Peter Wohlfahrtstätter in season 2015/16Austrian League 2015/16
Some spectacular actions by Peter Wohlfahrtstätter, new middle-blocker of Effector Kielce for season 2016/17.
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Ricardo Lucarelli (3rd movie)
Ricardo Samuel Lucarelli Santos de Souza (born February 14, 1992) is a Brazilian volleyball player, a member of Brazil men's national volleyball team and Brazilian club Funvic Taub…
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United Volleys - VfB Friedrichshafen (full match)Deutsche Volleyball-Bundesliga 2015/16
1st game of the German League 2015/16. Watch in HD! VfB won 3:2 against United Volleys (Jan Zimmerman, Christian Dunnes, Bryan Fraser, Moritz Reichert, Lukas Bauer, Georg Escher an…
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Yaroslav Zaika
Highlights of Ukrainian wing-spiker in season 2015/16 when he played in Novator (Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine).
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Ivan Zaytsev in The Olympics 2016The Olympics 2016
Italian superstar scored 127 points in The Olympics 2016. His team took 2nd place. Ivan Zaytsev told La Gazzetta dello Sport he could see the positives: "No doubt we were here for …
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Polish volleyball (4th movie)
Movie showing new moments of glory of Polish national team. Highlights of World Championships 2014, World League 2015, World Cup 2015, The Olympics Qualifications 2016.
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Petr Šulista recpetion in season 2015/16
Petr Šulista spiker from Czech Republic video is spliced ​​recepcion from the Champions League and the Czech Extraliga.
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Petr Šulista spikes in season 2015/16
Petr Šulista spiker from Czech Republic. Movie is spliced ​​attacks from the Champions League and the Czech Extraliga.
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Vinicius Raguzzoni
Sample of Vinicius Raguzzoni's skills. He is the Brazilian player in action in Arabic Cup and Gulf Cup 2016.
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TOP10 Best Volleyball Digs 2016
The best digs collected in one movie. You can clearly see the effects! Actions from World League 2016 and The Olympics 2016.
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Earvin N'Gapeth great attack (Brazil - France)The Olympics 2016
It was a real masterpiece again! Brazil completed the teams in the quarterfinals of the tournament after a thrilling victory 3:1 to eliminate France in the last contest of the pre…
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Like a V.Grbić (Antonin Rouzier amazing action)The Olympics 2016
After 16 years someone repeated unforgettable dig of Vladimir Grbić in the Sydney 2000. Antonin had two digs in that action!
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Earvin N'Gapeth amazing action (USA - France)The Olympics 2016
After few amazing actions in European Championships 2015 and Serie A 2015/16 Earvin showed amazing volleyball skills. Just see it!
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Benjamin Toniutti amazing dig (USA - France)The Olympics 2016
Dig on the opponent's side of the playground. Both teams showed real volleyball spirit in that game, but USA was better.
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Earvin N'Gapeth huge block on Gavin SchmittThe Olympics 2016
Great technique of block presented by leader of French NT: Earvin N'Gapeth. His team still fights for the place in the quarter-final.
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Volleyball quarrel (Poland - Iran)The Olympics 2016
Quarrel after game between Poland and Iran in Group B in The Olympics 2016 in Rio. Whole game was full of provocations of players from both sides of the net.
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Micah Christenson (4th movie)
Micah Christenson is one of the best Volleyball setters in the world. What many people does not know is that Micah Christenson was a professional Basketball player as well. He is s…
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This is Bossaball
Bossaball is a team sport that originated in Spain and was conceptualized by Belgian Filip Eyckmans in 2004. It is similar to volleyball, but also includes elements of football (so…
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Soccer trick shots with KV Oostende
We are excited to present you ... Soccer and Volleyball trick shots with soccer team KV Oostende. We had a great day with the pro soccer players!
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Gavin Schmitt in V-League 2009-2012
Memories of Gavin playing in Korean V-League. He was absolutely star of that league. He was scoring greater than 25 points in most of his matches in Korea.
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Best spikes in World League 2016 (2nd movie)World League 2016
Watch the most impressive spikes of the World League 2016! Let's see such players like: Egor Kliuka, Matthew Anderson, Wallace De Souza, Earvin N'Gapeth and many more...
