Gazprom-Yugra Surgut - Dynamo Krasnodar (Highlights)Russian Superleague 2015/16
Konstantin Bakun scored every second of his 52 spikes and earned fantastic 34 pts in game. Top scorers in teams: Bakun Konstantin (Gazprom-Yugra) 34 pts and Melnik Vladimir (Dynamo…
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Enisey Krasnoyarsk - Nova Novokuybyshevsk (Highlights)Russian Superleague 2015/16
Enisey continued its victorious home games serie. Top scorers in teams: Mochalov Alexandr (Enisey) 16 pts and Yakimov Vladimir (Nova) 17 pts.
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Lube Banca Macerata great action (Macerata - Perugia)Italian Serie A1 2015/16
Look at the result. End of the second set of match between Macerata and Perugia. You would need to nerves of steel to make a move which Osmany Juantorena used. Also Jenia Grebennik…
Earvin N'Gapeth spike (Latina - Modena)Italian Serie A1 2015/16
We have another amazing crazy spike by Earvin N'Gapeth in game against Latina. The Frenchman is right-handed player, but sometimes he likes turned his back to the net with left han…
Raydel Hierrezuelo great actionItalian Serie A1 2015/16
Incredibly cold head setter from Cuba. Stunning reaction and luckily for him, his team got the point.
Fakel Novy Urengoy - Nizhny Novgorod (Highlights)Russian Superleague 2015/16
Egor Kliuka showed his skill and Fakel Novy Urengoy won that game in three sets. Top scorers were Kliuka Egor (17 points) and Kolesnik Andrei (12 points).
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Simone Giannelli great action (Trentino - Ravenna)Italian Serie A1 2015/16
Nice action from Simone Giannelli in match against Ravenna. His team lost that game, but they showed few amazing actions like this one.
Trentino Volley - CMC Ravenna (Highlights)Italian Serie A1 2015/16
CMC Ravenna (9th place in the table) beat reigning champions Trentino Volley in five sets 3:2 (18:25, 25:20, 19:25, 25:22, 16:14). Maurice Torres was the most efficient player on a…
Dynamo Moscow - Yugra-Samotlor Niznevartovsk (Highlights)Russian Superleague 2015/16
The game of teams from different position in the table ended with amazing victory of Dynamo Moscow. Pavel Kruglov (15 points led their team to the win over Yugra-Samotlor Niznevart…
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LPR Piacenza - Calzedonia Verona (Highlights)Italian Serie A1 2015/16
Battle betwen Piacenza and Verona in the strongest volleyball league in the world. Taylor Sander was the top scorer in Verona with 25 points, while Uros Kovacević added 21 points.…
Edvarts Buivids
Some highlights of Edvarts Buivids playing in ASK/Kuldiga. Season 2015/2016 in League of Hundred (International league between baltic countries, previously called Shenker League)
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Dynamo Moscow - Fakel Novy Urengoy (Highlights)Russian Superleague 2015/16
There was amazing game between Dynamo and Fakel in the 8th round of Russian Superleague (season 2016). Fakel won the beginning of the game and leaded 2-0 (25-21 29-27). After that …
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Libero - Volleyball Defence Specialist
Libero - Volleyball Defence Specialist In this movie you see great actions from the best libero's of this generation. You see libero's as (offcourse) Jenia Grebennikov, female lib…
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Long rally (MKS Będzin - Skra Bełchatów)Plusliga 2015/16
Great rally between MKS Będzin and Skra Bełchatów. Top level defences by Nicolas Uriarte. Also Israel Rodriquez showed his class. He was a unquestionable man of that action.
@volleyvids12  1004  0
Bruno Rezende & Lucas Saatkamp great action (Modena - Monza)Italian Serie A1 2015/16
You watch these actions every single day. They played together in RJX Rio de Janeiro (2012/13) so they know each other very well.
Neftyanik Orenburg - Belogorie Belgorod (Highlights)Russian Superleague 2015/16
Sensation in Orenburg. Neftyanik won that game in four sets! Top scorers in teams: Kozlov Nikita (Neftyanik) - 17 points and Danilov Roman (Belogorie) - 21 points. Orenburg is on t…
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Kuzbass Kemerovo - Gazprom Surgut (Highlights)Russian Superleague 2015/16
Fantastic game of Konstantin Bakun helped Gazprom-Yugra to win this game. Top scorers in teams: Karpuhov Anton (Kuzbass) 19 pts and Bakun Konstantin (Gazprom-Yugra) 31 pts.
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Maciej Zajder funny servePlusliga 2015/16
Maciej Zajder (Poland/AZS Olsztyn) funny serve in match against Jastrzębski Węgiel in PlusLiga 2015/2016. Look at reaction of Polish spectators on audience at 0:12 :-D
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Filippo Lanza pipe (Piacenza - Trentino)Italian Serie A1 2015/16
Spectacular action in the game between Piacenza and Trento ended with a powerful "pipe" by Filippo Lanza.
