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Krasimir Georgiev quick spikeWorld League 2015
Bulgaria's Krasimir Georgiev finishes the rally with a powerful quick attack. The Bulgarian team came back from losing the first set to beat hosts Cuba 3:1 (18:25, 25:20, 26:24, 25:23) in Group C of the World League at …  555  0
Micah Christenson one-hand setWorld League 2015
Micah Christenson showed how to set by one hand. He cleaned net for Matthew Anderson. Brazilian team entered on court only with victory in mind. That was the only result capable to maintain the host nation alive in World…  985  0
Tatiana Kosheleva headshot on Chizuru KotoWomen World Cup 2015
Tatiana Kosheleva won that match for Russian National Team! She totally crashed Japan. Tatiana lead Russian team to win with 34 points (29 spikes and 5 of blocks). Especially her achievement in attack is impressive (she …  536  0
Lucas Saatkamp 3rd meter spikeWorld League 2015
Impressive shot of Lucas Saatkamp. Short action from game between Brazil and USA. In that tournament, Lucas didn't helped the team like he always do this. Brazil took 5th place.  858  0
Bartosz Kurek huge blockWorld League 2015
Huge block by Bartosz Kurek during World League 2015 Finals in match Serbia against Poland. He scored 24 points with 21 spikes, 2 blocks and 1 ace. Serbia needed to be at their very best to beat Poland 3:2 in the World L…  1265  0
Double Block on Phil DalhausserWorld Tour Klagenfurt Grand Slam 2012
Double Block from Pedro/Marcio against Phil Dalhausser. With the Block the Brazilian duo wins the semi-finals at the Klagenfurt Grand Slam 2012 and advances to the gold medal match.  1276  0
Lucas Saatkamp vs David LeeWorld League 2015
See great duel on the net between two great middle-blockers: Lucas Saatkamp and David Lee. In that tournament, Lucas didn't helped the team like he always do this. Brazil took 5th place.  1079  0
Murilo Endres chest receptionWorld League 2015
Murilo Endres presents great reception during a game with USA. He is widely regarded as one of the best receivers of all time with more awards than any other wing-spiker. Brazil won that game, However, the result of game…  1104  0
David Lee 4th meter spikeWorld League 2015
David Lee power!!! Huge spike on the fourth meter in match against Serbia. The United States won World League bronze after a straight-sets victory over world champions Poland, a year on from winning gold.  830  0
Kenia Carcaces 1st meter spikeWomen Club World Championship 2013/14
Kenia Carcaces played at the Club World Championship 2014 with Voléro Zürich and she was selected Best Wing-Spiker. Her team lost the bronze medal match against Guangdong Evergrande. She is a Cuban volleyball player wh…  1023  0
TOP5 actions of European League 2015 Final FourEuropean League 2015
Slovenia's team captain Tine Urnaut features prominently in this video with the most spectacular net actions from the Final Four tournament held in Wałbrzych.  677  0
Long rally actions (European League, Final Four)European League 2015
We've got something really cool for you with the most amazing rallies from the Final Four held in Wałbrzych. Poland's Adrian Buchowski features prominently in this video, alongside his countrymen Damian Wojtaszek and Ba…  319  0
TOP5 actions of European League (5th round)European League 2015
Thanks to CEV, we present you five best actions of the last round in European League 2015. Nikola Gjorgiev showed his class on the triple block in match against Poland. Dynamic pipe by Robert Täht. He was absolutely the…  533  0
Long rally actions (European League, 5th round)European League 2015
Another round of long and exciting volleyball rallies. Fantastic defences, tips and top spikes. The most amazing rally between Belarus vs. Turkey, Denmark vs. Austria, Estonia vs. Israel, Poland vs. Macedonia and Sloveni…  264  0
TOP10 Volleyball Digs in World League 2015World League 2015
The most memorized actions in the World League 2015 Intercontinental Round. Look at saves at the highest volleyball level collected in one movie. Actions performed by top stars in the world: Antonin Rouzier, Saeid Marouf…  1112  0
Bruno Rezende & Lucas Saatkamp great actionWorld League 2015
It proves that all movies with Bruno Rezende and Lucas Saatkamp on Volleyball-Movies are just incredible. Brazil won in straight sets against Italy with Ricardo Lucarelli again leading the scoring for the Brazilian team.…  1089  0
Adrian Buchowski leg digEuropean League 2015
Check out Adrian Buchowski doing whatever it takes to save the ball. He is a player of Effector Kielce since 2013. Former Y.R. of Macedonia won against the hosts of Poland 3:2 in the first of two matches on schedule for …  586  0
Anne Buijs great reflexWomen World Grand Prix 2015
Anne Buijs presents great reflex during a game. This kind of play surprised players of Czech Republic. That was the first semifinal of the World Grand Prix Group 2 Finals being held in Lublin, Poland. The Dutch team won …  332  0
Kevin Le Roux aces in match Brazil - FranceWorld League 2015
He started at 19:17 and ended on 23:17 for France. Ricardo Lucarelli couldn't receive his strong balls. Almost 10000 fans supported Brazil at Maracanazinho, in Rio de Janeiro, but the european team had amazing performanc…  726  0
Poland spectacular defense vs IsraelEuropean League 2015
Polish "B" national team doing whatever it takes to save the ball. Adrian Buchowski showed his football skills! They won that action and whole match 3:0. Andrzej Kowal coach of Polish team said: "We played great today. I…  958  0
