winners. That takes him to 75 for the competition, and fourth position in the best sco…
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Bulgaria - Russia (Highlights)Volleyball Nations League 2018
Russia showed all of their strengths in match against Bulgaria. Dmitriy Muserskiy is Russia's leading scorer with 77 points. He scored 13 points in that game. Egor Kliuka added 16 …
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Pure precision Osmany JuantorenaVolleyball Nations League 2018
With precision like this, who will like to play with Italian athlete Osmany Juantorena? Join Volleyball Nations League 2018 prediction game: http://www.volleyball-movies.net/men-vo…
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Precision of Jenia Grebennikov
Watch French player Jénia Grebennikov passing precision on the court!
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Kevin Saar in Estonian Championship 2017/18Estonian League 2017/18
Six last games this season in Estonian Championship. Movie from matches against Tartu BigBank and Selver Tallinn.
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Brazil - USA (SET5)Volleyball Nations League 2018
Home team winning the last 3 sets to jump to 2nd in the table. Wallace De Souza was again the leading marksman for the Olympic champions (18 spikes, 2 blocks and an ace). Brazil co…
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Ivan Zaytsev in match Italy - BrazilVolleyball Nations League 2018
After scoring 20 points against Germany, Zaytsev was in great form scoring 32 points across the five sets. He said: "I think we played well today and we were focused. We lost the …
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