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Ural Ufa -  NOVA Novokuybyshevsk (Highlights)Russian Superleague 2015/16
Ural met Nova in the 11th round of Russian Superleague (season 2016). There was no intrigue in the game and Ural won 3-0 (25-17 25-20 25-19). Top scorers in teams: Kucmus Andrei(Ur…
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Fakel Novy Urengoy - Enisey Krasnoyarsk (Highlights)Russian Superleague 2015/16
Fakel was leading 2:0 (27:25 25:16), but then Enisey showed fantastic defense and returned into the game 2:2 (22:25 22:25) and won it (13:15 in the 5th set). Top scorers in teams: …
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Yugra Niznevartovsk - Belogorie Belgorod (Highlights)Russian Superleague 2015/16
The difference in quality is obvious. Yugra have never scored a win against Belogorie in Russian league. The Shiipulin's side is on the third place with 8-3 score, while Yugra have…
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Teodor Salparov in Zenit Kazan
In 2014 went to Zenit Kazan. Thanks to the great play in the defence Teodor Salparov became the best libero of Champions League 2014/15 Final Four. He is a participant of the Olymp…
Jenia Grebennikov dig (Macerata - Padova)Italian Serie A1 2015/16
Let's see how flexible player he is. Jenia never gives up! He showed great reception during a game with Padova. He had 75% positive reception. Lube took two points in that game.
Maris Lancmanis in season 2015/16
Some highlights from 2015/2016 season. Maris Lancmanis (born February 19, 1995) is an Latvian volleyball player, who currently plays for ASK Kuldiga. He plays the position outside …
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Sergey Grankin in The Olympics Qualifications 2016The Olympics Qualifications 2016
Compilation of great sets by fomaus Russian setter: Sergey Grankin. The best actions from Berlin collected in one movie. Russia will be able to defend their Olympic gold medal from…
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Luciano De Cecco fantastic set (Perugia - Ravenna)Italian Serie A1 2015/16
Skills of Luciano De Cecco in yesterday's match against CMC Ravenna. It proves that all movies with Luciano on Volleyball-Movies are just incredible. Sir Safety Perugia won that g…
Lube Banca Macerata - Tonazzo Padova (SET5)Italian Serie A1 2015/16
Lube won that game, but with a bit more problems than ususal... Padova had two "match balls" in the fifth set 14:13 and 15:14, but with three consecutive points from home team at 1…
Lube Banca Macerata - Tonazzo Padova (Highlights)Italian Serie A1 2015/16
The summary of the match between Cucine Lube Banca Marche Civitanova - Tonazzo Padova. Lube won that game, but with a bit more problems than ususal... Padova had two "match balls" …
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William Priddy ace serve (Macerata - Padova)Italian Serie A1 2015/16
William Priddy had a pretty good debut for Lube Banca Macerata. He scored 9 points in game against Padova, while this ace was perhaps the most impressive of them all. He said: "I…
Best of 2015: Evandro Gonçalves Oliveira JúniorWorld Championships 2015
Brazil’s Evandro Gonclaves can boast one of the most lethal jump serves in beach volleyball today, with the 25-year-old notoriously scoring aces throughout most of last season.
LPR Piacenza -  Trentino Volley (Highlights)Italian Serie A1 2015/16
The game between Piacenza and Trentino was worth the title, but now that is just a memory. Current situation points out on enormous gap between the two teams, with Trentino being a…
Dynamo Krasnodar - Dynamo Moscow (Highlights)Russian Superleague 2015/16
It was a very tough week for Dynamo Moscow. This is an incredible blow for Dinamo Moscow who as a result of their heavy loss against VfB Fredrichshafen miss out on a spot in the Pl…
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Enisey Krasnoyarsk - Ural Ufa (Highlights)Russian Superleague 2015/16
Enisey Krasnoyarsk controlled the game against Ural Ufa since the beginning which allowed them to reach certain victory 3:0 (25:15, 25:17, 25:18). Filipp Voronkov from the winning …
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NOVA Novokuybyshevsk - Neftyanik Orenburg (Highlights)Russian Superleague 2015/16
Last week match between NOVA Novokuybyshevsk and Neftyanik Orenburg. The best player on the court was Dmitry Leontiev (top scorer with 14 points). Novokuybyshevsk was brillant and …
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Gazprom Surgut - Nizhny Novgorod (Highlights)Russian Superleague 2015/16
On the third position in Russian Superliga we have Gazprom Surgut who won against Nizhny Novgorod in three sets. Konstantin Bakun was the top scorer of the game with 14 points. On …
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Fakel Novy Urengoy - Lokomotiv Novosibirsk (Highlights)Russian Superleague 2015/16
Lokomotiv Novosibirsk are struggling a lot this season. They suffered fifth defeat having same amount of wins. Fakel Novy Urengoy was better in straight sets with 15 points from Dm…
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Belogorie Belgorod - Dynamo Krasnodar (Highlights)Russian Superleague 2015/16
Belogorie Belgorod played 750th game in the Russian Superliga since the 1992/1993 when becoming permanent member of the Russian top division. Team from Belgorod showed cold blood. …
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Dynamo Moscow - Kuzbass Kemerovo (Highlights)Russian Superleague 2015/16
Favorites from Moscow continued with a great season, but achieved 8th win in the Russian championship only after exhausting fight against Kuzbass Kemerovo 3:2 (19:25, 28:30, 25:17,…
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BBTS Bielsko Biała - Resovia Rzeszów (Highlights)Plusliga 2015/16
Watch all things the best in Plusliga! Great digs, high-reach spikes and amazing serves. Great montage made by Michał Mieszko Gogol. Bielsko-Biała at home did their best to earn …

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