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John Perrin huge block on Matthew AndersonThe Olympics 2016
The victory of Canada was the major surprise in day one of the men’s tournament at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. John Gordon Perrin said: “It’s our first match in the Olympic …
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Interview with Osmany JuantorenaThe Olympics 2016
Osmany Juantorena is looking forward to the Olympic 2016 atmosphere. He is looking forward to the Olympic atmosphere. Born in Santiago de Cuba on 12th August 1985. Wing spiker. He …
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Danilo Évora.
Danilo Évora. Atlético x Graciosa (meias finais do campeonato nacional 2015 )... cabo verde Praia 2014/2015
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Matthew Anderson in World League 2016World League 2016
Spikes and serves of main spiker of American NT in World League 2016: Matthew Andreson. His team lost decisive game in Final Six in Cracow and took 6th place in this edition of Wor…
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Best spikes in World League 2016World League 2016
Fantastic actions from the World Legaue 2016 on the highest level. You see incredible plays from volleyball players like: Todor Skrimov, Earvin N'Gapeth and Max Holt.
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Michał Kubiak interview before The Olympics 2016The Olympics 2016
Michał Kubiak talks about Poland's road to Rio and how he is living the dream. And what do you think he'll do if they win gold?
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Road to Rio 2016: Bruno RezendeThe Olympics 2016
Bruno Rezende has been runner-up at the last two Olympic Games. Can he make it third time lucky? He's hoping the fans will be the seventh man on the court.
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Road to Rio 2016: Matthew AndersonThe Olympics 2016
Matt Anderson was part of the USA team that finished fifth at London 2012, and he's determined to add a medal to his resumé in Rio.
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Best Left Handed Volleyball Players
Best left handed Volleyball players: Lincoln Williams, Rolando Cepeda Abreu, Kunihiro Shimizu, Ahmed Abdhelay, Viktor Poletaev, Uros Kovacevic.
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Sada Cruzeiro Volei - Poland (full match)Friendly match 2015/16
In the second friendly match against Sada Cruzeiro the team of coach Antiga won with Sada Cruzeiro Volei 3:1. His team is preparing for the Olympic Games in Belo Horizonte.
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Robertlandy Simon Aties great spike (Poland - Cruzeiro)Friendly match 2015/16
One of the best middle-blocker in the world in action! ;-) Right now he play in Sada Cruzeiro Volei.
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Yoandy Leal amazing pipe (Poland - Cruzeiro)Friendly match 2015/16
Check out this pipe attack made by Yoandy Leal in the friendly match between Sada Cruzeiro Volei and Poland. Let's see public ovation at the Ginásio Municipal Tancredo. This clash…
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Poland - Sada Cruzeiro Volei (full match)Friendly match 2015/16
Full match between new roster of Sada Cruzeiro 2016/17 and Poland preparing for The Olympics in Rio.
Earvin N'Gapeth in The Olympics 2016 (Trailer)The Olympics 2016
If one man has been the face of the recent French revolution in volleyball, it has to be Earvin Ngapeth. The enigmatic 26-year-old is one of the most recognisable characters in vol…
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Bartosz Kurek in The Olympics 2016 (Trailer)The Olympics 2016
Few teams have ever achieved a World Championship and Olympic title in the same quadrennial, and if Poland are hoping to repeat the heroics of the legendary team from the 1970s the…
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Poland in The Olympics 2016 (Trailer)
Poland have only done the World Championship and Olympic double in the same quadrennial once. Can they do it again in Rio?
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Volleyball Digs in World League 2016World League 2016
Movie showing some incredible volleyball saves at the highest volleyball level. In the movie you see digs and saves from the World League 2016.
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Stefano Giannotti in Serie A 2015/16Italian Serie A1 2015/16
Stefano Giannotti will be a player of Kioene Padova for the 2016/17 season. Here are some of the most beautiful play actions in last season.
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Danijel Koncilja
Some spectacular actions by Danijel Koncilja, new middle-blocker of Pallavolo Padova for season 2016/17.
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