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Gi Group Monza - Kioene Padova (highlights)Italian Serie A1 2017/18
Great actions between Monza and Padova collected in one movie. Monza's team is just on the 11st place in strong Serie A. Oleg Plotnytskyi played great competition and he scored 23 …
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Iran in The Olympics 2016The Olympics 2016
Iran played for the first time in their history in The Olympics. They finished at the 5th place in the competition. Although they still have some way to go, Iran have been continuo…
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Gabriele Nelli one-hand blockItalian Serie A1 2017/18
Gabriele Nelli had very good block in the second set. His team lost with current 11st team of Italian Serie A1. He scored 20 points (59% in attack) and home side had a lot of probl…
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TOP10 Best Setters in 2017
Compilation of the best setters in 2017. The players are randomly distributed in this video. Their sets are hard to predict. You could see some of them in the movie.
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Kioene Padova - BCC Castellana Grotte (highlights)Italian Serie A1 2017/18
Battle between current 9th team (Kieone Padova) and 13th team (Castellana Grotte) of Serie A. Alberto Polo was named as MVP of that match. Luigi Randazzo scored most points from wh…
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Milad Ebadipour amazing digChampions League 2017/18
Milad Ebadipour just can't stop on amazing us! Srecko Lisiniać finished that action. He best scorer of that game with 15 points. Skra won it game in three sets with current leader…
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Skra Bełchatów - Lokomotiv Novosibirsk (short cut)Champions League 2017/18
It was the first defeat of the season for the Russian powerhouse in Group C of the Champions League. The service was the key for the home team, as Skra’s six players recorded a t…
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Jay Blankenau one-hand set (Izmir - Maaseik)Champions League 2017/18
Jay Blankenau with some setting magic! This is how you clear the block.
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Best net actions in Champions League 2017/18 (5th week)Champions League 2017/18
Best actions on the net by Salvador Hidalgo, Dick Kooy and Milad Ebadipour.
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Philipp Collin single block (Fredrichshafen - Thessaloniki)Champions League 2017/18
Philipp Collin showing his opponents from Thessaloniki what a perfect single block is! "ZF Arena" is a fortress that none can capture this season. Team from Germany scored the thir…
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Luciano De Cecco fantastic set (Perugia - Roeselare)Champions League 2017/18
Amazing set of Luciano De Cecco to Aleksandar Atanasijević in match against Knack Roeselare. Another three-point victory for Perugia to cement their leadership in Group A and secu…
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Wilfredo Leon funny pointChampions League 2017/18
Great defense by Zenit Kazan in yesterday's game. Wilfredo Leon ended that action. He was the best scorer of the night, finishing the match with 15 points.
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Jastrzębski Węgiel - Zenit Kazan (short cut)Champions League 2017/18
Block was the strongest weapon of Zenit Kazan. The Russian team scored 12 points in this element of the game. More than 3000 spectators attended the match, thus accounting for a fu…
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Skra Bełchatów - Dynamo Moscow (short cut)Champions League 2017/18
The "Match of the Week" did not disappoint nearly 10000 spectators in attendance at "Atlas Arena" in Lodz and the viewers of the live streaming. After three sets full of emotions, …
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Long rally (Izmir - Trentino)Champions League 2017/18
Both teams wasted no time in Turkey, showing some great defence moves on both sides with a nice finish by Sanchez! Check out one of the best actions of the first set between Arkas …
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Urpo Sivula great spike (Sastamala - Ankara)Champions League 2017/18
Urpo Sivula shows his strength and precision against Halkbank Ankara. Team from Finland need two wins in their last two games to have a chance to be among the best three third plac…
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Best net actions in Champions League 2017/18 (4th week)Champions League 2017/18
Take a look at these top actions of Champions League in this weekend. They will for sure get you in the mood for the weekend!
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Arkas Izmir - Trentino Volley (Highlights)Champions League 2017/18
Thanks to the camera shots from the behind of the playground you can admire technique of players from Trentino and Izmir. After this game, coach of Italian team: Angelo Lorenzzeti …
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Philip Freere in season 2017/18Israel Premier League 2017/18
Player highlights for Philip Freere in Israel premiere league with Eilaboun V.C. Team currently in 5th place and has qualified for play-offs. Player currently leading server in lea…
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Morteza Mehrzad in Paralympics 2016
Morteza Mehrzad Selakjani is paralympic sitting volleyball player, playing as an outside hitter. He is the tallest paralympian in history and presently the joint second tallest man…
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Mauricio Borges in Grand Champions Cup 2017Grand Champions Cup 2017
Movie about one of the team's most important players. He scored 63 points in that tournament. Maurico Borges was spiking well and had 53,76% (1st place position among best spikers)…
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Deivid Mota in season 2017/18Greek A1 League 2017/18
Spikes, receptions and blocks of Iraklis Chalkidas spiker in Greek A1 League.
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Thiago Maciel in season 2017/18Spanish Superliga 2017/18
Thiago Maciel returned to the Spanish Superliga in which he used to thrill the audience, six years ago. In season 2010/11, Thiago was the best scorer of the league, while last sea…
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Jeff Menzel in season 2017/18Plusliga 2017/18
Highlights of Jeffrey Menzel the main player of Espadon Szczecin. He scored 113 points in all matches (99 attacks, 4 blocks and 10 ace serves). In the last few seasons he played in…
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Matthew Anderson (8th movie)
Highlights of Matt Anderson. There are highlights from latest world tournaments like Club World Championship, World League and Grand Champions Cup.
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The Best of Bruno Rezende & Lucas Saatkamp
Highlights presented by duo Bruno Rezende and Lucas Saatkamp in Brazilian NT. This duo is effective weapon for many teams in the world.
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Kajetan Kulik in match Huragan Wołomin - MOS Wola WarsawPolish Third League 2017/18
Kajetan Kulik had a significant contribution to the outcome of the game. He scored 24 points in 4 sets (21 by attack - 67%, 2 blocks and 1 ace). His team won it 3:1.
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Ilyas Kurkaev (2nd movie)
A young talented player of the Russian national team. Ilyas has a very high reach which, apart from his 207 cm in height, makes him a formidable opponent at the net. He has a good …
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Oreol Camejo in season 2017/18Russian Superleague 2017/18
Oreol Camejo returned to the Russian Superliga in which he used to thrill the audience, three years ago. Since 2013-2015 he played for Lokomotiv Novosibirsk. After that, Camejo pla…
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Igor Subotić in season 2017/18French Ligue A 2017/18
These are the highlights from season 2017/18, playing for Beauvais Oise UC
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