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Logan Tom digs show in Top Volley International 2013Women Top Volley International 2013/14
Check out some of the many digs of Logan Tom in the Top Volley International 2013. Video shows the natural instincts of the outside hitter on defense. She scored 57 points for her team in the three-day tournament. RC Can…  250  0
Funny Referee (Noliko Maaseik - Knack Roeselare)Belgian Volleybal Liga A 2012/13
During the play-off game between Knack Roeselare (blue) and Noliko Maaseik (red), the setter hits the referee chair. While the referee's about to fall, he holds on to the post and still whistles for the point, Respect! ;…  451  0
TOP10 Best Volleyball Headshots
This time I make TOP 10 actions with headshot spikes. You can see great spikes by players like: Kaziyski, Wlazły, Sokolov, Grozer and many other. Unhappily at the 1st and 2nd place is Yury Berezkho, sorry :D  1220  2
Stanislav Dramov volleyball digEuropean Championship U19 2015
This move is one of the best by Stanislav Dramov defended the color of Bulgaria in April at the U19 European Championship 2015. His team has defeated Czech Republic 3:0 but his move marked the match. He said: "This win i…  544  0
John Perrin spike (Canada - Cuba)World League 2015
Canada's John Gordon Perrin fires a lethal spike to beat the Cuban defence Canada's John Gordon Perrin fires a lethal spike to beat the Cuban defence Canada's John Gordon Perrin fires a lethal spike to beat the Cuban def…  713  2
Nikolay Pavlov vs Mariusz Wlazły (Poland - Russia)World Championships 2014
Spikes, serves, blocks by a spikers of Russia and Poland. That match decided which team will advanced to the semi-final in Spodek. Russia lost their main spiker Maxim Mikhaylov before World Champs, Pavlov had some health…  1088  4
Matey Kaziyski serve in slow motionEuropean Championships 2011
See the technique of Matey Kaziyski in slow motion. Great move of body and arm recorded by Canon Ixus 1000 HS. He was considered by CEV as the best European player of 2006 and 2007.  1081  1
Leandro Vissotto amazing dig (Brazil - Italy)World League 2014
Excellent coordination by Leandro Vissotto. He (9 digs) was one of the best diggers in that game, what you could see on the movie. Short movie movie from the inaugural match of Group A in World League 2014. Italy won wit…  1275  1
Volleyball Headshots (4th movie)
Watch these terrible volleyball headshots in the biggest competitions. In this movie you see a lot of volleyball headshot from the best players in the world. At 2:46 you see a big headshot to Kristoff Ignaszak, one of th…  1495  6
Volleyball Headshots (3rd movie)
Compilation of headshots from the greatest volleyball tournaments. Headshots made by superstars of volley such as Atanasijević, Rouzier, Stanley, Muserskiy, Camejo and Sokolov.  1132  5
TOP10 Best Football Plays
Fantastic actions from the volleyball tournaments on the highest level. You see incredible plays from famous volleyball players like: Mariusz Wlazły, Facundo Conte, William Arjona, Bruno Rezende and many other. All thes…  1053  2
Simone Giannelli amazing action (Trentino - Modena)Italian Serie A1 2014/15
Simone Giannelli (born in Bolzano Italia, August 9, 1996) is an Italian volleyball player, currently plays for club Trentino Volley. Giannelli is only 18 years old, and he is the MVP of the Serie A1 2014/15 finals! Young…  1369  1
TOP10 Best Volleyball Pipes
This time I have for you TOP 10 Best Volleyball Pipes with such a great players in action like Dante, Kaziyski or Leon. Which spike you like the most ? I like the most spike number 4 by Cuban player Joandry Leal, so dyna…  2463  12
Phenomenal spike and winning ace for Matey KaziyskiItalian Serie A1 2014/15
Matey Kaziyski was nominated for MVP of the first final match vs Modena after he was instrumental for turning the game from 0:2 to 3:2 with 21 pts, among them a winning ace in the third set and spike from the 5th meter f…  1597  9
Long rally (Modena Volley - Trentino Volley)Italian Serie A1 2014/15
Fantastic rally, tremendous spikes from Earvin N'Gapeth and simply superb blocks by Simone Giannelli. Games between Modena and Trentino are really something special. If Earvin N'Gapeth had scored this point it would have…  568  0
Earvin N'Gapeth great actionItalian Serie A1 2014/15
Earvin N'Gapeth had good performance in the first match of Italian Serie A1 finals against Trentino. He showed some very good moves but his team, unfortunately for Modena's fans, they lost. Modena play in the final after…  1190  10
Salvatore Rossini amazing digItalian Serie A1 2014/15
A libero of Modena Salvatore Rossini had a lot of amazing defensive moves during this season but this one is the best! There is no need to describe this move, it has to be seen to be believed. Even Modena won a point aft…  1123  0
Earvin N'Gapeth and Bruno Rezende great actionItalian Serie A1 2014/15
The magical French-Brazilian duo was in spotlight again! Just watch this movie short cut from game Modena Volley vs. Top Volley Latina. It was perfect set by the French star and perfect spike by Bruno Rezende. That was g…  2560  2
Long rally (Iran - Russia)World League 2014
Both teams showed real fighting spirit in the playground. Russia won that game in tie-break, but they didn't advanced to the semi-finals. Best scorer of that game was Ghafour with 30 points.  885  4
