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Poland - Iran (Highlights)World League 2017
Amir Ghafour was the best player for Iran in upsetting the reigning world champions in a World League match in Italy. In their third match of this campaign, the Asian squad finally…
World League 2017 (Trailer)World League 2017
The Preliminary Rounds for the World League 2017 get started on Friday with several highly anticipated matches!
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Aleksander Śliwka in match Brazil - PolandWorld League 2017
He is young generation Polish volleyball player. He debuted in the senior national team in April 2015. Before that he represented the team of Sport Mastership School of Spala winni…
Ilyas Kurkaev
Ilyas Kurkayev was born 18 January 1994. Since 2010 Ilyas lived in Barnaul and trained in sports school. In January, 2012 was invited in Novosibirsk. In September, 2013 Kurkayev as…
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TOP15 Best Actions - Evandro Guerra
Evandro is one of the many players which have started playing in the extinct Banespa. In 1996, he joined the club and stayed until 2001. After that, he transfered to Suzano, also f…
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Brazil - Poland (full match)World League 2017
Thrilling game! Evandro was the best scorer of the match with 23 points but Poland claimed the victory in five sets. In the tie break Poland were almost perfect in blocking and ser…
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Canada - Brazil (short cut)World League 2017
Both teams came into this match with two wins and a loss last week. Renan Buiatti and Lucas Saatkamp were at the basis of Brazil’s success on the first day of the World League t…
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Kristian Mjelde Bjelland in season 2016/17
This is a video containing highlights of the Norwegian wing-spiker, Kristian Mjelde Bjelland, from the season 2016/2017.
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Iran - Belgium (short cut)World League 2017
Iran hosted Belgium for their first ever game in the World League and what a great match it was. Milad Ebadipour, who scored 20 points for Iran by contributing to a 3:2 victory ove…
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Italy - Poland (Highlights)World League 2017
Dawid Konarski led the winning team scroring 17 points, 12 from spikes and 5 from blocks. Captain Michał Kubiak added 13 points for the 2014 World Champions, while Filippo Lanza p…
Italy - Iran (Highlights)World League 2017
Since 2013, Italy and Iran have met nine times in the World League and this was the sixth win for the European side.
Taylor Sander 3rd meter spike (Poland - USA)World League 2017
This was definitely one of the best spike of World League 2017 in the group stages. American spiker was a leader during match between USA and Poland.
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Ricardo Lucarelli's cheeky dinkWorld League 2017
Wing-spiker Ricardo Lucarelli, outsmarted the Bulgarian's players. His team won it in three sets.
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Petar Premović in season 2016/17
Some actions of Petar Premović, new opposite of Kioene Padova. After signing a three season contract, he said: "I'm very happy, this is an important step for my career. I want to …
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Max Thaller in World Championships Qualifiactions 2018World Championships Qualifications 2018
Highlights of main Austrian setter. His team failed in European Qualifiactions and will not play in World Championships 2018.
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Finland - Slovenia (full match)World League 2017
It was the very first clash between Finland and Slovenia in the history of the World League after Slovenia gained promotion to Group 2 last year. Tine Urnaut's 18 points led Sloven…
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Netherlands - Egypt (full match)World League 2017
The Netherlands started otheir World League campaign with a 3:0 shutout of Egypt, with Nimir Abdel-Aziz spearheading the Dutch efforts on the court in Ankara. He was the best score…
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South Korea - Czech Republic (full match)World League 2017
Jung Jiseok scored 19 points to lead Korea to a victory against the Czech Republic on the first day of the World League 2017 in Group A2. Hochul Kim, coach of Korea said: "The play…
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France - Bulgaria (full match)World League 2017
Title holders from 2015 defeated Bulgaria 3:0 (25:23, 25:15, 25:22). Julien Lyneel was the best scorer among his teammates, with 11 points France’s rookie Stephen Boyer recorded …
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Belgium - Canada (full match)World League 2017
Team captain and 2016 Olympian Gord Perrin was Canada's top scorer with 21 points. Canada led in blocks (13 points), with strong performances by Dan Jansen Vandoorn and Graham Vigr…
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Australia - Portugal (full match)World League 2017
Australia won against Portugal in their opening match of the World League in Slovakia. Roberts with 350 matches for Australia, led the way for the Volleyroos with 29 points in a ma…
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Turkey - China (full match)World League 2017
Turkey's captain Arslan Ekşi admits that the victory over China was precious for Turkey, considering difficult situation with injured teammates. He said: “In my opinion, we play…
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Georgi Bratoev great action (France - Bulgaria)World League 2017
Bulgarian setter Georgi Bratoev takes the French defence by surprise with a quick-thinking tip. His team lost that game in three sets.
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France - Bulgaria (short cut)World League 2017
France claimed a 3:0 victory over Bulgaria in their World League opener in Kazan. Julien Lyneel was the best scorer among his teammates, with 11 points France’s rookie Stephen B…
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Belgium - Canada (short cut)World League 2017
Canada beat Belgium in a great battle 3:2 in Novi Sad, Serbia. The victory was their first in Group 1 since the competition format was revamped in 2013. John Gordon Perrin said: "I…
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Qatar - Greece (full match)World League 2017
Qatar defeated Greece in the opening match of the World League in Barcelona. The Asian side proved too strong for Greeks and put a 3:0 in the scoreboard.
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Chinese Taipei - Estonia (full match)World League 2017
Estonia edged Chinese Taipei at the tiebreak in the very close and dramatic match with Andrus Raadik scoring match-high 19 points. Andrus Raadik and Kristo Kollo with respectively …
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Russia - Argentina (full match)World League 2017
Maxim Zhigalov's powerful serve left no chance to Argentina, as Russia won 3:0 (25:17, 25:18, 25:19) on the first World League match this season. Zhigalov scored 18 points for Russ…
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Russia - Argentina (Highlights)World League 2017
Russia won the first game without problems. Top scorers in teams: Zhigalov Maxim (Russia) 18 pts and Quiroga Gonzalo (Argentina) 12 pts.
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Kazakhstan - Germany (full match)World League 2017
A powerful performance from Simon Hirsch allowed Germany to beat Kazakhstan in straight sets in their first match of Group 3 of the World League 2017. He scored 19 points. Simon co…
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