Maxicono Parma - Messaggero Ravenna (Champions League 1992/93)

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Date: 12.03.1993
Place: "Peace and Friendship Stadium", Piraeus (GRE)
Match: Maxicono Parma (ITA) - Messaggero Ravenna (ITA) 0:3 (final)
Kind of tournament: European Champions League 1999/93
Commentary: Dutch
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Rachel BR 5 years ago 0
Part of the best of the 90's is there in this video: Gardini, Giani, Blangé, Fomin, Carlão, Giovani...and I never waste a chance to see Renan on court, so thank you very much!!
I remember I was so eager to see any image, any short cut, anything from european volleyball those days. It was difficult to have the opportunity to watch such things! Almost all of our olympic champions were playing in Italy and we missed them.

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vatreni ME 5 years ago 0
Yes, good old days!
pearl IT 5 years ago 0
This one was the 2nd Champions League won by Messaggero; this club was able to win CL three times in a row (1992, 1993 and 1994)...what a team!! And here you can see Renan Dal Zotto (n.6) playing for Ravenna against his former club Parma plus Giovane Gavio (n.3) and Dmitry Fomin (n.12 - my favourite Russian player ever) who replaced Kyraly/Timmons and Peter Blangè (n12) who went to Parma from Catania (if i'm not wrong) to replace Jeff Stork who had replaced Dusty Dvorak in Mediolanum Milano...mmm... told it this way it looks like a soap-opera LOL

Head coach for Parma was Bebeto formerly head-coach of Brazil NT and later head-coach of Italy NT when Velasco left.

@vatreni: you gotta edit the info in the "info box" mate; the commentary isn't Italian; don't know which language it is (Dutch perhaps but the audio is too bad) but it's not Italian for sure

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