Jiri Kovar great pipe (Macerata - Liberec)

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It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's Jiri Kovar of Lube Banca Macerata with a monster spike! "I am so happy for being back in the starting six, and of course also satisfied with the final result and with our performance", said the home spiker Jiri Kovar. "We did not lose composure even after losing a few points in a row in the first set. It is very important to remain focussed for the entire match, because it is clear that no match in this group will be easy to win, and after the disappointing debut we had in Berlin, we are not allowed to make any more mistakes".
2016-12-20-19-30, Champions League 2016/17 Group B
Eurosuole Forum, Civitanova Marche
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Kjeldhor IT 1 year ago 0
he's getting old and he still didn't play a season as a first spiker
MaskYs BE 1 year ago +1
Good to see him back ! And therefore good to see Jenia Grebennikov back to libero position ! ;p

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