Fredric Gustavsson in Greek A1 League 2015/16Greek A1 League 2015/16
A new highlight for the season 2015/2016 the first half of the season by Fredric who played for Greek club Orestiada Greece. In video is teams : Kifissia, Paok, Aris, Panathinaikos…
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Tine Urnaut leg digItalian Serie A1 2015/16
This is the best action in yesterday's match Modena - Trentino. The Slovenian receiver Tine Urnaut made a fantastic leg dig at the result 20:17, and afterwards, his team took the p…
Aleksandar Atanasijević spike on the triple blockItalian Serie A1 2015/16
Unstoppable spike by Aleksandar Atanasijević in match against Tonazzo Padova. He scored 20 points. Padova could not pose a real threat to Perugia. The hosts won that game in three…
Dynamo Moscow - Neftyanik Orenburg (Highlights)Russian Superleague 2015/16
This time there were no sensations. Denis Biryukov showed good game (4 blocks, 13 spikes and 2 aces). Top scorers in teams: Birykov Denis (Dynamo) 19 pts and Klimov Andrey (Neftyan…
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Yurii Palasiyk
Highlights of Ukrainian middle-blocker in season 2014/15 when he played in Favorit Poltava and Azerbaijan.
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Bang Shin-Bong
Highlights of middle-blocker from South Korea: Bang Shin-Bong when he played in Suwon KEPCO 45. He was named the best blocker of World Cup 1999.
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Rune Fasteland in season 2014/15
Highlight video of Rune Fasteland (Norway) playing middle-blocker in Nyborg Bergen, season 2014-2015.
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Park Chul-Woo
Dynamic highlights of Korean wing-spiker. He was named as the best spiker of Asian Cup 2008. He was part of the South Korea men's national volleyball team at the 2014 FIVB Volleyba…
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Adam Michalski in season 2014/15Plusliga 2014/15
Adam Michalski is Polish middle-blocker who are playing in Cuprum Lubin since 2012. In season 2014/15 they took 7th place in Plusliga.
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Bulgaria - Italy (full match)European Games 2015
Full game of Group B in the European Games 2015. Bulgaria won in four sets. They took 2dn place in whole tournament.
Luka Suljagic in season 2013/14Champions League 2013/14
Highlights video of spiker from Montenegro: Luka Suljagić. In last few months time he joined French AS Cannes as medical joker.
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UPCN VOLEY - PILAR VOLEYArgentinian Liga A1 2015/16
Full match from the first round of Argentinian A1 2015/16 league between UPCN and Pilar Voley. Match was played at Estadio Aldo Cantoni.
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Calzedonia Verona - Landstede Zwolle (Highlights)Challenge Cup 2015/16
Higlights of 1/16 round match of Challenge Cup. In the first match played in Zwolle Italian top class team didn't lost any set.
Enisey Krasnoyarsk - Nizhny Novgorod (Highlights)Russian Superleague 2015/16
4 blocks and 2 aces of Ilyas Kurkaev helped Enisey to continue home winning serie (3-0). Top scorers in teams: Mysin Anton (Enisey) 13 pts and Kolesnik Andrey (Nizhny Novgorod) 10 …
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Esteban Villarreal
Movie with amazing Esteban Villarreal sets (in De Cecco style). Look at 0:38 ;-) The best actions of Villarreal in last tournaments (U17 2013, World U19 2013, U18 2014). Best Sette…
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Colombia - Venezuela (full match)World Championships Qualifications 2014
Last game of South American Qualifications for the World Championships 2014. That game decided which of that two teams will travel to Poland.
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Brazil - Greece (full match)World League 1994
World League 1994 match in Group B. Match was held in Minirinho hall in Belo Horizonte. Look at the great atmosphere in Brazil as usual.
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Jastrzębski Węgiel - Panathinaikos Athens (full match)Champions League 2009/10
First match of both teams in Champions League 2009/10. Team from Athens arrived with just 8 players (so 1 reserve player ;-)). Despite that fact they won in four sets. Jastrzębski…
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Olympiacos Piraeus - Panathinaikos Athens (full match)Greek A1 League 2009/10
15th round of the Greek A1 League 2009/10. Ground was full of superstars of volleyball that night. Samica, Zagumny and Agamez was better then Kunnari, Tischer, Djuric and Miljkovi…
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USSR - Brazil (full match)World Championships 1982
Final of World Championships 1982 played in Argentina. USSR won in three straight sets and defended trophy won four years later in Italy.
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France - Brazil (World Championships 1986)World Championships 1986
This match decided which team will play in the semi-final of World Championships 1986. French team played great volleyball in that championships. You could admire Laurent Tillie, P…
Rob Chatterton (2nd movie)
Rob Chatterton starting on Varsity High School Varsity Team as a sophomore. Glenbrook North Volleyball Highlight Video #1
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Olympiacos Piraeus - Panathinaikos Athens (full match)Greek A1 League 2007/08
7th round of regular season in Greek A1 League 2007/08. You could admire unstoppable Dante Amaral on the ground and other superstars of volleyball.