TOP10 Best Actions by Bartosz Kurek
Today Bartosz Kurek came to Resovia Rzeszów and I have something special for you - my fans. Nice moments from the career of one of the best Polish players in the history. vtnklmdc movies never sleep ;-)  2496  10
Long rally (Resovia Rzeszów - Zenit Kazan)Champions League 2014/15
Long rally action from the final of Champions League 2014/15. Teams from both teams showed their best in that action. Jochen Schöps ended that action by a great spike. Zenit Kazan beat Resovia Rzeszów in three sets (25…  670  0
Sergey Tetyukhin fantastic setChampions League 2013/14
Look on his genius! It was big pression on him during Champions League 2013/14, but he played really well. Gennady Shipulin's team won their third crown in the Champions League. The best player of the tournament was clea…  1428  2
Matey Kaziyski in match Trentino Volley - Sir Safety PerugiaItalian Serie A1 2014/15
The Bulgarian star Matey Kaziyski was the best player on volleyball court during the game between Trentino and Perugia. Of course, Djurić gave huge contribution by scoring 23 points, but Kaziyski was simply amazing in t…  284  0
Long rally: Nantes Reze Metropole - Arago de SèteFrench PRO A 2014/15
Long rally from the regular season of French PRO A 2014/15 (4th round) with a lot of digs. Arago ended regular season at the 5th place, Reze was 12th. Nantes Reze didn't qualified to the play-offs. Arago de Sete faced la…  795  0
Nicolas Bruno nice dig (Bolivar - Loimas)Copa ACLAV 2014/15
Amazing Bruno Save from behind the bench Amazing Bruno Save from behind the bench Amazing Bruno Save from behind the bench  527  0
Rossini-Ngapeth bicycle kick for twoItalian Serie A1 2014/15
Spectacular rescue of defensive Volley Modena. Rossini and Ngapeth, get on the ball at the same time ... and pull him to the side of the net.  683  1
Daniele Tailli nice dig (Latina - Ravenna)Italian Serie A1 2014/15
Nice dig behind ground of Italian libero Daniele Tailli in the 15th round of regular season in Italian Serie A1 2014/15.  352  0
Top 5 Plays: Vero Volley Monza - Modena VolleyItalian Serie A1 2014/15
Top 5 play from the Itlaian league match between modena and monza. Ishikawa bounce is the best at #1.  526  0
Mitar Djurić in match Trentino Volley - Sir Safety PerugiaItalian Serie A1 2014/15
Mitar Djurić was in the starting line-up for the first time since he arrived from Korea! He was unstoppable in attack (23 points). Once again, the famous coach made the right decision. Radostin Stoychev made the most im…  976  7
TOP10 Best Volleyball Quick Spikes
Compilation of huge quick spikes. You have to see this movie! After seeing this movie you will think that volleyball is something more than sport. Dynamic spikes performed by Jeon Kwang-In, Georg Grozer, Leandro Vissot…  2498  5
Incredible foot dig by Sergey TetyukhinRussian Superleague 2014/15
Awesome foot defense by legendary 40-year-old outside hitter Sergey Tetyukhin in 4th match of Russian Superleauge final series.  1260  3
Long rally (ACH Volley Ljubljana - Calcit Kamnik)Slovenian League 2014/15
ACH Volley Ljubljana played in the final against Calcit Kamnik. That was third match of the Slovenian playoff finals. Great action, probably the best in this tournament. Both teams showed determination in defense. Team f…  694  0
TOP10 Best Volleyball Single Blocks
Hello vtnklmdc again on Volleyball-Movies! This is just the beginning of a new movies ;-) Today TOP10 Best Volleyball Single Blocks with such a great players like Wifredo Leon, Matey Kaziyski, Clayton Stanley, Pavel Abra…  2322  14
Matey Kaziyski spike (Trentino Volley - Sir Safety Perugia)Italian Serie A1 2014/15
In the first match semi-finals of the Italian Serie A, Kaziyski scored set point in 3rd set with a great skills. The Bulgarian player is well-known for his great attacks in this season and this one is definitely one of t…  2293  15
Gavin Schmitt in match Arkas Izmir - Galatasaray IstanbulErkekler Turkiye 1.Voleybol Ligi 2014/15
There were not a lot of people who believed that someone could dethrone the mighty Halkbank Ankara. But, team from Izmir defeated the reigning champions twice on the final tournament and seized the championship title! Ev…  1335  0
Earvin N'Gapeth spikeItalian Serie A1 2014/15
Earvin N'Gapeth tricked entire defense of Latina with spiking the second ball behind 3rd meter line and thus, giving the match point to Modena! His reach in attack was 358cm. That was game from the semi-final in the Ital…  3162  4
Asian Championships 2015 (Trailer)Asian Championships 2015
The 2015 Asian Men's Volleyball Championship will be held in Tehran, Iran from 31 July to 8 August 2015. Excluding Japan, the top three teams will participate in World Olympic Qualification Tournament in May 2016.  126  0
Libero (Roman Bragin) scored the pointRussian Superleague 2014/15
Libero of Belogorie Belgorod: Roman Bragin scored the first point for his team in the second match of the Russian Championship playoff finals. It's one of his great actions from game with Zenit Kazan. Belogorie was lead…  1000  2
The touch of genius (3rd movie)
You see some fantastic volleyball sets by the best setters in the world. Incredible sets by setters like: De Cecco, Bruno, Zagumny, Grankin and many more. The setter is the brain of the team, he decides how the teams pla…  2847  6

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