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Salvador Hidalgo Oliva in Plusliga 2016/17Plusliga 2016/17
Before season 2016/17, Salvador Hidalgo Oliva (Cuba) transferred to Jastrzębski Węgiel. He is the biggest surprise and the best player of Polish Plusliga in the beginning of the …
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TOP20 Crazy Actions - Bruno Rezende
Bruno started his career with Brazil in the youth teams, winning the second place in the 2005 U20 World Championship. Playing for the adult team in 2007, he won the World League, t…
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TOP 20 Crazy Actions - Earvin N'Gapeth
Earvin N'Gapeth is a player of Modena Volley since 2014. His is a gold medalist of the 2015 World League, French Champion (2010), Italian Champion (2016). His father Éric, who ha…
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Jenia Grebennikov (6th movie)
Must watch this, movie provide that Jenia is the best volleyball libero right now. Jenia Grebennikov (born 13 August 1990) is a French volleyball player of Russian origins, a membe…
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Salvador Hidalgo Oliva huge spikePlusliga 2016/17
Salvador Hidalgo Oliva (Jastrzębski Węgiel/Cuba) huge powerful spike in match against ONICO AZS Politechnika Warszawska in Plusliga 2016/2017.
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Taylor Sander (8th movie)
Amazing movie about talented Taylor Sander. There are highlights from World League. He played four years for BYU 2011-2014 and was named the AVCA Player of the Year in 2014.
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TOP20 Crazy Actions - Luciano De Cecco
Also from Santa Fe, he dedicated himself really hard to volleyball since he was 14 years old and since he was a young player he called the attention of the national coaches. He has…
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TOP20 Crazy Actions - William Arjona
The talented Willian started playing in Report Suzano (SP) and since the beginning of his career has played with national teams. As a junior athlete, he won the South American Cham…
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TOP 20 Best Volleyball Actions - Joandry Leal
Power of volleyball cuban player Joandry Leal. One of the best players right now. After four years playing wonderfully at Sada Cruzeiro, he finally got the Brazilian passport and b…
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Maciej Muzaj in Plusliga 2016/17Plusliga 2016/17
Highlights video of 'Rising Star' Maciej Muzaj in Plusliga 2016/17. The left-handed opposite led Jastrzębski Węgiel to good result of this season with Lukas Kampa & Salvador Hida…
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William Priddy (5th movie)
He grew up in Florida and Arizona and now lives in Southern California. Priddy (196cm, 89kg) joined the US National Team for the 1999 Pan American Games. He was the starting outsid…
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Jastrzębski Węgiel great defencePlusliga 2016/17
Jastrzębski Węgiel great defence in match against Cuprum Lubin in PlusLiga 2016/2017. What a point by them!
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TOP20 Crazy Actions - Ivan Zaytsev
As an Azzurro he won the Mediterranean Games held in Pescara on 2009, the silver medal during the 2011 European Championship, the bronze Olympic medal in London 2012, the bronze me…
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Luis Tomas Sosa
Luis Tomas Sosa is 21 years old middle-blocker from Cuba who currently plays in La Habana from Cuba.
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Mateusz Mika (2nd movie)
Mateusz Mika (born on 21 January, 1991) – polish volleyball player and a member of Polish national team with which he debuted at in years 2006 -2009 as a junior. As a senior he w…
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Kunihiro Shimizu (3rd movie)
Compilation of greatest moments with one of the best players in Japanese national team. Main player of Panasonic Panthers for 8 seasons.
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1990s Spike CompilationWorld League 1998
This is a compilation I made 15 years ago using two VHS players! It was serious at the beginning, but me and my friend starting having fun with it at the end.
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Mariusz Wlazły defence setPlusliga 2016/17
Mariusz Wlazły defence and set to Bartosz Kurek in match against Jastrzębski Węgiel (Plusliga 2016/17).
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Wilfredo Leon amazing pipe (Roeselare - Kazan)Champions League 2016/17
Leon receives and spikes a pipe into the centre of the court! Battle between David and Goliath. This time, however, Goliath was too strong and David did not stand a chance of causi…
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Maxwell Holt in Champions League 2016/17Champions League 2016/17
Highlights of American superstar Maxwell Holt in European Champions League. In the first phase his team faced with Skra Bełchatów, ACH Volley Ljubljana and SCM Craiova.
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Long rally (Brazil - USA)The Olympics 2016
Great rally between two of really strong national teams in The Olympics 2016. Every vollyball fan should watch this. Brazil was winner of that tournament and USA took 3rd place.
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Incredible action by Earvin N'Gapeth (Ljubljana - Modena)Champions League 2016/17
He did it again. French outside-spiker Earvin N'Gapeth made an incredible action during match between ACH Volley Ljubljana and Modena Volley.
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TOP10 Best Spikes - Alexander Volkov
In January, 2016 Alexander Volkov helped Russia qualify for the Games in Rio de Janeiro at the European Olympic Qualification Tournament.
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Documentary about The Olympics 1996The Olympics 1996
This video tries to elicit the 'keys to success' for volleyball from the Olympic Games in 96. The keys are pretty rudimentary, but there's great footage in their of the Olympics an…
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Maxwell Holt (2nd movie)
At 206cm, Maxwell Holt is just 10 cm shorter than legendary basketball star Shaquille O’Neal. That height means his opponents often have to find a way around those giant arms. Th…
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Volleyball Spikes - American Volleyball
Collection of the best volleyball of attacks executed major players in the US men's national team. Let's see such players like: Taylor Sander, David Lee, Maxwell Holt, Matthew Ande…
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Aleksandar Atanasijevic (5th movie)
Highlights of worldwide superstar of volleyball: Aleksandar Atanasijevic. He is a participant of the 2012 Olympic Games , 2011 European Champion, medalist of leagues: Serbian, Poli…
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Poland - Bulgaria (full match)World League 2007
Match with a lot of stars we still remember today, only younger :) Match played at a good level in front of a large crowd.
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TOP10 Spikes - Aleksandar Atanasijević
Amazing spikes of worldwide superstar of volleyball: Aleksandar Atanasijevic. He is a participant of the 2012 Olympic Games , 2011 European Champion, medalist of leagues: Serbian, …
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TOP15 Best Actions by Sergey Grankin
Sergey Grankin started playing volleyball at the age of 7. When he was 14, he received an invitation from "Neftyanik" (Yaroslavl), where he performed as a setter for the first time…
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