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Matey Kaziyski
added 20:00 14/07/2007 in Bulgaria, place 14/5085
The best actions of the icon of volleyball Matey Kaziyski in years 2006-2009. Everything with the hit by Magnus Carlsson: Live Forever. He always finds a way trough the block and if he can't find it he will spike it over the block. He was considered by CEV as the best European player of 2006 and 2007. Real Bulgarian national hero.
Matey Kaziyski
Date of birth: 1984
Height: 202cm
Weight: 93kg
Position: wing-spiker
Spike: 370cm
Block: 335cm
Clubs: Slavia Sofia (BUL), Lukoil Neftohimik Burgas (BUL), Dinamo Moscow (RUS), Trentino Volley (ITA), Halkbank Ankara (TUR)

Title of song: Magnus Carlsson - Live Forever
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KamilTM PL 90 1 year ago +1
No highest,Marshall reach more
liza IL 167 1 year ago 0
highest reach ever
kania PL 308 2 years ago +3
best bulgarian player ever
fadel BH 1990 2 years ago +5
matey always has the solution
fadel BH 1990 2 years ago +11
Player of the tough times
vtnklmdc PL 3059 2 years ago +2
dla mnie Matey to bokserski któryś z braci Kliczko
pod względem podobieństwa i siły uderzenia
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 7543 2 years ago +5
His arm swing is soooooo fast!!
volleymaster BE 427 3 years ago +4
I really love his way of hitting: no show, just make the point.
elcheposanchez MX 32 3 years ago +1
que se puede decir, grandioso jugador, inteligente y con una potencia increible, mi favorito, venciendo el bloqueo sin dificultad y reventando el balon
jecky08 PH 4 3 years ago +2
your so cute!!!
i love watching you when you are playing!! KAZIYSKI
VK_Grad BG 118 3 years ago +2
anything to say about it will be slightly
hanes233 EE 1430 3 years ago +11
He is the one of the greatest players ever been on earth(my favourite by the way).He allways finds a way trough the block and if he cant find a way trough he will spike it over the block !Nice work Chrison , this is my favourite volleyball video and you have shown that he can do amazing points like 0.30 and 0.40 spetially.The video is so full of good tactical and powerfull shots I agree with NightFox best video on the site, can you please make another video with matey kaziyski

Last edited by hanes233 on 20:03 20/02/2011.

AleNickel RO 390 3 years ago +7
he has a fantastic ability to score a point that seemed at first lost, no matter where he attacks
Rajfta HU 11 3 years ago +5
When he swings a ball it looks more like an american football ball xD
zlati BG 6 3 years ago 0
Подкрепете волейболната ни звезда Матей Казийски за Мъж на годината 2010
Гласувайте на
Нека направим това момче щастливо
Zyta PL 1543 3 years ago +1
Z jego zdrowiem spokojnie 10 lat jeszcze pewnie.
Malboro PL 580 3 years ago -1
To ma jeszcze troche lat grania przed sobą
ezet PL 79 3 years ago 0
wczoraj mial 26 urodziny
Michal PL 551 3 years ago +2
Yes I know, but I meant I had seen him serving faster than 123km/h with the Mikasa ball too
spiridoncheto BG 140 3 years ago +1
Yes in the Italian Cup Final 2010 he serve with 132km/h. In my opinion this speed instalation has to be in every modern european hall,it's very useful.

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