Luciano De Cecco great set and Zaytsev "great" spike

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Look at perfect parabolic of ball's flight. Young Luca Vettori should try to spike that ball. Look at the score, Copra was almost sure of victory in this match and advance to the final of Serie A! Lube was sure favorite to play in the final in that season. They were unstopabble in the regular round, but they failed in the most important matches in that season. Copra played in the final of Serie A for the last time in season 2008/09 against Trentino and they were better then. Trentino will want to take revenge for those matches. Also Ivan Zaytsev made "huge" shot in that action. I wonder where the ball stopped. Robertlandy Simon Aties got MVP award in that game.
Player: Luciano De Cecco
Date: 17.04.2013
Place: Pala Banca", Piacenza (ITA)
Match: Copra Piacenza - Lube Banca Macerata 3:1 (Play-off's, semi-final, 3rd match)
Kind of tournament: Italian League 2012/13 (Serie A)
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Daniel_e92 IT 5 years ago 0
He probably saw a quail, and he clearly wanted to hit it to have something to eat after the match Try to get him
adi_tiger PL 5 years ago 0
Zaytsev haha, the best.
MasterOPuppets MK 5 years ago +2
Some people argue that the ball is still flying
Andrut PL 5 years ago +3
"take this, Ramos"
Blockmaskinen SE 5 years ago 0
I really want to see this match, can anyone upload it?
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 5 years ago -3
great set fail hit
RenanZ BR 5 years ago +9
"errrr, Houston, we just saw ball pasing-by the Space Ship"
liza IL 5 years ago +3
the best setter and amazing player

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