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Panathinaikos Athens - Iraklis Thessaloniki (full match)Greek A1 League 2007/08
8th round of Greek A1 League 2007/08. In that years Greek A1 was one of the strongest leagues in the Europe. Ground was full of superstars of volleyball in that night: Roberto Minu…
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Panathinaikos Athens - Olympiacos Piraeus (full match)Greek Cup 2009/10
Final battle of Greek Cup 2009/10. Athens defeated Patras in the semi-final in three sets and Olympiacos won with Iraklis in tie-break. You could admire greatest stars of volleybal…
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Olympiacos Piraeus - Foinikas Syrou (full match)Greek Cup 2012/13
Final game in the Greek Cup 2012/13 played in Rethymno. Foinikas was winning 24:21 in the first set but finally Olympiacos won that set. As MVP of the tournament was choosed Boyan…
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Iran - Lebanon (full match)Asian Championships 2013
Quarter-final game in Asian Championships 2013 played in Dubai. Iran won that game easily in three sets. The best scorers of both sides was Windson Ferreira (11 points) and Farhad …
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Australia - South Korea (full match)Asian Championships 2013
Quarter-final game between Australia and South Korea in Asian Championships 2013. Korea won it easily in three straight sets. The best scorers on the both sides was Thomas Edgar (1…
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Prins VCV Veenendaal - VV Zaanstad (Highlights)Dutch PRO A 2012/13
Highlights of the 2nd second round match in the Dutch division of honour. It could not beat a Polish or Italian atmosphere.. But finally Dutch League is building up the level. More…
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VV Zaanstad - Prins VCV Veenendaal (Highlights)Dutch PRO A 2012/13
Highlights of the first second round match in the dutch division of honour. It could not beat a Polish or Italian atmosphere.. But finally our league is building up the level. More…
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Effector Kielce - Jastrzębski Węgiel (Highlights)Plusliga 2015/16
Hello Sebastian13Sw again on Volleyball-Movies! Plusliga, match beetwen two strong teams Effector Kielce and Jastrzębski Węgiel. Mark Lebedew's team won it in three sets.
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Finland - France (SET3)The Olympics Qualifications 2004
Third set of qualifiaction battle between Finland and France in Arena Leipzig. France advanced to the semi-finals and they faced Russia. What is interesting Russia haven't lost any…
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Finland - France (SET2)The Olympics Qualifications 2004
Second set of qualifiaction battle between Finland and France in Arena Leipzig. France advanced to the semi-finals and they faced Russia. What is interesting Russia haven't lost an…
Finland - France (SET1)The Olympics Qualifications 2004
First set of qualifiaction battle between Finland and France in Arena Leipzig. France advanced to the semi-finals and they faced Russia. What is interesting Russia haven't lost any…
Funny serves in match Effector Kielce - Jastrzebski WęgielPlusliga 2015/16
Two nice serve in a match Effector Kielce - Jastrzębski Węgiel, and one of them under the net. Very funny moments. In the main roles: Maciej Muzaj and Sławomir Jungiewicz.
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Belogorie Belgorod - Ural Ufa (Highlights)Russian Superleague 2015/16
In difficult moment Dmitriy Muserskiy began to play as a spiker and it brought a result - Belogorie won the game (3-2). Top scorers in teams: Muserskiy Dmitriy (Belogorie) 24 pts a…
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Resovia Rzeszów - Skra Bełchatów (Highlights)Plusliga 2015/16
What a week for Skra Bełchatów! After winning Polish Cup in last week, now they took revenge against Resovia Rzeszów in the 16th round of Plusliga for defeat suffered in their f…
Calzedonia Verona - Lube Banca Macerata (Highlights)Italian Serie A1 2015/16
Previous days were not easy for anyone in Lube. Club management has publicly criticized the team after they failed to win a trophy in the Italian Cup, so the players were in a toug…
Sir Safety Perugia - Tonazzo Padova (Highlights)Italian Serie A1 2015/16
The summary of the match between Sir Safety Perugia and Tonazzo Padova. Let's see such players like: Christian Fromm (13 points), Aleksandar Atanasijević (20 points), Luciano De C…
Zenit Kazan - Nova Novokuybyshevsk (Highlights)Russian Superleague 2015/16
Wilfredo Leon showed his power (5 aces, 11 spikes, 2 blocks) and Zenit left no chances to Nova (3-0). Top scorers in teams: Leon Wilfredo (Zenit) 18 pts and Yakimov Vladimir (Nova)…
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