Long rally (Netherlands - Czech Republic)Women World Grand Prix 2015
Here is the longest rally from the final four of Group 2 in the World Grand Prix. From the match between Czech Republic and Netherlands on 1 August in Lublin. Both teams entered the match with hopes of securing a ticket …  183  0
Long rally (Puerto Rico - Poland)Women World Grand Prix 2015
Both Poland and Puerto Rico exchange some phenomenal digs in a brilliant rally during their semi final of the World Grand Prix Group 2 in Lublin. Katarzyna Zaroslinska led the Polish team with 21 points, while Maja Tokar…  221  0
Alison Cerutti funny situationWorld Championships 2015
A large dose of Beach Volleyball humor ;-) He proves that most of volleyball players could make something like that. He won the gold medal in the World Championships 2015.  1145  0
Kim Yeon-Koung vs Dynamo KazanWomen Champions League 2011/12
Nice points scored in semi-final match in the Women's Champions League against Dynamo Kazan. She scored 32 points in 4 sets match! She had 57 balls and ended 26 of them (46%). She scored also 3 points by a serve and 3 by…  378  1
TOP5 actions of European League (4th round)European League 2015
Thanks to CEV, we present you five best actions of the fourth week in the European League 2015. Great actions of Vlado Milev, Tsimafei Zhukouski, Baturalp Gungor, Oliver Venno and Danijel Koncilja.  535  0
Aleksandar Atanasijević spike (USA - Serbia)World League 2015
Huge spike from Serbia's clash with USA in the World League Final 6 in Rio de Janeiro. Serbia’s Aleksandar Atanasijevic scored 22 points and Matthew Anderson added 21 points for American team. It was Serbia’s first W…  746  3
Srecko Lisinać 4th meter spikeWorld League 2015
Movie presenting the most spectacular spike from game between Serbia and USA. This game decided who will advance to the final of World League 2015. Serbia was better. It was Serbia’s first World League final since 2010…  872  5
TOP10 spikes by David Lee in The Olympics 2012The Olympics 2012
Sample of possibilities one of the best American player with fast arm. They didn't qualify to the semi-final but they played amazing matches against Serbia, Germany Brazil and Russia. Lee played professionally in Turkey…  687  0
TOP10 Best Aces: Mariusz Wlazły in World Championships 2014World Championships 2014
Compilation of all ace serves by Mariusz Wlazły. He received two individual awards for Best Opposite Spiker and Most Valuable Player at the Championship. On the day of winning the gold medal, Wlazły announced his retir…  889  0
Long rally (China - Italy)Women World Grand Prix 2015
China's Xiaoya Zhang makes a huge block to finish an incredibly long rally at the World Grand Prix Final Round in Omaha. Both teams showed determination in defense. Italy won that game. Indre Sorokaite led Italy with 25…  274  0
Antonin Rouzier headshot on SergioWorld League 2015
After hitting in the Sergio's head ball flew to the stands. Everything with English commentary. He was the best scorer of that 4-set game. He scored 25 points. Thanks to him France have reached the final game. His team…  1109  0
Aleksandar Atanasijević 3rd meter spike (Serbia - France)World League 2015
See a power of his jump! After seeing this movie you will think that Serbia won that game, but France was better. The greatest heroes of that match was Antonin Rouzier and Earvin N'Gapeth. They led the team in the gold…  1783  4
Emanuele Birarelli 4th meter spikeWorld League 2015
Huge kill presented by Emanuele Birarelli. Two volleyball giants and eight sets in two matches. Italy won the first match 3:0, but Brazil was better on Sunday. Birarelli is a member of Italy men's national volleyball tea…  770  0
Steven Marshall leg digPan American Games 2015
Check out Steven Marshall doing whatever it takes to save the ball. They won that action and whole match 3:0. Steven Marshall will play in season 2015/16 for German SVG Lüneburg. He left fifth team of previous season of…  649  2
Long rally (Brazil - China)Women World Grand Prix 2015
Defending champions Brazil put some brilliant digging skills on display against China in the World Grand Prix Final Six in Omaha. Brazil was led by Juciely Cristina Barreto with 17 points, while Gabriela Braga Guimaraes…  230  0
TOP5 actions of European League (3rd round)European League 2015
Mario Mocic sees the gap in the Croatian defense and gets the point with the easy tip. Gjoko Josifov huge block, Bartosz Bednorz strong spike on the Rait Rikberg face. Rafail Koumentakis showed great play against Turkey.…  751  0
Long rally actions (European League, 3rd round)European League 2015
There was full of amazing actions from games: Macedonia vs. Israel, Estonia vs. Poland, Romania vs. Belarus and Slovenia vs. Croatia. On the court played players like: Jovica Simovski, Ardo Kreek and Danijel Koncilja. Th…  438  0
Antonin Rouzier huge block on Uros KovacevićWorld League 2015
Antonin Rouzier produces a huge single block on Uros Kovacevic in the World League Final between Serbia and France in Rio de Janeiro. He led the team in the gold medal match with 17 points. They celebrated their first Wo…  1109  0
Aaron Russell great action (USA - Poland)World League 2015
A sensational spike from Aaron Russell finishes an incredible rally between USA and Poland in the World League bronze medal match in Rio de Janeiro. He scored 10 points (he had 50% in attack). The United States won World…  1103  0

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